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BIG BROTHER Recap & Spoilers: Veto Me This

July 11, 2007 by  

BIG BROTHER Recaps and Spoilers

The BIG BROTHER 8 houseguests continue to settle in and make the best of living together 24/7. Ex-boyfriends Dustin and Joe try to find some peace, while estranged father and daughter Dani and Dick do their best to stay out of each other’s way…but is it all really just an act? Zach shows early signs of being a floater, while Kail and Mike can’t seem to stop talking strategy. Brainless Jess continues to annoy the hell out of me while Eric has me struggling to like him.

Before we get into the game play and antics of some of the players, I wanted to let you know of a new GMMR feature just for fans of Big Brother. Starting today, I am going to be posting an ongoing mini-blog of some of the highlights of what I see in the 24/7 live feeds. It’s not going to be comprehensive (I’m not watching it all that much), but just a few tidbits of what I’m seeing in the house. WARNING! These updates will contain spoilers that may or may not be shown in the CBS broadcast. There is now a link to the GMMR/Big Brother 8 Feed Alert on the GMMR home page. Check back soon and often for the latest BB8 news.

Get Your Flirt On
Nick and his amazing abs have figured out their strategy for winning BB8 – flirt. Nick figures that if he can get the ladies to love him and think that he loves him back it’s going to buy him some more time in the house…and he’s right. But the real JENius of Nick’s plan is that he is an equal opportunity flirt and makes no qualms about showing the same attention (and affection) to Joe who is loving every minute of it.

Despite flirting with Amber and Jen, it’s little Danielle that has caught Nick’s attention. The two have been very touchy feely as of late, and even shared a late night smooch or two.

JENuinely Annoying
It’s unanimous – all the BB8 houseguests hate Jen…and I don’t blame them. After last week’s drama queen meltdown over her bad picture, Jen continues to rub the houseguests the wrong way with her overinflated ego. Not helping the cause are these homemade tanks she insists on wearing 24/7 with phrases like “JENius”, “JENth Degree”, JENuine”, JENsa Member”. Ugh, I am so over her.

An awkward moment ensues when Jen informs a small group that Nick tried to kiss her and she denied him. Joe being the little bitch that he is (and I’m not complaining) literally runs in and tells Nick. Nick sprints from the room and calls Jen out on her lie in front of everyone. You can tell from her expression that she is 100% lying but she tries to put up a front and says Nick is lying. Later she apologizes (to Nick only) and says that it was because she was jealous of the time he was spending with Danielle. All together now: P-S-Y-C-H-O.

The Power of Veto
The first veto competition of BB8 commences as selected houseguests play hide and seek. Each of them has a veto card and one minute to hide the veto somewhere in the BB house. Later each player gets to ransack the house on the search for another player’s card. The player whose veto card is not found wins the golden power of veto.

After destroying the Big Brother house, it’s Danielle that is the victor. After much debating, she makes the very smart move to not use the power of veto to take Amber or Carol off the chopping block. One of those two ladies will be going home during the live show on Thursday. Both Carol and Amber have been campaigning to stay in the game but just who will go has yet to be decided.

America’s Player
This week Eric faces his first task as America’s Player. He has to fabricate a sob story and share it with one of his houseguests in order to gain sympathy. The people have spoken and voted that Eric had to share this story with Kail. Not holding back, Eric went full on with a long ass story about an ex-girlfriend who suffered from anorexia and was very ill, and how seeing Danielle conjured up all these painful memories of his ex. Ouch! With the help of some eye drops, contact solution (and some fine acting) Eric gained the sympathy he needed from Kail and $5k of Big Brother’s money for completing the task.

This Thursday is the first eviction of Big Brother 8. Which houseguest will be voted out of the house? Will it be Carol or Amber? And America owns Eric’s vote, so it will be interesting to see how he handles this second task.


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  2. JennyL on July 11th, 2007 1:25 pm

    Although it wouldn’t have been the smartest move for Danielle to use the Veto…I was really hoping she would so they could get rid of Jen. Man, she is SO annoying. Although don’t have a problem with Amber, I’m hoping she goes home b/c I like Carol and I think she has more to offer for the show.

    And I’m SUPER excited about your Live Feeds! Let the obsession begin. 🙂

  3. Mannie on July 11th, 2007 2:48 pm

    I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling to like Eric. I thought I was crazy.

    I was hoping Danielle would take one off the block (I’d perfer if she took Carol off) and put Jen up in her place. I can’t stand that chickie. She is phycho! I wonder what Jen’s a member of?????