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The Beginning of the End for SCRUBS

October 22, 2007 by  

Cast of SCRUBS

This Thursday marks the first episode in the final season of SCRUBS.  The NBC show that couldn’t but somehow did has made stars of its cast, but none more so than Zach Braff.  Zach and series creator Bill Lawrence recently help a press call with TV reporters and bloggers.  I was busy and couldn’t make it, but my friends over at MeeVee did and they have all the scoop to share from the entertaining meeting.

Here’s an excerpt from Part I of the interview…

Question: Bill, I’m just wondering if it’s possible that the janitor will get a name and if it’s possible to clear up two mysteries at once? We’ll find out his real name is Jimmy Hoffa?
Lawrence: Yes…oh yeah, that would actually be funny if he was actually him. I could steal that and take credit for it. I always promise Neil Flynn, the guy that plays the janitor, two things: That by the end of the show he’d have a name, and he’d eventually get to have a girlfriend. So I have to make good on both of those this year.

Question: There was talk in the beginning that he was in Zach’s imagination…
Lawrence: Well, yeah. I always thought this show was only going to run for one season so – in “Fight Club,” it happened, you know? He was a figment of Zach’s imagination and then, Neil Flynn, the second year, he’s like, “This show keeps going on, I’d like to talk to some of the other actors, you know?” All right, whatever.

Scrubs3Q: I’m just wondering for the final scene, if you’ve thought about it – and just tell me it’s not going to take place in the cafeteria, there won’t be onion rings and that Elliot won’t have to learn to parallel park.
Lawrence: No, you know what, that show earned doing that because they, you know, that had such gravitas, you know, “The Sopranos.” Our show – our one responsibility is for people that like the show to watch the finale and leave satisfied and happy about what they saw. You know? And it’s a burden, but that’s all we’re shooting for.
Zach Braff:
You’re never going to please everybody, but…
Zach, I’m going to please everyone, you watch.

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  2. Billiam on October 23rd, 2007 8:03 am

    I’m not sold on Elliot and JD as a couple, but if they do get together, I don’t want it to be in the finale: I want a little time to become convinced they can make it as a couple.