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I know it’s Monday and we should have already talked FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS already, so please forgive me.  Not a lot to say about this past week’s episode that hasn’t already been said before.  The writing is amazing, the acting is probably the best on television and Connie Britton deserves an Emmy.  Done and done! This show consistently delivers week in and week out.

If we want to get into it a little I suppose there are a few things to discuss.  Where to begin…

  • Julie is a selfish pain in the ass and I want to smack her (and I may not be the only one if you saw next week’s previews).  But kudos to Aimee Teagarden for playing what is perhaps the most realistic teenager on TV today.  Julie is supposed to be moody and inconsiderate because that’s what teens are for the most part.  And it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how amazing your family is, teens will be teens.  It did make me sad to see her break things off with Matt Saracen though.  He was so heartbroken.  And hello…how old is the Swede? Get in my van little girl…that’s a bit creepy.
  • The tragedy that is Matt Saracen‘s life continued this week.  Sadly, being dumped by Julie wasn’t the only thing this boy was dealing with.  It seems his request for some in home help finally came through, but I’m not sure Matt was counting on the help moving in and taking over their lives.  I don’t know who this woman thinks she is but she came really close to getting physical with Grandma Saracen which is not ok. Don’t make me come to Dillon (actually who am I kidding, I would love to go to Dillon). Will someone please give Saracen a break already?!

  • Move over Jesus, I think Lyla Garrity is going to find salvation in the arms of Tim Riggins. The football player and the ex-cheerleader shared some smoldering looks and a sweet moment this week while taking care of a drunk Buddy Garrity. Riggins seems to be at his best around Lyla, so let’s hope she doesn’t turn him away again.
  • Jason Street is convinced he’s going to be able to walk again soon despite the doctors telling him otherwise.  One step at a time Jason…um, I mean, well you know what I mean.  The boy is so desperate to get his old life back I’m worried that he’s going to look into that Mexican doctor his friend was talking about.  Bad idea, Street…bad idea.
  • Also a bad idea was Tami allowing Eric to take that job at TMU.  A standing ovation to Connie Britton for owning this week’s episode.  The pressure of raising Gracie on her own has consumed Tami and left her prone to random emotional breakdowns.  Poor Tami.  After a few run ins with the new guidance counselor, Glen, , it seems that Tami has finally found a new friend to lean on.  I hope so because she needs someone.  There aren’t enough words to express how fantastic Connie Britton was this week. Amazing!!
  • And of course we have to talk about the dreaded Landry/Tyra storyline. Landry killed Tyra’s stalker and they dumped his body over the bridge.  It was a moment that worried all FNL fans.  Did the show go to far?  Did they break the realism that has driven the program since day one?  Perhaps, but I almost don’t care.  Because if that storyline is going to continue to drive performances out of Adrianne Palicki (Tyra) and Jesse Plemmons (Landry) similar to what we saw this week then I’m almost ok with it. The emotion that these two young actors brought to the screen in this week’s episode was incredible. This kiss at the end was so very realistic, but it made me sad.  Landry is so in love with Tyra, and I think that Tyra loves Landry, but she’s not in love with him.  That kiss was more about bonding over a shared, tragic experience and Tyra’s way of letting Landry know that she understands what he did for her.  With a girl as messed up as Tyra, I think she truly believes that this is how you repay a man.  Sad, but an amazing story.

I know…a lot more happened, but there’s only so much I can praise without seeming like I’m on NBC’s payroll.  If you haven’t seen this week’s ep yet jump online and watch it for free at  It can’t be missed.

Ok my fellow FNLers…let’s chat. What did you think of Friday night’s episode.  Are you feeling any better about the Tyra/Landry storyline?  What about Tami’s new friend, Glen? Now that Saracen is free do you think he’ll find a new lady love or will he keep pining away for Julie?

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  2. mg714 on October 15th, 2007 10:26 am

    Loved Friday’s episode, as usual, though I agree there were some things I didn’t like that much. First, I absolutely hated that new live-in nurse for Grandma Saracen. She is just really annoying and too overbearing. I don’t necessarily agree with her reasoning that Grandma Saracen just needs some stimulation – she has dementia which is not going to just be cured. I dont know much about dementia but it seems more serious than that nurse was treating it. Plus I hate how she just wanted to throw everything in their house away – I’m really just not liking her and she needs to leave soon. I’ve heard some not so promising spoilers about her and I’m hoping it doesn’t play out like I’ve heard, though.

    Otherwise, most everything else in the episode was great. Connie Britton continues to excel as Tami and she is so realistic as a mother of a newborn. Julie is being such a brat but I agree is so realistic as a confused 16 year old. I hated the Matt-Julie break-up too but I think Matt’s better off, at least for now. I have a feeling that someday they’ll find their way back together.

    As for Tyra/Landry – still hating the storyline. I’m definitely all for a relationship between them but I hate that the writers felt this was the only way to bring them together. Jesse and Adrianne are terrific and I do want to see them in scenes together, but I think that the fact their relationship is basically going to be based on this horrible thing that happened can (I think) only spell eventual doom for their relationship – and I think that’s really unfortunate because I really like their chemistry together.

    Overall, FNL is still the best drama on TV right now so I’ll keep watching whatever they come up with.

  3. Emily on October 15th, 2007 12:27 pm

    I agree with everything posted so far…except your assessment of the Saracens’ live-in nurse. The situation with Matt’s grandmother is so sad, and Matt is obviously not qualified to take care of her, nor is it fair for him to. I think they both needed a little kick in the behind to realize just how serious her condition is. Structure is exactly what she needs and that little firecracker of a nurse is the one to give it to them. I expect good things will come from this.

  4. Carli on October 15th, 2007 1:12 pm

    I think the live-in nurse will be good for them, as well. Matt shouldn’t be doing this all alone. And grandma should go for walks and do crosswords and whatnot…not just buy tiaras. LOL That was so funny. Connie Britton: amazing, as always. Love me some Tyra/Landry. Except I kept yelling at the TV screen to not kiss. I knew it wouldn’t lead to anything good; it’s not the right time. I really don’t like Tim/Lyla, never have. I almost cried for Street. That scene with Mrs. Coach was really sad. Buddy had me cracking up. He needs Coach Taylor back more than anybody. Julie…uh, no comment on that dang girl.

  5. Buzz on October 15th, 2007 2:01 pm

    Seriously, I will throw things if Matt and Carlotta sleep together.

    I liked Tami reaching out to Glen(n?), but that also just made me feel more sorry for her — doesn’t she have any girlfriends? Did her social status drop that far once Coach left the Panthers?

  6. mg714 on October 15th, 2007 2:10 pm

    Just wanted to clarify – I do agree that Matt definitely needs help with Grandma Saracen; I just didn’t think the person they got will be the most helpful. Matt did realize how serious their situation is, which is why he finally insisted that someone be sent to help them. However, I guess I just didn’t like who they sent because she just took over things when Grandma Saracen was by herself – that hardly seems like it would be helpful. But to be fair we hardly saw much of her really, so I’ll stop and reserve further judgment.

  7. jenintx on October 15th, 2007 2:59 pm

    I like this episode more than the premiere, but some of the new characters did bother me a bit(maybe I’m just not used to them and I’m wondering how they’ll fit into the new season. I liked the idea of the nurse(to take some pressure off of Matt) but I’m not really sure I like the nurse herself. She just came out full force right out of the gate, and it came off, in my opionion, a bit more obnoxious than helpful. Kind of the same way with Glen, actually, at least until the end of the episode. I’m probably just overproctective of Mrs. Coach, but his little judgemental comments bugged me alot.

    I’m not a fan of the murder plot, but I did like where they took Landry this week, especially the scene under the bleachers. I missed the last few minutes, did they basically show Landry and Tyra being intimate, or was it just implied? I like them as a couple, I just wished the writers hadn’t gone to such extremes to get them together.

  8. BrokenBrain on October 15th, 2007 6:40 pm

    The show is extremely well written and acted. When I am watching, I totally buy the plot (except the live-in home help for the Saracens and the sexual tension left between Matt and the nurse), but when I think about it afterwards, I just get stuck on some points:
    * I totally buy the murder and dumping the body. What I don’t buy is there is no way Tyra would ever go out with Landry. Also, Landry’s father is a cop and Landry is out driving around at 3 AM and Tyra is in his bedroom? No way.
    * I am pleased that the Taylor baby cries…all the time…and it sucks that Coach is gone…and Tami insisted on it. But like others have said, was there no one for her to call besides this guy Glen? She would call a cab before him it would seem to me. That part just did not resonate.

  9. P.Rock on October 16th, 2007 2:16 am

    2nd Episode of Season 2 was quality. Excellent acting from the entire cast. It is clear that it is being set up for Coach Taylor to return to Dillon. Not sure about Glenn and the live in Nurse like everyone else, but definitely trust the writers. This episode made me more comfortable with the Tyra/Landry plot.

    Any links to the trailer for the next episode, I keep hearing Julie literally gets slapped.

  10. Sherliea on October 25th, 2007 3:38 pm

    OH wow I so into FNL this season I never watched the first but boy em I hooked. Im so excited to see what happens with Tyra and Landry there so Fing cute!! But I have to admit Im only watching to see what happens with that HOT Matt guy and the Nurse girl. If they hook up wow! that would be hot HOT HOT!

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