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Who Was Evicted from the BIG BROTHER House? (Spoilers)

August 2, 2007 by  

Looking to find out who got evicted on the latest episode of BIG BROTHER? Check it out here: Who Got Evicted from BIG BROTHER?


Who Was Evicted from the BIG BROTHER House? (Spoilers)

Ah, another satisfying episode of BIG BROTHER 8. There’s this good feeling I get inside when everything goes just as I thought it would. I find comfort in knowing that Jen will always be a self centered biatch, Dick will always be a dick, Daniele and Nick will talk in grating baby voices to each other, Zach will be slimy, Jessica will be brainless (although she’s growing on me), Kail will be annoying, Dustin will be adorable (still loving him), Jameka will be “mmhhhmm’ing” and Eric will do as they people will him to.

Oh the Drama…
vs. Big Brother Jen
The biggest moment of the night (besides the eviction of course) was the big fight between Jen/Daniele/Dick and Nick. If you didn’t see tonight’s episode, check out the video I posted showing the uncut incident last week (rated M for language). It was nasty, and as much as I hate Jen I was really disappointed in Dick for pouring iced tea over her head. It almost crossed the line into the physical territory. Dick is such a bully, and you got to give it to Jen for standing strong against him. I would have been whimpering in the corner and begging to get out the house by now. She must really be desperate for the TV attention.

Amber is On My Last Nerve…
Big Brother AmberAmber is a conniving little wench. I’m sorry, but to pull out the tears (yet again) and act like she had no idea that Nick was going to be nominated, when she was the one that suggested that he be backdoored is BS. Then on the treadmill when she told him that there are people in this house that knew about the nomination but didn’t want to tell you, all the while implying that it wasn’t her. So wrong. That girl has some serious screws loose and I wish Dustin would wise up to it. It’s about time that he joined forces with Jameka to take over this game.

Jess – No So Brainless?
Big Brother JessicaMy bravo of the week has got to go to Brainless Jess. That girl has managed to stay so far under the radar of the houseguest that she’s a lock for at least a few more weeks. She doesn’t get into the drama, and she stays out of everyone’s business. She appears to be the quietest one in the house and has hit that balance of being social but not being too social. I’m not going to go as far as to say that she’s executing a strategy, but she’s playing the game well all the same.

America’s Player…
Big Brother EricAs America’s player, Eric had to vote Kail out this week. I personally wanted Nick to stay in the game, but I voted for Eric to evict Nick because that was strategically the right thing for Eric to do. If you want to keep playing along at home America, then you need to think about the tasks (and risks) you want Eric to take.

So just who was evicted from the BIG BROTHER house tonight? And who is this week’s new HOH? Find out after the break (ok, after the jump, but ‘after the break’ sounds much cooler, no?)

In a vote of 6-2, Nick was the fourth houseguest evicted from the BIG BROTHER house. The two votes for Kail came from Eric and Zach.

Nick said his quick goodbyes (most of them to Dani) and exited the house to talk briefly with the Chen-bot. On video, Eric revealed that he is America’s Player, but to be honest, I don’t think Nick quite knew what he was talking about. He seemed a bit befuddled.

The HOH Competition…
HOH is up for grabs and it’s time for an endurance competition. Houseguests had to sit on large pendulams, and the last one on will become this week’s Head of Household. When the live show ended the houseguests were hanging upside down on the swinging pendulums with fake bird crap being thrown on them. So as of now, we don’t know who will be this week’s HOH.

GMMR BB live feed diva, kilwiggle, will be checking the live feeds tonight and in the morning, and once the HOH is revealed I will let you all know that it’s time to check out the BIG BROTHER spoiler section of GMMR.

So that’s that. Nick is gone. Did the house make the right choice? Who would you most like to see as this week’s HOH?


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  2. Jennifer on August 3rd, 2007 4:21 pm

    You’ve made an excellent point – America’s voting could put Eric at risk.

    You know what I hate? This whole bloc voting thing. It gives HOH too much power. People vote like they are sheep, and there are no surprises anymore. The HG going home knows it, the HG’s know it, and viewers who read/watch feeds know it. Makes for a more boring show.

  3. CHESTER on August 11th, 2007 3:07 pm


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  5. Kerry on August 26th, 2007 12:04 am

    Does anyone know why BB call’s people into the living room over the PA system (during the showtime 2 bb8 live feeds)? I was wondering why out of nowhere you will hear “so and so go the dining room or living room….i was wondering why??

    thank you in advance if you have any asnwer

  6. Give Me My Remote on August 26th, 2007 1:11 pm

    are you sure they aren’t saying…go to the diary room? That’s a very common occurrence in the house.

  7. bill powers on August 31st, 2007 3:43 pm

    Hey oh the witch is dead
    Thank God, that Cryin’ Amber, that Jew-hating wench is finally
    gone!!!!!!!!! i can breath again. What a lying,phony bitch