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What to Watch…Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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You know what’s awesome? When it’s 7:30am in the morning and you haven’t yet taken your shower for the day and it’s hot and muggy in your apartment and your power goes out. Yay!! On the bright side, at least I can steal a wireless connection from my neighbor to get today’s ‘what to watch’ list posted. So here you go…just a sampling of what’s hot on TV tonight.

What are you planning on watching tonight?

Katie gets ready for her deposition on the Frobisher case, Gregory fails to disclose key details about the trial, and David and Ellen’s relationship gets more complicated.

LainkkatvondthumbLA Ink
Kat and the other artists arrive in town, but construction on the new shop has been delayed, so they work from Corey’s shop instead. (note: I haven’t seen this show but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. If you watch it and like it drop me a comment and let me know.)

Big Brother 8 Big Brother
Tonight is the Power of Veto competition. Who will win? And will the winner use his/her power to save either Dick or Daniele from the chopping block. If you’d like to know, head over to GMMR’s Big Brother 8 spoilers.

Mandy MooreI am Mandy Moore
Following Moore as she prepares for her 2007 CD’s release. She’s captured promoting “Wild Hope” on a whirlwind media tour and performing in concert.

Talk Show Round Up…
I almost didn’t bother posting this since it’s a pretty lame night for Late Night TV, but RESCUE ME’s Denis Leary on THE DAILY SHOW and THE OFFICE’s BJ Novak on CONAN (a repeat of the Great Cadbury Debate of ’07) I thought I might as well.

The Late Show with David Letterman
Don Cheadle, Smashing Pumpkins, a Top Ten List presented by Venus Williams (R 7/9/07)

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Michelle Pfeiffer, Jonah Hill, Mims (R 8/6/07)

Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Ice Cube, B.J. Novak, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (R 4/4/07)

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Cynthia McFadden, Ne-Yo (R 7/24/07)

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Jonah Hill, Natascha McElhone

Last Call with Carson Daly
Bijou Phillips, Satellite Party (R 6/12/07)

The Daily Show
Denis Leary

The Colbert Report
Jerry Miller, Spencer Wells

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6 Responses to “What to Watch…Tuesday, August 14, 2007”

  1. Mannie on August 14th, 2007 8:46 am

    Jen and Kail are ALWAYS on the chopping block, even when half of them aren’t there! 🙂

  2. Give Me My Remote on August 14th, 2007 9:02 am

    Why do you people put up with my incompetence?! Yeah just changed the BB8 description. I think I was so used to writing Jen and Kail on the chopping block that I was on auto-pilot this morning. But it’s Dick and Dani up for eviction this week.

  3. What to Watch…Tuesday, August 14, 2007 — All This Nonsense on August 14th, 2007 9:16 am

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  4. Patty on August 14th, 2007 9:50 am

    I so will be watching BB8 even though I know what’s going on. If Dick stays? I think I might toss the TV out the window! I am so over him and his mouth and the way CBS is editing this show! I have a better time reading about the live feeds on TWoP!

  5. Mannie on August 14th, 2007 11:45 am

    I don’t know either. I think we might start charging you soon!!! 😉

  6. TheNextKristin on August 14th, 2007 6:31 pm

    LA Ink is alright. I don’t not enjoy it, but I think I prefer Miami Ink, because it usually feels a lot more real – LA Ink has a bit more of a Laguna Beach-ish feel to it… I think it might be because of the production values, or something. But I’m still watching.