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Is BIG BROTHER’s Dick Cheating?

September 11, 2007 by  

Check out this clip from the BIG BROTHER live feeds.  In it Dick tells his daughter Daniele about the secret code that his son, Vincent, sent to him via his Head of Household letter.  Dick claims that he and Vincent worked out a code before Dick entered the Big Brother house to let him know who he could and couldn’t trust.  All HOH letters are checked by producers to ensure no notes concerning gameplay are included.  If this is indeed code, is Dick cheating?

[gv data=”r6jWw51Icvg”][/gv]

That being said, I’d by lying if I hadn’t already asked myself why other houseguests before hadn’t employed this same strategy. I always thought the HOH letters could contain clues from home.  Remember the code that Linc/LJ/Veronica had for sending secret messages on Prison Break?  The first letter of each line would spell a phrase horizontally…but Vincent and Dick’s way works too.

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3 Responses to “Is BIG BROTHER’s Dick Cheating?”

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  2. Rae on September 11th, 2007 2:31 pm

    Oh, I think it’s happened before… it’s just that no one has been stupid enough to admit before Dick.

    For the record, I’d set up a code with family/friends if I was crazy enough to apply to BB. I don’t really care about them doing it but I do think BB probably should do something to “punish” him for it or it’s only going to encourage others to do it in the future and openly admit it. (Although, I can already see BB deciding just to nix any kind of messages from home as a result.)

  3. kilwiggle7 on September 11th, 2007 5:22 pm

    supposedly the code was telling him who to trust using the last letter of the last word of a sentence… it told him to trust jessica and eric and they had just been booted so it didn’t really matter much. i think that is why he isn’t getting a penalty nom.