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So Say We All: YOUR Take on Wednesday Night TV

October 4, 2007 by  

I’m sitting here fighting to keep my eyes open. Someone stayed up a little too late last night and watched a little too much TV. Sadly, I haven’t even watched it all. Damn you Wednesday nights. Here’s my short take on what I did watch, but I’m more interested in what you thought….Private Practice | Dirty Sexy Money | Gossip Girl | Bionic Woman | Pushing Daisies and more.

Private Practice
Private Practice
YES! YES! YES! I’m so glad I liked last night’s episode. As you may recall, I loathed last week’s premiere episode and I was truly worried that the show would not have a place on my busy Wednesday night TV schedule. But I’m happy to report that I really loved the show last night. Damn you Shonda Rhimes and Co for making be bawl like an itty bitty baby (perhaps one that was switched at birth…d’oh). Come on, how heartbreaking was that scene when the mothers had to swap their babies? The two women were holding their own biological children but couldn’t tear their eyes off the baby that they had come to love as their own. Just getting teary thinking about it now. I love me some Cooper and hope that they use Paul Adelstein more in upcoming eps. I’m still not loving Amy Brennenman as the emotionally disturbed psychologist. I think the show could drop her and I wouldn’t even noticed. And why was she blathering along about her ex when she is clearly in love with Cooper. Oh and Shonda…more Piz please!! Or whatever his name is in this show…Dell is it? So last week a lot of you thought I was way off in my dislike for the premiere. Are we on the same page this week. Tell me.

Dirty Sexy Money
Dirty Sexy Money
I’m anxiously awaiting for the ratings this morning because Dirty Sexy Money didn’t do as well as I had hoped last week. I hope you guys are watching this one. I think it’s brilliant. I love that all the Darling offspring are these adults trapped in the mind of a 5 year old. They are so emotionally immature that I wonder how they’ve managed to live this long. Some of last night’s keeper moments for me were:

  • Father Brian (ok anything with Brian kills me) telling his son that he doesn’t speak English. Later Tripp speaks to the little kid in his native tongue and the kid just stares at him. So funny!
  • The family hiring a stand in for Juliette in the family portrait. They’re all just interchangeable pretty parts.
  • The lions in the family picture…HA!
  • Patrick and his tranny girlfriend – I’ll admit it, they might be my new favorite TV couple.

I know the show is technically a drama, but it’s so campy that I laugh my ass off through the entire episode. And Peter Krause – amazing!! Please tell me you watched so we can talk about it.

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl
Love, love , love!! With all the shows that made their way on to my DVR last night this one slipped my mind until late night. As tired as I was I just had to watch. Just the sound of Kristen Bell’s VO as the anonymous Gossip Girl makes me smile.  Oh and how about the choir version of “Glamourous” by Fergie…swoon!! The words guilty pleasure have not been more applicable to the a TV show since Melrose Place. The thing that I really love is that I don’t think it takes itself too seriously. The characters, the situations are over-the-top but in a controlled manner. I’m going to give two thumbs up and a shake of the tail to Blake Lively (Serena) who manages to bring a lot of depth to Serena. I’m glad I didn’t know how when she was a party girl – I like this new Serena better. I’m intrigued by the on again/off again friendship between Serena & Blair. It’s so very true to high school that your friends become your enemies and then your BFFs again in the same week. These girls know how to play the high school game like pros, so I’m sure there’s more drama ahead. I’m also pulling for a friendship between Nate and Dan. I know it’s there, but I’m hoping these boys can work on it. Anything to Nate away from the poor man’s Blaine (also known as Chuck). And Dan Humpme…I’m sorry Dan Humphrey, you’re the dreamiest (I’m going on the assumption that the actor who plays him is at least 21 or ewwww.). Please tell me that some of you are watching this with me?!

Bionic Woman
Bionic Woman
This show is one of the biggest of the new Fall season. Has it made it to your TiVo season pass yet? GMMR recapper Jo seems to think this second episode was a step up over last week’s pilot, and that’s always a good thing. Share your thoughts on last night’s episode here. (Remember, comments are currency to our recappers because I’m cheap and pay them in nothing but gratitude…and that don’t buy milk)

Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies
Why am I completely nervous to hear what you all thought of the show? I guess it’s just that I’ve been pushing it (no pun intended) for so long that if you all hated it I would feel like my credibility is shot and you all would never trust another word I said about TV….ever. (Was that dramatic enough for you.). I must thank all of you who shared your thoughts on last night’s “Pie-lette” over at my new site We had an amazing turn out for the first episode…we were thrilled. And remember, if you want to talk about last night’s episode, you should leave your comments over on The Pie Maker. Everyone that leaves a comment is eligible to win an Official Pushing Daisies crew shirt or an autographed script of last night’s pilot episodes in our EXCLUSIVE Pushing Daisies premiere giveaway. (Click here to leave your comment and enter to win)

Other shows to dish on?

Life (sitting on my TiVo), Back to You, Kid Nation, Top Chef, Kitchen Nightmares…anything and everything you watched last night.


15 Responses to “So Say We All: YOUR Take on Wednesday Night TV”

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  2. Lizzie on October 4th, 2007 11:24 am

    No need to worry about your credibility when it comes to TV advice- Pushing Daisies was AMAZING! I am already obsessed. Thanks for plugging it all summer cause that made me watch it and I am soooo glad I did!

  3. Jennie on October 4th, 2007 11:28 am

    I feel so guilty that I’m not in love with Pushing Daisies. It was definitely entertaining, and very different, and I like that. But I wasn’t in love with the Gilmore Girl-esque dialouges, or the narrarator. The very last scene with the hand holding made me “awww” but all in all I don’t think I am going to make a point to watch it. And I so wanted to like it with all the great reviews.

  4. Patty on October 4th, 2007 11:30 am

    I am with you on both Private Practice and DSM. I cried too so don’t feel bad. (although it kinda pissed me off) I LOVE DSM. I liked Pushing Daisies. I was a little distracted but saved it and will def watch it again this weekend. I love the voice over.

  5. Britton on October 4th, 2007 11:37 am

    I was a little skeptical at the beginning. Before I saw it, it seemed like it might just be a rip-off of “Dead Like Me” but after watching it?? I already love it! I don’t know how I ever doubted your opinion. I just hope it doesn’t meet an early demise due to low ratings or some crap like that. Thank you for pushing this show so much!

  6. kilwiggle7 on October 4th, 2007 11:42 am

    Private Practice was great, so was Gossip Girl. I agree with you completely on both of those. I liked Pushing Daisies, thought it was entertaining and was amazed at the chemistry when Chuck gave Ned the monkey. I am a little worried that over the course of the semester all the coincidences will get a little old (that the aunt couldn’t see her, that the aunt could hold her breath, etc.) if they continue.

    I watched ANTM last night too, but I’m considering switching that TiVo spot to Kid Nation. Those kids are interesting to watch, moreso than that bunch of girls.

  7. Mary on October 4th, 2007 12:40 pm

    Wept like a baby last night during Private Practice…between the baby swap and the “unattached” dad saying “I couldn’t watch her die…” Oh my God! I also like Cooper. He’s an intereesting character…horn dog, stripper/”entertainer” hiring friend, caring pediatrician, good friend to Amy Brenneman. Interesting character. You’re right, though, GMMR…Amy B is an annoying character. I hope they fix her fast.
    DSM is already one of my new faves. The Darlings are so wonderfully warped and dysfunctional…how can you not watch? Plus, Donald Sutherland is great in this show. When he busted out in Swedish, I cracked up. I forget sometimes that he’s funny (Animal House and Beer Fest, for example). Hope the ratings improve.
    Haven’t caught PD yet. Tried to watch last night but was distracted so I figured I’d try again when I could focus more. So far so good though, GMMR, with your reviews. Btw, did you happen to get the 1st ep of Friday Night Lights? If so, is it awesome? I can’t wait for that one!!

  8. lnfitz on October 4th, 2007 1:01 pm

    Loved loved loved “Pushing Daisies” – I posted more on that on the other blog.

    I am a Top Chef girl through and through – and was really happy with the finale. The twists and turns of the celebrity sous chefs, the challenges of cooking in extreme altitudes, and the creativity of the TCC finalists really kept me riveted. As much as I was rooting for Casey going into last night’s episode, Hung deserved his win. I am happy for him.

    I am also completely sold on the Bionic Woman – strong second episode that gave us a hint as viewers where the series is headed.

  9. cam3150 on October 4th, 2007 1:03 pm

    I was reluctant to even watch PD only because my TV viewing schedule is already so jam packed with new shows (when I had sworn that I would not watch any new shows this year). But, I broke down and watched it anyway, based on both yours and every other critics reviews — and I LOVED it, dangit!! It is now a must-watch show for me. So, so unique and wonderful. I loved the narration too. The guy sounds just like the voice that narrated Jim Carrey’s Grinch movie so I felt like I was in Whoville during the show 🙂 Ned & Chuck are wonderful — not quite Jim and Pam for me — but wonderful nonetheless.

    Gossip Girl — My new guilty pleasure. I LOVE this show!!! Serena and Dan have wonderful chemistry and I really hope they go against the books and put these two together. Love, love, love Gossip Girl.

    DSM – I love this one too and am so sad to hear it’s not doing well in the ratings. I really hope this show makes it. I love the Darlings and last nights show was so wonderful.

    I haven’t watch this weeks’ PP yet and am not really looking forward to it. I haven’t watched this week’s BW yet but can’t wait. I’m so glad to hear this weeks was better than the pilot. The pilot was great but it needed some work.
    I DVR’d Life too but have not watched that one yet either. Ugh, there’s just too many good shows (especially on Wedneday’s) and not enough time 🙂 This is the best pilot season in several years.

  10. JennyL on October 4th, 2007 1:31 pm

    I just watched Pushing Daisies (yes, it is THAT good)! And Private Practice. I have to say I’m still really enjoying PP – I wasn’t sure I would. But it had me crying last night, like the old Greys used to. Very good night of tv…but not as good as Thursdays!! 🙂

  11. Michele on October 4th, 2007 1:31 pm

    I am on board with DSM as well! Campy and silly and how can you not love Donald Sutherland? Private Practice was better than last week, but if they keep pulling out the schmaltzy tearfest ending (last week it was the mother remembering how she held her son as he died…) it will get predictable and old fast. Both scenes were very well done (and I cried for both) but every week? Blah. Pushing Daisies was good – I don’t know what I expected after all the hype but it was good. I am interested to see where they go with it all. I also gave Back To You another shot. It was good, though I don’t know how well it can fare up against the strong ABC lineup.

  12. Lauren on October 4th, 2007 1:56 pm

    I LOVED pushing daisies! It reminded me of a Tim Burton movie, very unique and unlike anything on tv. I will for sure be tuning in next week! And the narrator rocks! Jim Dale is the guy who does the audio books for Harry Potter if anyone has every listened to those! Anyway, cool show, very unique premise–I hope it sticks around! 🙂

  13. mg714 on October 4th, 2007 2:00 pm

    Loved Pushing Daisies last night! Lee Pace is also going to be a new addition to the TV boyfriend list! 😉 I also loved Jim Dale’s narration (kept thinking about Harry Potter when I heard him!). It will be interesting to see how they can keep up the attraction between Ned and Chuck throughout the series. Great cast and writing – a very unique show and definitely one I’ll try to catch every week.

    Otherwise, I am so behind on my TV watching. I haven’t yet watched Bionic Women – I have the pilot and last night’s episode ready to watch but have had no time. I did see half of the episode last night and liked what I saw. Hopefully I’ll catch up over the weekend.

    I still have no interest in Private Practice, esp. since there are so many shows I need to catch up on already. Oh well – I’ve already written off Grey’s Anatomy pretty much anyway as well!

  14. allison on October 5th, 2007 11:11 pm

    Pushing Daisies was great! It’s definitely my favorite new show of the year. Being a huge Wonderfalls fan, I was elated to see Lee Pace on TV again. And I just heard that the show had the largest audience for a scripted show on any network since Lost premiered. So hopefully, it will be sticking around.

  15. Sus on October 6th, 2007 9:06 am

    My verdict so far for most of the new shows is…”I’m intrigued but not yet completely sold.”

    I definitely enjoyed Pushing Daisies, particularly the voice-over (I heart Jim Dale forever). It’s really quirky and refreshing.

    Gossip Girl – *sigh* I did NOT want to like this show. I already watch way too much tv, particularly Wednesday nights. It’s the complete opposite of what I normally like. But darn it if I didn’t get sucked right on in. There are parts that irritate me, but the characters (mostly Serena and Dan) really make up for it. I’ll be watching it online every week until I don’t like it anymore.

    Bionic Woman – I really enjoy it but I have this habit of comparing it to Alias and it is NEVER going to live up to that (for me) and if I keep doing that, I may just end up dropping it. I hope not, Michelle Ryan rocks.

    I did not watch Dirty Sexy Money or Private Practice. The moment they took out Merrin Dungey I decided that Wednesday nights were hectic enough without keeping it on my schedule. I love Chris Lowell and I wish the show well, but I just can’t.