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BIG BROTHER Recap: Holy Double Eviction

September 6, 2007 by  

BIG BROTHER recap and spoilers

The craziest episode of this season’s BIG BROTHER happened tonight when the BB8 residents sent two of their fellow houseguests home in a live double eviction.Previously on Big Brother…
As you may recall, HOH Zach put Jameka and Jessica on the block.  Dani won the POV and opted not to use it. Dick and Dani broke their alliance with Eric and Jessica and targeted Jess for eviction.  But being game players that they are, they told Jameka that she was the one going home tonight.  The plan was to blindside Eric and throw him off his game for the HOH competition (something that could have achieved by just spinning him in circles, but whatevs). But for the plan to work, Dick and Daniele had to get Jameka to swear that she wouldn’t put them up on the block if she won a future HOH.

To the Jury House for you…
Did Jameka take their deal to save herself and send Jessica home.  Well, it certainly does seem that way.  In the first live eviction of the night, Jessica was sent to the jury house with a vote of 2-1.

The Big Brother Fast Forward…
The houseguests then experienced their first and only fast forward of the season.  Immediately after Jessica’s eviction, they played their HOH competition.  It was a game of ‘what came first in BB8’ trivia and Dick walked away the victor.  As the newly crowned HOH, Dick had just five minutes to choose the houseguests he wanted on the block.  In what came as no surprise, Jameka and Eric were nominated. Both pleaded their case.  Jameka saying she was a woman of her word (her word being that she wouldn’t nominated the Double D’s?) and Eric pleaded that it was a smarter move to keep him in the game as Jameka would surely take the win with the votes from the jury house.

Bye, Bye Mr. America’s Player…
For the second time tonight, the houseguests cast their votes and Eric was sent home.  America, with our player gone it looks like our fun time is over.  Although it no doubt hurt Eric’s game play, the America’s Player twist was an interesting twist in an otherwise boring season (come on, you know that fair).  Eric walked away with winnings of $40k, just $10k shy of the prize money that the 2nd place winner will receive.  Eric didn’t seem to crush, and he shouldn’t be since he now gets to join his showmancer Jessica in the jury house.  Both revealed to Julie that there were real feelings and there was no showmance, but lets see if they last two weeks outside of the jury house.

Jury House Scandal…
Speaking of the jury house.  There’s been much talk about why we haven’t seen the evicted houseguests greeting each other at the jury house this season.  In past seasons, the houseguests already living there wait in great anticipation to see who they will be living with until the Big Brother finale.  But this season….nothing. Here’s the rumor on what happened.  Rumor has is that in one of her diary room sessions, Jen saw an enveloped marked for ‘America’s Player’.  Additionally, it’s been reported that in one of his post-eviction interviews, Dustin was asked what he though of Eric being America’s Player.  The jury members aren’t supposed to know of the twist as it could affect the final vote if Eric were to win.  So producers have supposedly kept the evicted houseguests separated since their eviction so their wouldn’t be any chit chat about the big twist.

But now that Eric is gone from the house, does it really matter if the other houseguests know of his AP status? I suppose if Eric were to reveal that he cast the phantom vote to evict Kail or that he poured the mustard it could actually help another player…perhaps Dick that was being wrongfully blamed for some of the mysterious house happenings.  But if that’s the case, was it always the plan to keep Eric in a separate jury house.  Without all the cameras monitoring his actions he could certainly tell anyone he wants about being AP, right?

So will all the evicted houseguests finally be reunited in one house?  Will Jess and Eric be able to continue their showmance? Will someone lock Amber and Jen in a room together until they claw each other’s eyes out?  Hell, at this point, I’d pay to see the 24/7 live feeds of the jury house.

Speaking of…now that Jess and Eric are gone, I guess there’s no reason for me to watch the live feeds in the A.M. – a morning ritual as of late.

So Zach, Jameka, Dani and Dick are your final four.  Who would have thunk it.  Not me!!  What do you all think of the double eviction. And what are your honest thoughts about how Eric handled the role as America’s Player? 


13 Responses to “BIG BROTHER Recap: Holy Double Eviction”

  1. Jen on September 6th, 2007 9:49 pm

    The WORSE episode in Big Brother history. Boooo (and shame) to you BB producers.

  2. Jennifer on September 6th, 2007 10:13 pm

    I totally have to agree with you about the feeds. I’ve spent the last few weeks watching the feeds while I get ready for work in morning. As much as I hate Zack, I almost hope he and Jameka are in the final two. I am so over Dick and Danielle.

  3. Give Me My Remote on September 6th, 2007 10:20 pm

    Soooo over them. They are beyond cocky at this point in time. Interesting that Daniele was picked for eviction by America. But then again, it was only during one commercial break.

  4. Jen on September 6th, 2007 10:48 pm

    Ugh…I’m not looking foward to watching Zach and Dick play beer games while Daniele complains about ‘this house, these people’ and ‘my Dad is so mean but I won’t carry on a conversation with him, so I’ll just walk out of the room and pout’. Then we’ll have Jameka, ‘mmmhmmm’-ing her way through the week while complaining there’s no white wine. Erik and Jessica were the most entertaining part of the show. Ugh.

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  6. Diddlee on September 6th, 2007 11:05 pm

    Zach is an idiot. His only hope in the game was he should have used the veto on Eric so Dick had to put up Danielle. Then he and Eric could have taken out Danielle. For all his bravado earlier about how no one had the guts to nominate father/daughter, he sure disappointed. Just hand the money to either Dick or Danielle and get this season done with. I’m so over it.

  7. Carli on September 7th, 2007 1:09 am

    I’m laughing at how different my reactions to the show are to those of you that commented already. I could not be more thrilled about the evictions. I didn’t really have a problem with Jessica, but I don’t believe a word that comes out of Eric’s mouth. I was sick of America’s Player…the whole thing. Jessica was letting Eric control everything and it bit her in the butt. If Zack ends up winning this thing, I’m just gonna laugh.

    Thanks for clearing up the jury house thing; the fiance and I kept wondering why it wasn’t showing them. It now makes sense.

  8. Mannie on September 7th, 2007 8:53 am

    Ok, I don’t understand people who say that you can’t believe anything Eric says. Do they not realize that Eric isn’t allowed to vote? America voted for him. He didn’t even have a chance to change the vote from what America wanted to what he wanted. If you wanted him to be “trustworthy” vote the way the house is voting, not another way. It’s not like we don’t know how they want out of the house. America messed up Eric’s game. I think if there was no AP, people would like Eric. Oh well, to each their own.

    I agree they may as well hand the money over to D&D. Danielle will win the whole thing. If (somehow) Jameka wins HOH and puts up D&D, one of them has a good chance at winning POV. If Dick won, he’d take Danielle down even though he may go home. She knows that and so does everyone in the house. I think Dick is stupid for not seeing that he has no future with Danielle after the game is over. She will have nothing to do with him outside of the house, well, unless he wins the money, then she’ll be so loving to him until it’s all gone, then bye bye daddy. Can you tell I can’t stand her? I liked her until several weeks back, now I hate her so much. At this point, I’d rather see Amber win more than Danielle, and that’s saying something.

  9. JJ on September 7th, 2007 10:07 am

    Yeah….With Eric and Jessica gone this show is so boring! I can’t stand Daniele or Dick! Zach’s an idiot and Jamica is borderline insane. Please don’t make us listen to her pray for god to let her win again. Ridiculous! Big Brother executives knew they could get rid of Eric so they planned a double eviction. Why…to get the blog’s roling and start a freenzy!

  10. Carli on September 7th, 2007 12:45 pm

    My dislike for Eric and not believing anything he says has nothing to do with how he votes. He acts like if he wasn’t America’s Player, he would’ve controlled the entire game and voted out anyone he wanted…please! All he does is talk trash about everyone else 24/7. Watch Big Brother After Dark. It’s disgusting the way he treats people, especially ones he doesn’t even know (contestants from other reality shows). I have a problem with that. And I get that everyone talks at least a little bit of trash about people behind their backs, but they don’t do it on television…and yes, he knows he’s on TV. The only reason the show will be less entertaining now is not because Eric and Dani are gone, but because there’s just not enough people in the house now.

  11. Mannie on September 7th, 2007 2:03 pm

    Carli, thank you for explaining why you don’t like Eric. Some of the people I talk to can’t give me reasons or have very stupid reasons for disliking him (like they think he looks like a weasel or don’t like how he does his eyes or something like that). I haven’t watched BBAD, and I do understand that the regular TV show is extremely edited. As far as not liking the way he treats people, doesn’t everyone treat the other people bad at some point? I believe I’ve heard every person in that house trash someone else, either a person in the house or someone outside. The reason I don’t think the rest of the season will be interesting is because it’s very predictable. Jameka will go first, then Zach, then ED will come in 2nd to Dani and Dani will have nothing to do with him. I wish Eric won HOH and got Dani out. That would have made this week very interesting to watch. ED would be very mad and would try to get even somehow and the show would be less predictable. I feel now the show is the puppet masters and their puppet against Jameka.

  12. Carli on September 7th, 2007 2:44 pm

    It would’ve been really interesting had Zack used the veto and ED was forced to put Daniele up.

    Mannie- I get what you’re saying about everyone treating everyone badly and the truth is, I don’t really like anyone from this cast LOL I don’t even care if he’s trashing the people on this show (most of the time: see below), because at least he was in the house with them. But I get annoyed when he starts talking about people from The Amazing Race, SYTYCD, The Bachelor, etc. He’s called girls fat, ugly, whores, sluts, etc. ED was talking about Jen last night and he was saying how Eric (in the beginning) thought she was hot. ED didn’t agree, but Eric went on to say that at least she would be good for a F!@#. I kid you not, he said that.

  13. Mannie on September 7th, 2007 3:57 pm

    Wow. That’s bad. A lady I work from the start liked ED and I did too until he got very unruly. She still liked him until about a week or two ago. She always said that at least he tells it how it is and I told her that there’s a difference between telling someone how it is and being a bully. She finally saw what I was talking about one week and quit liking him. I told her about 3 or 4 weeks ago that I thought Zach would win the whole thing because he kept quiet and I kind of liked him a little, but the week he won HOH, that all changed. It’s so funny how he was pushing to get D&D put up, but when he has the power he’s too scared to use it. To be honest, all the people I would have liked to see win are gone and the only thing I hope for is for Danielle not to win. That’s all I’m asking now. My, how my standards have lowered. 😉