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Fall Preview: LIFE

September 15, 2007 by  

Cast of LIFE, NBC

Premiere Date: Wednesday, September 26 2007
Airs: Wednesdays @ 10pm on NBC

After serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, Detective Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) returns to the very police force and officers that worked so hard to get him convicted. He gets a cool reception from his new police partner and their tough minded boss. Constance is the attorney who finally manages to get Charlie sprung from prison but is she looking for more from her client? Will Charlie’s new lease in life be in conflict with his quiet pursuit to unravel the conspiracy that put him in prison in the first place?

I had pretty low expectations for LIFE based on the previews I had seen, and while I can’t say that I loved the pilot, I definitely enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  That’s something, right?.  Like other new Fall shows K-VILLE and WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB, LIFE just isn’t my type of television. It’s got an interesting plot but it wasn’t different or interesting enough for me to commit to watching it week in and week out. That being said, I’m a big fan of Damien Lewis and have been since his days on BAND OF BROTHERS (I just found out that he is British…who knew?) and want to see him do well with this show.  I think you’re going to either love or hate the quirkiness of his character, Charlie Crews. I found his little idiosyncrasies rather annoying, but Lewis is good enough of an actor that I quickly got over it.

The show lends itself to some really sweet moments juxtaposed with some gritty crime drama, and we can expect to see some issues of sexual tension between Charlie and his partner which is always a plus.  I can say this about LIFE – if you’re going to give it a shot, then make sure you watch until the very end.  There’s a twist in the last few minutes that I found really interesting.  Almost interesting enough to keep this one on my schedule…almost.  My gut is telling me that unless LIFE has huge numbers tonight it’s not long for this world.  NBC put all of it’s advertising dollars into CHUCK and BIONIC WOMAN and if LIFE isn’t really getting much love from the network – never a good sign.. LIFE has tough competition against ABC’s DIRTY SEXY MONEY but crime dramas always seem to find an audience so you never know.

Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews on LIFE Sarah Shahi as Dani Reese Adam Arkin as Ted Earley on LIFE Brooke Langton as Constance Griffith on LIFE

Robin Weigart as Lt. Karen Davis on LIFE Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) on LIFE Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews and Sarah Shahi as Dani Reese on LIFE

LIFE Videos:

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