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What to Watch…Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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I’m really excited for the new episode of DAMAGES tonight.  I got screeners for the first two episodes a while back, so I’ve been patiently waiting for the third episode for quite some time.  Glenn Close is just amazing in this role.  I’m going to watch POWER of 10 tonight but only because I want to get a sense of how annoying Drew Carey is on a game show.  I still can’t believe that the people behind THE PRICE IS RIGHT didn’t wait to see how Carey was on this show before tapping him to replace Bob Barker.

What shows are going to be watching tonight? 

MeeVee RecommendsPower Of 10
Debut of Drew Carey’s new game show (no, not “The Price Is Right,” the other one), in which contestants try to guess survey results for a chance at $10 million. Personally I’m just interested in seeing how many Americans thought George W. Bush was smarter than them.

MeeVee RecommendsDamages
A mysterious threat arrives at the office, and Patty wonders if she can continue with the case. Ellen, too, begins to suffer the strain of total dedication to her job.

MeeVee RecommendsLA Ink
Debut: Kat Von D leaped to fame as a guest artist on “Miami Ink,” and now she’s back home in LA with her own tattoo parlor and a TV show about it.

Big Brother 8Big Brother
Tonight is the Power of Veto competition. Who will win? And will the winner use his/her power to save either Jen or Kail from the chopping block. If you’d like to know, head over to GMMR’s Big Brother 8 spoilers. (Note: this is the same description I used for last week’s POV episode.  Jen and Kail must be getting pretty bored on the chopping block)

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