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BIG BROTHER Recap: Eviction Night

September 12, 2007 by  

I’m pretty bleery-eyed right now, but I couldn’t go to bed without posting a recap of tonight’s BIG BROTHER live eviction episode.  It’s going to be short and sweet.

Previously on Big Brother 8…
Zach won HOH and put Dick and Daniele on the block.  Dick spent the week verbally abusing Zach because that’s what Dick does.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think Zach is an overgrown ape, and his view of himself and his influence in this game is completely warped, but Dick is the biggest hypocrite out there.  So he and Dani break their word and their alliance with Jess & Eric and it’s “strategy” but when Zack turns the table on him they bitch and moan like 8 year olds. That’s BS.  Dani carried Dick through this game.  As much as I’ve never really been a fan of The Donato’s, Danielle better walk away with the grand prize – she deserves it.

The Jury House…
Tonight we got our first glimpse of the jury house.  I’m not sure I  buy that the evicted houseguests have all been living together this whole time…I think CBS is trying to make it look like they were, but I’ve heard otherwise from some sources close to CBS.  But anyway, Dustin was joined by Jen, and they were joined by Amber who was then joined by Jess and minutes later Eric.  Nothing too exciting to report there.  Why don’t they have a Jury House feed – I’d watch it!

The POV Competition, Ceremony & Live Evicition…
Ok, so the POV competition comes around and it’s some houseguest match game that looked pretty complicated.  Being the POV Queen that she is, Daniele took the last and most important POV of the season before running around the backyard and screaming like a crazy person on crack. Dick’s excitement put his already massive ego into overdrive to the point I just muted him until it was over.

In the POV ceremony, Dani used the POV on her Dad and took Dick off the block, leaving herself and Jameka to fight it out for Dick’s vote.   Dick used his eviction vote on Jameka who then went outside and exchanged pleasantries with Julie Chen.

The HOH Competition…
The next HOH competition commenced in the backyard, and Dick, Dani and Zach found themselves standing on small podiums, with water pouring down on them trying to jump over a little rotating rabbit while holding the HOH key.  The last person standing while still holding the key will win HOH. The show ended with the HOH competition still underway.

So who won this BIG BROTHER HOH competition?  I’ll be posting the updates from the live feed on the BIG BROTHER Spoilers page. 


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  2. Mannie on September 12th, 2007 8:45 am

    I agree with you about them not being in the jury house. My friend asked me how they would have faked that and I told her that all we saw was Dustin go into the house, do things he could have done in about 20 minutes, then Jen show up (after Dustin changed to make it seem like a new day). They’re getting their pajamas on and here comes Amber. They have to go change again and here comes Jessica closely followed by Eric. That’s just my opinion though, because I think they would have shown some before now and if Eric was still in the game, I bet we still wouldn’t have seen the house. It just seems very weird for us to see them only after Eric is taken out of the game.