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Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins) Friday Night Lights

WARNING! The following contains speculation based on possible spoilers for the upcoming season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (it feel so good to write that).

When we last saw Coach and Mrs. Coach Taylor the question remained as to if the Coach would leave the Dillon Panthers behind to coach at TMU. But it seems that perhaps star Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins) has spilled the beans.

During NBC’s All-Star party for the TCAs, Kitsch was asked: “What’s in store for the new season” to which he answered

” He definitely has a problem with the new coach in town (Jason Street). It’s unbalanced b/c of them being friends.”

So if Jason Street is the new coach, then wouldn’t that mean that Coach Taylor took the job? Something tells me that even if he did go to TMU he will be back…and soon.

…and this just in from the fabulous Jen Godwin of E! Online. Coach Taylor does in fact take the job at TMU. And here’s what we can expect as Season 2 of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS kicks in.

The new season zooms forward eight months, and in the season premiere, Tami is in labor, and Eric comes back from Austin to be there for the birth. The Taylors immediately go into a five-ep arc about whether or not they made a mistake entering into this long-distance relationship. Tami’s dealing with an infant and a teenage daughter who’s “acting out more than she ever has,” while Eric is dealing with “what college football is like and coaching there and not being the head guy there. A lot of interesting dynamics come out of that.” According to Katims, “Eric and Tami are gonna be intensely connected from the beginning” of the season, rather than being separated into discrete stories.

Back to Taylor Kitsch and his fine abs acting abilities. Taylor gives us a little more taste of what we can expect from Tim Riggins in the beginning of the season. “I have a fallout with my brother, who starts drinking again. He’s searching for something and is looking for the superficial things that makes him feel good for an hour.

And will Riggins continue to woo the ladies with the smile, the smoldering eyes and the luxurious locks? Kitsch says yes. “In the first episode I think I hook up with five different girls…no kidding.”

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  2. Whitney on July 18th, 2007 9:49 am

    That picture of Riggins has me drooling. He makes the show for me. I’m thrilled with the spoilers…it sounds like the new storylines will be intriguing!

  3. Mary on July 18th, 2007 8:20 pm

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Can’t wait for Season 2. I have definitely been in withdrawal this summer, especially since they yanked the reruns! This is such a great show. i just hope the Friday night time slot doesn’t hurt it.