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VERONICA MARS Recap: Debasement Tapes

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VERONICA MARS Recap: Debasement Tapes

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Before you read on, I wanted to let everyone know that MeeVee has an exclusive interview with Paul Rudd and Ken Marino.  The two old friends sadly didn’t share any screen time in last night’s episode, but there’s always next time (please come back Paul Rudd)

Last night’s VERONICA MARS reminded me of how I left after watching last night’s AMERICAN IDOL. Underwhelmed. With both shows down to the wire I don’t want simply enjoyable performances, I want to be wowed! I want to be thrilled! I want to be left feeling satisfied. BeeGees night on Idol didn’t do it for me, and neither did last night’s episode of Veronica Mars. I know how genius Veronica Mars can be, so when we get an episode like this one I feel a bit cheated. We might only have a handful of eps left…don’t bail on me now.

Title: “Debasement Tapes”
Original Airdate: May 8, 2007

Piz was chosen to play babysitter to has been rock star Desmond Fellows (Paul Rudd) who was at Hearst to play a first amendment benefit concert. Fellows was once a member of an uber-hip rock band called My Little Pretty Pony, but when his band mate (played by show creator Rob Thomas…yes, I have some amazing eyes) died Fellows was left trying to relive the glory days of yesteryear by singing along with tracks of his old band. Upon arriving in Neptune, Fellows realizes that the tapes with the backing tracks were stolen from his backpack and replaced with a bathrobe.

Although still a bit weary from their awkward hookup, Piz enlists Veronica to help locate the tapes. While Piz and Veronica are determined to get the tapes back in time for the concert, Desmond Fellows is living the life of a aging rock star on a college campus – drinking, flirting, and yes, even skinny dipping, an offense that lands him in the Neptune jail for a few hours.

After following a few leads, Veronica finally figures out the mystery of the missing tapes. Seems Desmond accidentally picked up the wrong bag at the airport. How conveniently boring. Piz and Veronica finally get the tapes and in doing so discover some of Desmond’s new music which they both agree is great. Faking traffic, Piz tells Desmond he won’t be able to make it with the My Pretty Pony tapes and Desmond is going to have to try out his new stuff. He does, and of course it’s well received. Aw. Snooze.

Never letting us forget how cocky she can be, Veronica seems preoccupied with the fact that her kiss with Piz hasn’t rocked his world to the core. He hasn’t been stalking her, or even clingy. I can’t tell is Veronica finds this appealing or appalling. Despite sharing some meaningful and deep looks of love with Logan in the Neptune Grand Hellevator, Veronica decides she feels some kind of connection with Piz and we later see the two sharing smiles and holding hands at the Desmond Fellows concert. So does Veronica like Piz, or does she like the idea of someone safe…someone so very different than Logan? But really, how safe is Piz? What do we really know about him? I have my hands on a little inside intel (Veronica would be proud) and I’m not convinced that Piz is Mr. Wonderful. But with only a few episodes left, I’m not going to be spoiling you just yet. But keep it in mind – no one is perfect.

Speaking Mr. Definitely-not-perfect-but I love him anyway, Logan Echolls is once again having a pretty crappy time of it. Just a few days after presenting his girlfriend Parker with a nauseating birthday cake with a picture of the two of them on it, Logan is back to his old Veronica-loving angsty self (and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I happen to love when Logan loves Veronica.) He seems pretty rocked by the Pizonica hook-up and he’s worried that perhaps Veronica cheated on him with Piz while they were still together. She assures him she didn’t, but he’s still a bit weary.

Distracted by his love for Veronica (or at least that’s the excuse I’m giving him), Logan misses an important class project. Desperate to develop a business plan for a presentation, Logan enlists Mac to help him flush out and build his idea for a new website – a “Hot or Not”, but you know…with asses. People always say that you have to go with what you know. Mac gets Max involved and the three of them work non-stop over the course of the weekend to get the project finished. And despite the subject matter being a little crass, the project is well thought out and built for success. Logan is relieved to finish the project but still has Roni on his mind. He tries to get the scoop on her and Piz from Mac but she’s not spilling. Oh, and Logan…if you are going to ask about Veronica’s love life, you might want to try to find someone that isn’t roommates with your girlfriend…d’uh.

Anyway, an excited Logan begins his class presentation but is quickly shutdown by his professor who is none to pleased with the content of his website idea. Logan isn’t even allowed to continue. Let’s see now. Ok Logan works hard on something he’s very proud of only to have it shot down my a male authority figure. Yep, I’m thinking Logan is about to do something stupid. Hit the bottle again. Have inappropriate sex with inappropriate women? Probably. Listen up, we get it – Logan Echolls is a bad boy with a good heart who just can’t catch a break.

In other Neptune news, Deputy Leo has taken a break from his duties as assistant to Alexis Meade at Mode Magazine and is now working at a sports store in Neptune. Leo lets Keith know of some shady dealings at his new job. Seems someone has been casing the place and feeding information to Danny Boyd (a left over from last season’s Fitzpatrick Family disaster of a storyline). Leo and Keith stake out the place and find out that guns are in fact being stolen, and Danny Boyd’s accomplice is none other than Vinnie Van Lowe. We soon find out that Vinnie was actually hired to shut the bad guys down (we knew you weren’t bad Vin). After Keith commends him in the newspaper, Vinnie decides to run against Keith for Sheriff of Neptune. Color me crazy, but I always thought you had to be in law enforcement to become a Sheriff. Isn’t Vinnie just a P.I.? The things we let slide in Neptune. Oh and Leo is back as a Neptune Deputy. Wonder if that means he’s giving up his position at Mode (psst…Leo, this is a case where I seriously wouldn’t give up your day job. Check out the ratings. ‘Ugly Betty’ isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Not sure I can say the same about Veronica Mars).

Yeah, so sorry this recap is a little wah-wah. I just wasn’t feeling the love from last night’s episode. Like I said before, at this point in the game I want a home run with every episode. So did someone piss in my Cheerios this morning? Did you all like the episode more than I did? Share…I can take it.

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3 Responses to “VERONICA MARS Recap: Debasement Tapes”

  1. Jenny on May 9th, 2007 5:51 pm

    I did enjoy this episode – but it didn’t knock my socks off. For me there was an appropriate amount of Logan longing for Veronica – especially after last week’s birthday party grossness. Nearing the end of the season (not series!!) I think there has to be some gentle leading up to another climax of a season ender.

    I guess they are making Piz as opposite of Logan as possible – so I liked how he was the same after their make out session…wasn’t angry at her or obsessed with her. He doesn’t have the extreme emotions that Logan has. Which must be refreshing for V. So I can see why she is warming up to Piz b/c he is so much less complicated than she’s used to.

    What I’m wondering is what is going to be so big at the end of the season to bring Logan and Veronica back together after the whole Madison thing? Seems like a big hurdle. What’s he going to be able to save her from this time??!

  2. Mannie on May 10th, 2007 8:49 am

    Yay for the My Little Pony reference. I thought it was just me who thought of My Little Pony.

    I loved how Leo and Vinnie were in the same episode. I always love seeing those guys. I was shocked that Vinnie put in a bid for sheriff, but I guess I should have guessed that.

    I was a little upset about how Veronica was letting Piz down, then when he tells her he figured that out, he was calling for a case she seemed hurt. Then later she’s holding his hand. Piz is a nice guy (so far… don’t know what you have, but it is probably good) and she needs to quit hurting nice guys (like Leo).

    I wish the hellevator didn’t stop so soon, I would have loved to see that conversation complete. I’m still a LoVer and I ALWAYS will be. I LOVE Logan, and if they pick up the show next year, it better have Logan or I will be one seriously miserable chickie.

  3. Holly on May 13th, 2007 12:23 am

    Any episode with that much Piz was BOUND to be B-O-R-I-N-G boring. See the contrast with when the episode is full of Logan? I dont care how sweet and stable Piz is, Veronica would end up the same way you felt after this episode: slightly amused yet unaffected emotionally. Yeah.