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24 Recap: Day 6, 1:00am – 2:00am

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Title: “Day 6, 1:00am – 2:00am”
Original Airdate: 4/30/07
GMMR Recapper: LaLa

You know, I was really excited to see William Devane suddenly appear on the show tonight.  Then he had to go and say that to Jack at the end.  Sigh… That was really cruel and unnecessary.  I mean, seriously dude, Jack did not ask wimpy Audrey to risk her life by going off to bloody China to find him.  That was totally her genius, irrational idea.  It is not Jack’s fault AT ALL that she is in a border-line catatonic state.  So, for him to say to Jack, “You’re cursed, Jack – one way or another, everything you touch ends up dead.”  OUCH, man!  I mean seriously, that was way out of line harsh.  Jack Bauer not only saved your life as well as Audrey’s several times, but he has also saved the COUNTRY and the WORLD many times!!  Dude: Not cool.

Besides that, though, it looks like 24 may finally be taking Audrey out of the picture for good – except, surprisingly, they won’t be killing her off (as was many a fan’s hope).  Oh well.  Personally, I won’t be sorry to see her go, but I am glad that they found a more creative way to get rid of her, other than killing her.  Because frankly, I think I pretty much speak for all 24 fans out there when I say that killing off major characters on this show is not at all shocking anymore – we the fans have gotten so used to it, that we’ve become desensitized to the concept; and, as a result, to the characters as well (for the most part).  Sigh.  Here’s hoping that 24 continues on this little path of not completely repeating themselves.

Anyway, enough kvetching, on to other things.  So, what did I like about this episode?  I liked the fact that Doyle has become certifiably awesome, and that he’s basically like a nicer, not-yelling version of Jack – i.e. a man who’s not only a really good field agent, but who is also willing to bend the rules in order to do what’s right.  I like the fact that, in the course of this season, I’ve gone from totally hating Tom Lennox to totally digging him.  He may be a little weaselly, but he sure is clever; and in the end, he’s actually not that bad of a guy.  He was really fast in catching the culprit who leaked the info to the Russians about the Chinese obtaining their technology.  And he certainly handled the situation well, and was able to quickly think of a crafty solution to the problem.  Well played, sir.  I never thought I’d say this, but you are a de-light.

And (shocker!) I liked the fact that they actually developed Demon Daniels’ character a little bit more by making him vulnerable and upset about the discovery of his blond secretary Lisa’s affair and treachery.  All this time I thought that Daniels was married, so it was actually kind of nice to learn that his wife died years ago, and that Lisa was not just his little adulterous affair on the side.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still find him very icky – but at least, for once, his character had SOME measure of sympathy and depth.  It’s about time, too.

Finally, as for the peeps at CTU, Nadia sure wasn’t handling her new found power very well.  I appreciated that she was trying to be strong, but she was being WAY too strict and unforgiving with people.  The harsh way that she was barking at her employees the whole episode was not cool, and not the way Bill would have done it.  And yes Nadia, even though it hurts that everyone (especially Doyle and Milo) kept saying that to you, indeed, Bill does your job way better.  At least she finally got it in the end, though.  And Doyle was there to congratulate her, too.  Interesting… The 24 people sure seem to be building up Doyle as a better match for Nadia than annoying Milo – and in fact, Doyle IS better.  Certainly, I’ve been vocal about that fact, as have the faithful, awesome readers of this column who post comments every week (love you guys, BTW – Mwah!).  I wonder if the 24 people are actually reading GMMR?

In that case: please stop giving Chloe a hard time!!  Seriously, she’s barely been in this season at all, and when she has, it’s been because she’s having problems with her boyfriend Morris.  And tonight was the most heartbreaking problem of all!  And the fact that she was “missing” at the end of the episode, and no one knew where she was???  Come on now, 24, give the girl a break!

Oh… and bring back Logan, Martha, and Agent Pierce!!

That is all.

LaLa is a writer who currently resides in LaLa Land, aka Los Angeles.  LaLa also likes to sing.  LaLa also knows some lawyers in a law office.  LaLa is also prone to making bad jokes, like this one.  And of course, LaLa also loves her some quality television shows with quality actors on them, like House… and The Office… and 24… and, well, pretty much any smartly written show that doesn’t include a fat guy with a hot skinny wife or the words “two and a half men” in the title.

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4 Responses to “24 Recap: Day 6, 1:00am – 2:00am”

  1. LT on May 1st, 2007 8:01 am

    Great recap LaLa!! You summed everything up perfectly. There are only 3 episodes left. Don’t you think Jack’s dad will show up again at the end? He disappeared too quickly for a more prominent character in 24.

  2. Clare on May 1st, 2007 12:29 pm

    Word-O-La Lala!! 🙂

    Nice recap. I too thought Keller was way harsh with Jack, not to mention out of line. And even more out of line is the fact that Jack will listen. Since when does Jack Bauer listen to anybody? I really wish they weren’t going this route…I’ll admit, it is far more refreshing than killing Audrey off but I feel like they’re going to leave that door open. She’ll go away with her dad and at some point in the future, let’s say…oh I don’t know, when Jack is finally happy, she’ll re-emerge. I’m neither here nor there about Audrey herself but Jack has had enough, he deserves to be happy, and preferably with someone other than his brother’s wife…ick.

    Very nice to see a little depth to Daniels but even more impressive were the Doyle character developments!! I didn’t care for him early in the season but last night he was all kinds of awesome. I think he and Jack will team up nicely.

    And Morris……oy. My heart aches for him and I want to smack him all at the same time. Poor Chloe.

    And yes, Yes, YES!! Please bring back Logan and Martha!! They can’t be gone right? right.

    Oh, and wardrobe people? If you’re reading this and could find it in your hearts to press Jack’s suit for a little finale surprise?….. well that’d be just dandy!!! 🙂

  3. Jake on May 1st, 2007 3:49 pm

    I agree with you all the way, LaLa. The producers/writers must have been listening to the majority of their fan base and seem to be easing Audrey off the show. I thought she redeemed herself in Season 5, but I guess I’m all alone here. (Loved Clare’s comment that they’ll probably bring her back when Jack is finally happy). And after last night’s episode, William Devane’s character will no longer be welcome.

    The growth of both Doyle and Nadia in this episode was great to watch. Maybe they will become the next Tony and Michelle. I only hope that doesn’t necessitate killing them off at the end of this season or early next season. As you say, LaLa, enough of that already!

  4. Kris on May 2nd, 2007 3:53 pm

    Great recap, LaLa. You basically echo everything i was thinking (like usual) =)

    I found this episode to be one of the most amusing episodes. For some reason, i was laughing a lot during this episode, don’t know why. For example, when Daniels said that he had been sleeping w/ Lisa, too, Tom’s face in response to that line and Daniels’ story was priceless! I was cracking up! And he started to nibble a little bit on the file folder. I don’t know, it was just funny to me.

    On a more serious note, how awesome is Doyle now?! At the beginning of the series he came off as a bastard that was going to get annoying real fast, but now i just love his character. Too cool. I liked seeing him stick it to Nadia =P

    Finally, i was really annoyed w/ Keller. Such a jerk. You’re right: what he said to Jack was completely harsh and uncalled for. Jack has saved both his and his daughter’s ass on many occasions.

    Oh, and the WTF moment (in response to next week’s epi preview): Jack’s sis-in-law. Um…can you leave Jack alone, please? Seriously. That woman…ugh…