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Watch K-VILLE Series Premiere on GMMR…NOW

August 22, 2007 by  


Watch K-VILLE Series Premiere on GMMR

If you’ve been following along on GMMR then you probably already know that I spent last weekend in New Orleans attending the premiere party for Fox’s new Fall drama K-VILLE. Over the next weeks I’ll be filling you in on the details of my trip to NOLA and sharing all the scoop I snagged from the cast and creators of the show.

But before we get to all of that, I thought you might want to check out K-VILLE for yourself. The show doesn’t premiere on Fox until Monday, September 17th at 9/8c but GMMR readers can watch the entire first episode of K-VILLE right here, right now. Just press play on the video below to watch.

From writer and executive producer Jonathan Lisco (“NYPD Blue”,”The District”) comes K-VILLE, a heroic police drama set – and filmed – in New Orleans. Two years after Katrina, parts of the city are still in chaos, but hope has emerged. Battling an upsurge of violence, understaffing of police forces and a lack of crime labs and other facilities, the cops who remain in the New Orleans Police Department have courage to burn and a passion to reclaim and rebuild their city.

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After you’re done watching the premiere episode, let me know what you thought of K-VILLE.

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6 Responses to “Watch K-VILLE Series Premiere on GMMR…NOW”

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  2. Sam on August 22nd, 2007 8:35 pm

    I live in South Louisiana, so I have a special interest in this show. More than any show this fall, I hope K-Ville succeeds because, really, the premise has so much potential. But for that reason, I’m not the most objective critic.

    I know that so far, it’s received mixed reviews, but honestly, I really enjoyed it.

    Of course, it’s more than obvious that the writer isn’t from New Orleans. A few too many NO stereotypes come out here– the cypress trees, Bourbon Street, gumbo, all Cajun last names. Yet I didn’t mind them too much because of Anthony Anderson’s character. He has such an unabiding love for the city that the stereotypical lines play more like an idealist’s vision than a poorly written laundrey list. Plus, viewers outside of Louisiana will hardly notice if at all.

    For a show about the south, the accents weren’t horrible, especially Anderson’s (who got the Cajun/Southern/urban NO accent surprisingly well.) The lead detective stuck out a bit but nearly so much as some recent attempts by television (Boston Legal’s New Orleans episode was awful in this regard.)

    One criticism I’ve read maintains that the pilot’s mystery plays out too fast and would have worked better as an arc. Frankly, I disagree. It wasn’t interesting enough to span a season but worked well for the pilot to emphasize the central character’s disgust for the decline of the city.

    The final twist (the partner’s criminal past) was a bit over the top. Mass outbreaks from prisons did not really happen– that was one of the many rumors reported during the storm. Still, I like the overall theme of redemption in this show, and that seems to fit well.

    So, yeah, I’ll be watching and encouraging as many people I know to watch. Louisiana viewers will be in the unique position of being both hyper critical (analyzing accents like I just did) and supportive (an issue vital to our state is getting some attention through an entertaining medium.)

  3. Emily on August 22nd, 2007 10:43 pm

    Thanks for your perspective, Sam. I too live near NO, in Mississippi, and will be watching this show with the same anticipation and critical eye. Accents, Southern in general, NO in particular in this case, are a major pet peeve of mine. I hope they’ve done justice to the city and its people.

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  5. from marrero on September 18th, 2007 8:50 am

    I was totally disgusted with this show!!!

    In the first ten minutes of the show you hear a black female say that she bought a car with 2 FEMA checks. Do you really think that helps the view that poeple already have of this city??? And a NOPD officer (main character) drinking alcohol while on duty, not once but twice; people should feel really safe now!!! An escaped convict…escaped from “OPP” and is now a police officer…pshhh…get real!

    The accents the actors are using is so unrealistic…unless they are all from Fuchon or Thibodeaux.

    I found nothing in this show that reflected in a good way on New Orleans. All it will do is give the people will a negative perception of New Orleans fuel for their fires.

    The only thing positive in this was that Anthony Anderson’s character really wants to see the city come back to life. But him being a boozing cop negates that!!!

    The supposed “economic boost” that this show may be bringing to New Orleans is not worth the damage that it can and will do to our reputation…Get it off the air or do it it right!

  6. Give Me My Remote on September 18th, 2007 8:59 am

    marrero – Thanks for you feedback. I reposted your comment here as well: