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Nathan Fillion to Join DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES?

July 3, 2007 by  

Nathan FillionDESPERATE HOUSEWIVES had a brilliant first season, but for me it was all downhill after that. The comedy was reduced to cheap laughs and the zany plot lines became more and more unbelievable. For me it went from appointment TV to being completely dropped by from DVR. But will it make its way back? Perhaps.

Rumors are circulating that Nathan Fillion (Slither, Waitress) is in talks to join the cast of the show as the husband of Dana Delaney (China Beach) who has supposedly been offered the role of Bree’s sister. Delaney was originally offered the role of Bree Van de Camp but turned it down, and creator Marc Cherry has been trying to get the actress on Wisteria Lane ever since. Also in talks is Lyndsy Fosena who currently plays Ted’s teenage daughter on How I Met Your Mother, and recently signed on as a recurring character on Heroes. Does she need another job? I don’t think so.

But back to Nathan. Mr. Fillion needs a break and this could be a great move for him if it all comes together. His movie star good looks, charm and dry comedic timing could be a perfect fit for Housewives. With Fox’s all to quick cancellation of DRIVE, I’m hoping that Nathan Fillion finds a permanent gig on TV. And if so, Housewives might just find a permanent gig back on my DVR.

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5 Responses to “Nathan Fillion to Join DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES?”

  1. Amber on July 3rd, 2007 9:10 am

    This is terrific news! I’ve actually only watched DH once when I was stuck in a hotel on a conference, but I would become a regular for Nathan! My husband and I share a huge crush on him since Firefly!

  2. AMM on July 3rd, 2007 10:19 am

    I sure hope he gets the role. He’s so under-rated and deserves some recognition. He’s my new “Han Solo” crush. I love watching interactions between him and James Gunn (Jenna Fischer’s husband). They are hysterical together. I would actually watch DH religiously if he was on. I’m sure that’s what the network is hoping for!

  3. Helen on July 3rd, 2007 2:26 pm

    I would definitely watch DH if Nathan Fillion was on it! Like you, I loved the first season but ended up giving it up about halfway through the second. I hope this works out, because he definitely deserves to be back on TV!

  4. distracted on July 3rd, 2007 7:37 pm

    I second all the comments. Nathan Fillion gives me butterflies. He was amazing and adorable in Waitress. I’d watch anything with him in it!

  5. Heather on May 21st, 2008 3:33 pm

    I know I am behind the times here, but I just watched all of season 4 of DH because of Nathan, OMG, you are so right about everything you said, I have always thought the same about him, he can deliver a quick witted line, like nobody else. I know the writers are behind all the lines, but if a actor does not have the chops to deliver it successfully, then it does not work. Nathan, let’s face it, has “IT”, the whole package, and what a package it is. I get all kinds of goosebumps when he is on tv, and I know this is wierd, but I love his hands, and his eyes, he has the best eyes, that you could just get lost in, and the best looking hands. There is nothing more sexy, then a man, who has strong hands. I have a thing about men and hands, I dont like a man who has great looks, and then he has girly hands or something. Nathan has it all. I hope to see more of him, he is underrated. And wow is he tall. Love you Nathan. Heather