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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Recap: Top 8 Performers

August 2, 2007 by  


So it’s about 1:15AM here on the East Coast and I was just about to go to bed when it hit me…I didn’t watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I was out with my friends and completely forgot it was on! Who am I?! Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I’m going to not only watch it tonight, but post a recap before I let my head hit the pillow.

So let’s get to it!

Adam Shankman….He’s Back!! The director of HAIRSPRAY is back to share his enthusiasm with all the dancers. He’s a bit talkative so it could be a long night. Tonight each of the couples are performing two routines. I’d remind you that you should be voting for your favorite individual dancer, but it’s so late that the phone lines are already closed.

Danny Tidwell and Sara Von Gillern
1st Routine: Argentine Tango by Alex DaSilva
Seriously, there is no denying Danny Tidwell’s talent. Pair him with Sara and they are sex on stage. I didn’t love this Argentine Tango as much as others we have seen in the past, but it was still enjoyable. I would have liked to see it move a little faster, but some of the kicks were incredible, and the human pretzel move…just wow. It didn’t blow me away, but I still really liked it. Adam Shankman loved the BLEEP out of it. Mary and Nigel weren’t completely blown away but they both loved it and thought it was fantastic. And Nigel thought Danny’s pirouettes were ridiculous (in a good way).

2nd Routine:
Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks
We had some old school hip hop tonight with some really fun choreography. I know this might come as a shock to some, but I think I’m starting to love like Danny (I don’t want to go too crazy now). Over the past few weeks he seems to be having more fun and taking himself a bit less seriously. He looked like he was having a blast with tonight’s choreography and he more than held his own considering this is about as far away from ballet as you can get. Sara was fantastic (I think, I was drawn to Danny), but this is her style so let’s just assume that she was. No clue what the judges are going to say. Adam was more concerned with the wardrobe with the dancing, but he thought it was ok. Mary thought it was too cute and not good enough. Nigel thought they went for it but didn’t achieve it together. Overall, not the love they were hoping for. (click here to watch)

Lauren Gottlieb and Dominic Sandoval
1st Routine: Krump by Lil C
It’s hard for me to judge this routine because I don’t know enough about Krumping to even begin to tell if it was good or not. Overall I thought Dominic was sharper than Lauren, and more than a few times she fell slightly behind him in the choreography. There was very little partner work in this routine so it seemed like two strangers sharing a stage. There were a few lifts at the end, but nothing overly impressive. Again, it wasn’t bad but this isn’t one I would post again on YouTube tomorrow. And as for the judges, Adam didn’t think the dance did much for them as individual dancers but he thought they did well with what they’ve given. Mary thought it dragged in the second half. The dance didn’t really do much for Nigel, but he seemed to have more of an issue with the music than the performance. Oh and Nigel called out Lauren on falling during the number, but he gave her props for recovering well. (click here to watch)

2nd Routine: Rumba

I don’t care what the judges have to say about this dance, as a viewer I LOVED it. Lauren was sexy as all get out, and Dom pulled back on the bravado tonight and was just hot for his woman. I was loving this dance from the very first lift to the making out at the end of the dance. Oh yes, they were smooching on TV…hot! Ha ha ha Mia Michaels and Alex DaSilva were just fake making out in the audience…too funny. Not overwhelming praise from the judges. All seemed to think that there wasn’t enough rumba in the rumba. But isn’t that the fault of the choreographer? Nigel thought that perhaps the choreographers were altering the routines to bring out the best in the dancers, and he threw down the challenge for next week that they design dances to the best of their ability, and force the dancers to dance up to the level they need to. Bring it.

Lacey Schwimmer and My BF Neil Haskell

1st Routine: Latin Jazz by Maria Torres
Ok,ok, ok…first of all this gets my vote for the best dance of the night if only because Neil is shirtless throughout. HOT DAMN! And maybe for the first time since she first danced on this show, it wasn’t Lacey that kept my attention. And no, it wasn’t because of Neil’s hotness factor (although that was enjoyable), but I found it so intriguing to see him shirtless and to really see how his body moved. It was almost enchanting to see the way his hips swirled and his stomach and back muscles were used for the dance. I know I’m going to catch shit for this, but I thought it was beautiful. As for the dance, well it was sexy, hot and I thought it was fun. Adam called out Lacey on connecting more with the audience than with her partner. Mary thought the chemistry wasn’t there…what?! Ok, maybe she had some good points, but I don’t care. Nigel didn’t love the performance really much at all.

2nd Routine: Contemporary by Mia Michaels
Before this dance even starts, I’m going to throw it out there that I have HIGH expectations for this dance. Neil & Lacey both have the skill and we know that Mia Michaels has the style, so I’m expecting big things. So Mia choreographed this very personal routine to tell the story of the reunion of her and her father who passed a few years ago. Both Neil and Lacey feel honored to tell this story and neither want to let Mia down. Neil feels compelled to be perfect so Mia doesn’t feel that she has wasted this dance on them. I already have the chills. As for the dance itself…there are no words. Calling it amazing doesn’t seem to do it justice. I can’t seem to stop crying. Neil and Lacey told that story so beautifully that I can’t wait to watch it again and again. And can we talk about the added pressure of having to dance on a stage covered in flower petals? I was so worried they would slip and fall. Ok, I need to pause the TiVo and pull myself together before I can get to the judges. OK, so Adam was in love with the dance. He thought it would go down as one of the greatest dance performances on television – ever! On to Mary…oh great, now I’m crying again. Mary Murphy can’t even give her critique because she can’t stop crying. Nigel mentioned that Mary is going through a similar experience. And as for Nigel’s critique, he fought through some emotion as well to not only praise Mia but to praise Neil and Lacey for an amazing performance. Nigel said it was one of the most beautiful things he’s seen…ever! Oh WOW! AMAZING!! I had high expectations, but this far exceeded them!! (click here to watch)

Pasha Kovalev and Sabra Johnson
1st Routine: Broadway by Tyce Diorio
Fun! Fun! Fun! And I’m exhausted just watching them. At this point, I’m convinced that Sabra can do now wrong. She’s adapted to every single routine they’ve given her, and her performance is alway right on point. She’s my favorite to win this whole shebang! Pasha kept up with her, but he didn’t break out of his ballroom style as much as I would have like to see. But he’s a great partner and they worked well together given that they have never danced together before. Fantastic routine!! Adam really loved it (and this is his style). The pair got a Mary Murphy scream, and Nigel praised the performance big time!!

2nd Routine: Quickstep by Tony Meredith and Crazy Melanie
That quick step is damn quick. I don’t know what to look for in this dance other than those, um, quick steps? All seemed to be in place, and these two danced well together. It was all kinds of fun and it was performed so well…so I’m going to give it a GMMR scream. Let’s see what the judges had to say. Adam was all kinds fo crazy for the number. Mary went from tears from Neil & Lacey’s number to big ol screams of praise for these two. Nigel said these two were the best couple of the night given their first and this performance. Nice. (click here to watch)

So it’s just past 2:30AM for me, and if I weren’t tired enough, I am now physically and emotionally drained. But I guess I have to go watch Neil and Lacey’s routine a few more times before bed. Damn you Mia Michaels.

So which guy and which girl are going home tomorrow night? It’s a tough one. I think I’m going to go with Lauren and Dominic (oh no…not my boy).

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18 Responses to “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Recap: Top 8 Performers”

  1. Mandy on August 2nd, 2007 3:19 am

    Yep I’m gonna go with Lauren and Dom as well. I don’t want to see my BF Pasha go. I just love him.

    Mia had me bawling during Lacey and Neil’s routine. I just kept picturing when I’d see my grandfather in heaven, and I’d get on his feet and we’d dance like we used to.

  2. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Recap: Top 8 Performers — All This Nonsense on August 2nd, 2007 3:38 am

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  3. Lisa (aka lmr722) on August 2nd, 2007 8:19 am

    Mia got to us all… lovely. I love Neil (wish someone else was his partner) But, I am all schwimmered out. Yeah, I was a Benji fan but Lacey gets on my last nerve. Mug, mug, pose, pose – yeah she can dance but right now I just don’t care.

    Sabra’s my “gull” as Cat would say… I am as yet undecided on the boys. I am a fan of Neil definitely and I just think Danny dances like no one ever has ever IMO.

  4. Ducky on August 2nd, 2007 9:42 am

    I don’t know Kath, I think the 3am haze of watching SYTYCD has you all emotional because I thought Mia’s dance was CRAP! It sucked. There was no dancing, there was a lot of moving around and acting but it was not dance and personally I thought it was a waste of a routine.

    It had the exact opposite effect on me that it seems to have had on everyone else. I thought it was contrived and a little pompous if truth be told. Nowhere near on par with the Bench Dance and really, save it for you therapist Mia.

    Wow, I’m a total bitch today!

  5. kilwiggle7 on August 2nd, 2007 9:46 am

    Can you just IMAGINE if it was neil and sabra doing that routine? She is just such a beautiful contemporary dancer that I don’t think i would have been able to handle it. I’m really proud of both neil and lacey though, it was beautiful. Neil was really worried about what Mia thought about it afterwards, he kept staring out into the audience to see the slightest bit of acceptance from her. It was quite touching.

    On a totally off topic subject- GMMR you NEED to watch Rescue Me… holy poop! they better submit that episode for the emmys next year. All around goodness!

  6. Amrie on August 2nd, 2007 10:33 am

    Hey Kath!
    Thought about you while watching (at 2:30AM because I’m still on San Diego time and could not force myself to sleep!) and wondered what you thought. Shankman is a good judge – he gives technical pointers, but he is longwinded, for sure. I’m with you – I think it’ll be Dom and Lauren tonight, too! As long as it isn’t Neil or Pasha, I’m cool with it! -AMRIE 🙂

  7. Give Me My Remote on August 2nd, 2007 10:56 am

    Ducky – In the words of Paula Abdul, you are a cold hearted snake!!

    Ha ha. I LOVED the dance. But I will give a little and say that the combination of cold medicine and lack of sleep may have made me a wee emotional, but it was still solid.

  8. Jennifer on August 2nd, 2007 12:06 pm

    I just don’t understand the Neil love – I don’t find him the least bit attractive. But, to each their own I guess. I like Pasha a lot, but I don’t know why he doesn’t get critiqued WAY more. He’s too stiff in anything out of ballroom. It’s a little awkward for me.
    Sabra is also my girl to win the whole thing.

    I predict Sabra, Lacey and Neil to be in the final 3 (though I’ve been underwhelmed with the latter two as of late). I don’t know who the other final guy will be though.

  9. Ducky on August 2nd, 2007 2:00 pm

    … solid CRAP!

    Take that you…

  10. CrazyGringa on August 2nd, 2007 2:44 pm

    I know this is blasphemy but I have to agree with Ducky on the routine. I guess I was expecting so much more…definately not on the same level as the bench dance.

    Oh, and Go Pasha!

  11. StArZz923 on August 2nd, 2007 3:15 pm

    Solid show all around from all the dancers, which makes it hard to decide on who should go. And I really enjoy your recaps GMMR, since I generally agree with your comments and could tell that you’re REALLY into the show.
    Now I hope that next week Danny would be partnered with Sabra and they do a contemporary routine that would play up both of their strengths. That could be a moment of pure beautiful dancing.

  12. HealthcareHottie on August 2nd, 2007 3:56 pm

    Thank you so much for this incredible recap. I missed the show last night and have no TiVo or DVR to speak of (I know, I should be living in the stone age).

    This was just as good as seeing it when it aired since you provided links or posted all the performances. I don’t need all the background stuff, it’s just there to fill in time so they can make the show 1 1/2 hours long. Just give me the meat, that’s all I need. Thanks for serving it up.

  13. Jake R. on August 2nd, 2007 6:40 pm

    I’m with Ducky and the other folks that didn’t get roped in by Mia Michaels’s routine. It was boring! If you take away Mia’s crying during her explanation of the routine, the critiques of the dance would’ve been different (imo). No one wants to be the person saying “that routine about you and your dead relative bored me and lacked substance.”

    My opinions on the dancers at this point: Danny has come into his own, and is extremely impressive. Neil is good, but I don’t think he’s good enough. Pasha is great…at ballroom. And, Dom is…going home tonight. Of the top 8, Danny is the top guy to me.

    As for the women: If Lacey didn’t have her rabid fanbase and that “emotional” Mia routine, she’d probably go home next week, but I think her and the amazing Sabra will be the last two women standing. Lauren, as hot as her second performance was, is probably going home tonight–and Sarah next week. Unlike the guys, I think all the girls are spectacular at this point of the competition.

  14. michelle on August 2nd, 2007 7:22 pm

    Thanx a lot for the recap! and for posting all the routines! I’m internet stupid and I give up easily when I can’t find what i’m looking for! ….now I know which site to check out first!

  15. Jacki on August 2nd, 2007 9:10 pm

    Thanks for linking to all the videos! I’m visiting my sister this week, and she accidentally deleted the recording of last night’s show when we were in the middle of watching it! Your site saved our sanity! 🙂

  16. Greg Burke on August 4th, 2007 2:33 am

    Ducky, ditto that. I shan’t be saying this but it’s just bullcrap both of Lacey and Neil’s dances. Neil went to drastic measures and needed votes by showing his not so sexy abs(Lauren’s is obviously the winner in the ab contest in this show haha), but got to dead bottom. Their first dance didnt appeal to me but I watched it. Their second dance was just terrible. And honestly they didn’t dance! Those we’re bollocks from the joodges, and obviously since it’s regarding Mia and her dad, the judges can’t be harsh so they just threw some crap there. Everyone loses their parents, even at a younger age, so grow up people! The “yumba” was sexy, I thought Lauren brought it’s hotness level fiery hot burning to extreme levels, hotter than the hot tamali train, but it’s Dom, I don’t think he’s the best looking guy and uhh, they kissed, ugh, it made me feel like puking, Dom got turned on, but thank god she resisted. The rest of the dances were forgettable. Pasha was the worst with his fake smile.

    ***Look at the picture on top. See something? Pasha. He’s not showing his not-so-white teeth…***

  17. Greggie on August 4th, 2007 3:04 am

    Ahh the “yumba”. I liked it, only because Lauren was just so hott there ahh, I need another shot of Chivas over the rocks. The kiss made me feel like puking since I thought it was too much, and I don’t think Dom is a good looking guy compared to her previous partners. And I’m glad Lauren backed off from another hit from Dom, eww. I agree with Ducky.

    The “joodjes” shan’t be able to say negatives about the dance since its about Mia and her dad, but they need a wake up call. Millions of people have lost their parents at a young age and is living in terrible conditions, while she wants to tell a story, a boring one. It was definately the worst dance of the show ever, yet. Lacey’s solo yesterday was simply about walking and some kicks, a little flirtatious acts and I think that’s what a solo’s definition is to her, bad. Everything was simply forgettable. I’m glad my favourite dancer however didn’t strip down and danced an okay number, but still everyone sucked. Pasha’s smile creeps me out, maybe because his teeth have a gap or it’s not as white as Lauren’s, well I think it was a forced smile. He needs to take lessons from Lauren imo.


    ***What’s the obvious wierd thing about the top 8 picture? Pasha isnt showing is yellow gapped teeth***And Lauren’s lips are as red as beautiful roses and delicious apples.

  18. phil on August 8th, 2007 12:22 am

    niel and craig have hot bodys craigs is the nicest one i ever saw i would love to se both of them shirtless thanks phil