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Sadly, I have been super busy the past few days and have not had the time to sit down and properly recap the disaster that was this week’s PROJECT RUNWAY. Here are a few measly sentences of my own, but I encourage you to check out Jennifer’s Runway below for more on this week’s episode.

I can say that to call it a runway wreck would be a bit of an understatement. I can’t remember a challenge in which the designers let such hideous creations on to the catwalk. I would have Auf’d at least three of them this week without batting an eye. Carmen sent a shirtless model out there, Sweet Pea’s excuse for a shirt was embarrassing (I mean why couldn’t she just take 5 minutes and make a t-shirt for the guy instead) and Ricky’s ill fitting and constructed suit might as well have been made my yours truly (which is not saying much because I can’t sew a button). All and all this week’s episode had me reaching for the Tums and gave a whole new meaning to ‘Make it Work’. But on the bright side this week the ladies were pushed aside and we got to see some incredibly hot male models stand around in their undies for most of the episode. It made up for the incredibly bad designs..believe me.

In the end, Jack and his pinstripes took home the big win, and Carmen was Auf’d.

Jennifer’s Runway…
Jennifer Eolin ( a hilarious and in-depth recap of this week’s episode, head over to my pal Jennifer Eolin’s recap. Here’s a little taste…

  • Question 1: How did Nostradamus miss predicting this challenge for Project Runway as a cataclysmic disaster?
  • Question 2: When Christian speaks (aka: nasally whines) doesn’t he sound like David Spade on SNL when he played one of The Gap Girls w/ Sandler and Farley?
  • Question 3: Is football really the only acceptable time to wear Spandex on TV?

In a nutshell, this episode made me lose water weight. I was sweating along with all the designers and Tim Gunn (there was moisture on his brow – boyfriend glistens!) and I may have even peed a little when Elisa talked about intimately fitting her male model. Son of a B that woman is bat shit crazy.

Christian started this episode out with a bang with his pretentious whimper: “After almost being eliminated, I’m not as confident as I was before, but I just know that I make clothes so much better than a lot of the other designers.” Swing… and a miss. He was humble for about 3.2 seconds, and then he went to Arrogant Town and set up shop again. BUT, as a reality show writer, I noticed that the second half of the bite had b-roll over it so I wonder if these two sentences REALLY were stated one after another in real reality, not the fake reality of the editing process. Either way – his character as an elite a-hole is sealed on this show. (Continue reading…)

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  2. Cathy on November 30th, 2007 3:10 pm

    I think you mean Jack, not Kevin (although Kevin was in the top 3)

  3. Philiana on November 30th, 2007 3:46 pm

    Yup, it was Jack not Kevin. Kevin was the first one who was “in”.

  4. Give Me My Remote on November 30th, 2007 4:23 pm

    Thanks! Yeah, you are right and it’s been updated. All those generic boys names are all the same to me. 🙂