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Lauren Cohan

I don’t need to watch SUPERNATURAL to hook you up with all the scoop. talked earlier today with Lauren Cohan who plays Bela, one of the two new ladies on SUPERNATURAL who are bringing out the jealous streak in women everywhere. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

DDTV: Bela shows up in Episode 3 “Bad Day at Black Rock” right?
LC: Yes, I’ll be on the 18th I believe.What can you tell us about your arrival?
LC: It’s kind of mysterious and they don’t really know what to make of her. She basically has a face off with Dean and gives him a taste of everything that is to come between them, she’s basically just out to weasel things out of them and then try to make it up to them in a way.

DDTV: I’ve read that Bela is a bit like a mercenary and that she’s out for the money and her own good so I can only imagine that will cause some issues with the boys.
Yes. To date she’s really only there exploiting the boys goodness so everything that they do, like all the ceremonies they perform and all of the paraphernalia they have to acquire to save people, she basically steals it and sells it for money to the Middle East and Russia, everywhere, and doesn’t have much of a conscience about it. She thinks she’s justified, thinks that the boys are really naive and kind of endearing but at the same time sees everything as an opportunity.

DDTV: Now are you going to have any interaction with Katie’s character Ruby?
We will soon, I think there’s some action between Katie and I in about 3 or 4 episodoes.

(Continue reading the interview with Lauren Cohan here)

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