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HEROES Redux: Truth & Consequences

November 27, 2007 by  

Warning! This post contains spoilers for last night’s episode of HEROES. The comments may contain speculation based on spoilers for next week’s winter finale. Read at your own risk.

Was it just me or did last night’s episode of HEROES feel slow? I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but it seemed to have a calmer pace. Maybe it just feels that way because the episodes as of late have been so frantic in their storytelling. This isn’t the HEROES of Season 1 (yet), but I find myself completely back and recommitted to show, like I wasn’t earlier in the season. And speaking of Season 1, I watched a bunch of eps during the MoJo marathon this weekend and they were damn good. Let’s get Heroes back there, ok?

Truth & Consequences…
I thought Claire had some really fantastic moments and I’m ready for her to stop being Daddy’s little girl and start being the bad ass “pom pom” girl that we all know she is. First she puts Bob in his place and then she goes toe-to-toe with his little girl, Elle. Anyone else hoping that Clair and Elle team up on the side of good in the future? Gotta love to hot blondes doing their part to save the world. Oh and with the Bennett family moving away, I also hope that we have seen the end of West. Fly away little boy, fly away.

Peter is still hot, but not hot enough that he didn’t deserve a slap upside the head last night. Anyone else find it odd that Peter is interested in stopping the virus because he wants to save some Irish chick he banged once in a bar? How about saving all of humanity?  Men and their raging hormones. I have to say that I enjoy how Milo is playing Peter this season. I get that sense of loss and confusion from him. He’s not sure who to trust and really what’s going on around him and I really feel that coming from Milo. Either that or it’s just me being the one who is confused.

Bravo to the writers for finally, finally making Takeo Kensei/Adam Monroe interesting. David Anders was so wasted in the first set of episodes but now we get to see him be all kinds of devilish and smarmy and I love it. I found the flashback to when he first captured by the company particularly interesting. As he was being detained he was rambling about wanting to start the world over because the planet was being destroyed and people corrupted. Now I am not under the impression that Adam is one of the good ones, but like Sylar, I’m not convinced he is 100% pure evil either.

Speaking of dear Sylar, he finally killed Alejandro – only to show that there really was no real reason to have Alejandro on the show in the first place. The Maya/Alejandro storyline has yet to interest me and I’d TiVo through their scenes if Sylar wasn’t there. He needs to get back his powers soon. And if he wants to continue his killing spree, I’m all for him offing little Molly. I know I’m cruel but she is dispensable. Let’s just get the Sylar of old back. I’m putting money on a season finale that has Adam and Sylar coming to blows in a fight for world domination. Anyone with me?

Per usual, the Micha/Monica/Nikki storyline did nothing for me. It seems so completely separate from the rest of the show that it almost seems like an afterthought. I do have to give props to Noah Gray-Cabey for being one of the very few child actors that doesn’t annoy me. I know Micah is only a little kid and all but I think they should give him a little more to do this season. I think he can pull it off. Who knows, maybe Micha stepping it up will then give Nikki some purpose other than being over dramatic.

Oh before I forget, am I crazy or did Adam make mention of ‘The Covenant’ last night? On Alias, Sark (David Anders) was one of the cell leaders of ‘The Covenant’ and I wasn’t sure if I was hearing things or if it were perhaps a little nod to his old Alias days.  I mean last week we had learned about Elle’s interest in unicorns (unicorns were a running theme in Veronica Mars).  Just wondering if the Heroes writers are playing with us a bit.

Next Week on Heroes (SPOILER ALERT)
So according to the promos, we are going to lose three Heroes next week. But all might not be permanent. And according to Kristin Dos Santos from E!, three series regulars will die but only one might be dead – for good. Check out what Kristin has to say about the soon to be dearly departed:

We’ll call the first death Final, the second death Uncertain and the third death Reversed (thanks to Claire’s miracle juice—yay!). (And no, they don’t go down in that order.) Although you may be shocked by all of these deaths—because they are all series regulars and very pretty people!—you probably won’t cry over Final or Reversed (that’s just my hunch). But if Uncertain turns out to stick, well, let’s just say the Heroes producers best be stocking up on some hazmat suits for the s–t storm that’s about to erupt! The fans will not be happy.

So let’s discuss. Who do you think the three people to die will be? Who will be dead and gone forever, whose death with be “uncertain” and who will pull an HRG and come back to life? Based on the clues above I’m hoping that Maya or Molly is the final death (but would they kill off a kid?), that Claire’s blood saves Nathan (how about her blood saving both her Dad’s), and the Uncertain death…well, my money is on it being Elle. Kristen Bell only signed on for a certain amount of episodes, but with the option for more. And Elle’s death would certainly fall into the category of the “s$&#storm” from fans. Hmmm.

Your thoughts on last night’s HEROES, and who do YOU think will bite the bullet next week.


7 Responses to “HEROES Redux: Truth & Consequences”

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  2. Kristi on November 27th, 2007 12:57 pm

    Hey GMMR 🙂 I LOVED last nights episode… I mean we had half naked Sylar, evil smiling Sylar, kissing!Sylar! It doesn’t get much better than that!

    As for the deaths – HRG was the first one (the reversed one that Kristin mentioned). The promo said TWO deaths – my guesses are Adam and Niki. Niki because I hate her and she’s annoying and Adam because we already have a villian and his name is Sylar and he shall rise!

  3. Matt on November 27th, 2007 1:28 pm

    I know he’s not a hero, but I vote for Bore-hinder to be dead.

  4. SB on November 27th, 2007 3:35 pm

    Bore-hinder! Ha! I call him Mohinder the Sex Offender, mostly because it rhymes, but I get very enthusiastic about that when Molly’s with him.

  5. erika on November 27th, 2007 4:52 pm

    you know, i’m not partial to elle at all. i wouldn’t mind her getting the axe because frankly, i find her annoying. maybe it’s because i don’t really care for the actress (GASP) and her voice. she just doesn’t impress me. i hope claire is the one to knock elle off.

  6. Gus on November 27th, 2007 6:05 pm

    I think Hiro might be one of the deaths, and may be the uncertain one.
    The other ones, Adam must go and probably Molly, there’s just nowhere to go with her in the story.

  7. Dianne on November 27th, 2007 6:29 pm

    I vote that they kill off Molly and Niki. I am DONE with their characters completely.

    Eeegadz, I was sooo bored with Micah and the whole St. Joan set-up last night. It was so bad, I was actually uncomfortable.

    PLEASE don’t kill off Peter, Nathan, Adam (lately he’s more exciting than Sylar), West (c’mon people, he isn’t awful at all!) or Matt. I don’t think Hiro will be killed. He’s got too much to do in the future.