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What to Watch…Friday, June 15, 2007

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So today’s the day…I’m finally heading back to the East Coast.  Thanks for your patience with me while I’ve been away. Keeping up with GMMR is a bit more difficult when I start the day three hours behind, but I try.  I’m leaving Cali tonight and will be back in Boston tomorrow morning. First order or business – head over to Fenway and give my Red Sox a stern talking to. Is it that hard to win a game boys?
MeeVee RecommendsPrice Is Right
It’s Bob Barker’s final appearance hosting the game show after 35 years, so let’s all come on down! What are the chances his parting words are “the price is wrong, bitch”?!

MeeVee RecommendsDaytime Emmy Awards
Honoring the best in soaps, game shows and talk shows. I wish they were more like the MTV Movie Awards, so we could nominate Rose O’Donnell and The Donald for Best Fight. And don’t forget that it’s no all about the soaps. Ellen will win for best talk show host (it’s a given, no) and The Office is nominated for their webisodes. Something for everyone.

Sweet Home Alabama Sweet Home Alabama
A fashion designer (Reese Witherspoon) is torn between two men: her wealthy fiancé (Patrick Dempsey) and her good-ol’-boy hubby (Josh Lucas).

The 40 Year Old Virgin The 40-Year-Old Virgin
A good-hearted nebbish (Steve Carell) looks for love with help from his three experienced co-workers.

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