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Playing TV Catch Up: MY BOYS, RESCUE ME, etc

August 2, 2007 by  

After being a little under the weather since last Saturday, I feel like I’m finally coming out of my Sudafed-induced haze. And as the clarity takes over I’ve realized that there have been some key TV moments this week that we have yet to talk about. Please indulge me as I play a little TV catch-up.

The first two episodes of the new season returned on Monday. MY BOYS isn’t perfect. The voice overs and baseball metaphors unfortunately carried over into this season, and although I’ve warmed up to Jordana Spiro (P.J.) I don’t love her as much as I love the guys. That being said, I am smitten with this show. At the end of last season I found myself completely caught-up in the season ending PJ/Brendan kiss and I loved the way it played out in the first episode. I see this will they/won’t they struggle playing itself out subtly through the course of the season, and I’m completely hooked on it. Jim Gaffigan has always been a bit overlooked as a comic, but he shines as PJ’s brother Andy. More Andy!! Actually, more of everyone. Hey TBS, how about planning a bloggers press day during which we can play poker at PJ’s before heading out to Crowley’s for a few beers. Best. Set. Visit.Ever!!

Rescue Me CastRESCUE ME(SPOILER ALERT for last night’s show)
Sweet Lord above, did you see last night’s ending? I had my ears covered and a hand blocking my eyes. The idea that Tommy would even contemplate killing a baby let us know just how disturbed he is. Yet at the same time I almost believed that if he did it, he would have done it out of some completely F’d up sense of love. In my heart of hearts I knew that they wouldn’t go “there”, but then again, this is the same show that brought us the controversial “rape” scene last year.

Overall that was a simply pitch-perfect episode. If they don’t submit that ep next season for an Emmy then they are fools. And the beginning sequence with the fire and the kids?! RESCUE ME is so raw and harsh sometimes, and then they throw in scenes like that that remind you what this show is all about – the everyday hero that is the firefigher. Amazing television.

Cast of EntourageENTOURAGE
I’m not sure when ENTOURAGE went from appointment television to an “I’ll catch up on it later” show. I still love Vince and the boys, but I’m just not into it as I once was. I like to see a bit more comedy in my comedy. The glory of the second season was seeing Drama, Eric, Turtle and Vince go through the ups and downs of Hollywood together. Now I feel that even when the four guys do have scenes together I still feel a palpable split between E/Vince and Drama/Turtle. That being said, this past week’s episode was pretty funny. I love the relationship between Ari and Lloyd and wish to see them more. And Turtle in the bunny suit was visually spectacular. Let’s hope we have more of that (and less of the brash and annoying Billy Walsh) in the coming weeks. Anyone else feeling a little disconnected from ENTOURAGE or is it just me?

Welcome to the ParkerWELCOME TO THE PARKER
Did anyone else check out this new Bravo reality show last night? I wanted to watch it and I forgot to TiVo it. Seeing that it’s Bravo I suppose they will show it at least 6 more times before the next new ep airs. If you did see it, let me know if it’s worth my time. My girlfriends and I stayed at The Parker during our trip to Palm Springs last year. It was so beautiful, and the service was impeccable. I’m interested to see how it’s portrayed on the small screen.

What other shows have we not talked about this week? 

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  2. Diddlee on August 3rd, 2007 12:28 am

    Jim Gaffigan is seriously underused on this show. Uno mas!

    My favorite line of the whole night, which required me to actually pause my TV to compose myself:
    Mike to Andy: Why did you go home first?
    Andy: Because I had a few hours free and I wanted to spend them all in my car.

    Of course a close second would be the drunken phone call home. “What color is the car? Yeah, the Grey one.”