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Old McDonald Had a Blog…

September 21, 2007 by  

While I’m knee deep in Fall shows, take a look at what some of my bestest blogger friends are talking about today:

The SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Death Match finale is today. It’s between Neil & Sabra and Neil & Danny – who will be the victor?  Well, I suppose we already know it’s Neil, but who will join him on the imaginary stage in Ducky’s mind? (Ducky Does TV)

NIP/TUCK never made it on to my TV radar despite rave reviews.  But if you’re a fan, you can get a first look at the S5 promo shots – lots of pretty people. (The TV Addict)

If you’re a fan of SURVIVOR then you’ll want to check out this new interview with Jeff Probst as he breaks down the new season and teases us on what we can expect in China. (Seat42F)

NBC is running another YouTube promo contest, and this one if all about diversity.  Be a H.E.R.O and create yours today. (Office Tally)

Bravo has just introduced one of the new contestants on the upcoming season of PROJECT RUNWAY.  His name is Christian and he thinks he’s “kinda a big deal” – anyone that thinks that, isn’t. (TV with MeeVee)

It thrills me to no end that Kristen Bell is fitting right in with the cast of HEROES. Something tells me she’ll stay on past her 13 episodes. Rae has some amazing video from Emmy night of the cast that you MUST check out. (Ramblings of a TV Whore)

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