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BIONIC WOMAN Recap: Do Not Disturb

November 29, 2007 by  

With what perhaps might be the last episode of BIONIC WOMAN, I want to take a moment to thank Jo for her recaps this season. I’m not sure you can appreciate how difficult it is to recap a show that week to week was a big old let down.  This summer, Jo and I (and pretty much all the studio execs) had such high hopes for this show and it never quite got there.  With a behind-the-scenes team that included writers and producers from Battlestar Galactica and Friday Night Lights, arguably the two best shows on television, I’m not sure where Bionic Woman went wrong.  Let’s just hope NBC let’s this one die. Thanks again to Jo for sticking with it this season.  You’re the best!

Title: “Do Not Disturb”
Original Airdate: 11.29.07
GMMR Recapper: Jo

Well the good news is with the strike and Bionic’s name left off the list of back 9 renewals, this is probably the end of the road. The great news is in five months I’ll return with Battlestar Galactica recaps again. All you BSG avoiders have plenty of time to get the DVDs and catch up. Don’t bother with the old series. Start with the 3 hour miniseries and then go straight into season 1. You can thank me later.

Not even close to relevant but a vane and last ditch attempt at character development B plot. Nathan, the techie, asks Jae to teach him to fight. So he can stop getting the snot kicked out of him by his older brother.

Meanwhile, the Berkut group mourns over Burke for 3.5 seconds. Except Jaime who’s supposedly holding it all in and as much as I’d like to believe Michell Ryan is a good actress, I’m not buying it. She takes her frustration out on some unexplained foot soldier with dreads, so Jonas sends her on a vacation with the Whiny Sister. Their first order of business is pig out and watch Heroes. Positive props for it being a Hiro scene, but negative props because they could’ve used that moment to show a picture of Apollo and Anders shooting Cylons.

Whiny Sister meets a boy and is in love. But the new boy’s dad is Berkut’s assassination target. Oh and the assassin is dead from an overdose. Jaime, your life is complicated, you might should’ve showed it every now and then in your face. The mark, the boy, Jaime and the Whiny Sister all hang out, but this was the point when I started reading my email again. Jaime’s never been to subtle about spy work so she gets made. Or burned, as The Unit would say. How sad that right at this moment I’d rather be watching Burn Notice.

Jaime can’t kill so she takes the dude hostage, saves him and the kid, turns them both over to Berkut and makes it back in time for the Whiny Sister to come out of her spa dealio.

I think this show proves a few things. 1) NBC is a cross promotional skank. 2) You can have a lot of great pieces and they still not fit together. ie, David Eick, and FNL writers; 3) Next year, I’m avoiding any series that has a bunch of turnover before the show starts. 4) Bad writing and bad acting only works if you’re pretending to be a reality show on a musically inclined cable network.

Okay fine, if you want to skip the 3 hours miniseries, do it. You’ll miss out on a cool twist, but S1E1 of BSG titled “33” will blow your mind.

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