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HEROES “Generations” Finale: Powerless

December 4, 2007 by  


Betrayal, blood curing, dead heroes among us – it was all there in last night’s episode of HEROES, the season finale of Volume 2: Generations, and mostly likely the last episode of 2007.  Say what you will, but I don’t think you can say last night’s ep was boring.  Infuriating perhaps, but boring – no.

On a morning where I curse having to go to the office instead of writing a full recap, I thought I would leave you with these questions to ponder and comment on:

In a world where nothing is as it appears, will the dead stay dead?  Did they really kill of Nathan Petrelli for good? Say it ain’t so!! And what about Nikki?  Could she withstand the explosion? (Dare I dream). And what’s to come of Adam being buried alive? Will Elle embrace her days of unicorns and rainbows and leave the dark side for good? Who the hell shot Nathan?

I can’t apologize enough for not writing a full recap this morning. One of these days I’ll hit the lottery and quit my job and do nothing but blog, blog, blog…but until then I turn it over to you. What did YOU think of last night’s finale of HEROES?  Did it make up for the beginning of the season or were you once again disappointed?

If you missed last night’s episode, here’s a recap from my friends over at TV Squad and check out Ducky’s take on last night episode

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4 Responses to “HEROES “Generations” Finale: Powerless”

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  2. Lisa on December 4th, 2007 7:41 pm

    I loved last night’s episode! It so made up for the beginning of the season. I know Sylar is evil and all, but it will be so much more interesting to see him do his evil doing!!!! I don’t think Nathan will stay dead. Peter knows that the right blood will cure him and he also knows Claire is Nathan’s daughter, so I am sure they’ll get Claire to help save Nathan. I don’t know who shot him though, whoever was watching them talk while they were in that vault thing. I don’t know what to think of Adam being buried alive…but I hope he stays there, I don’t think he will. Hiro looked scary when Ando asked him about everything. I wish we could have seen more Ando.

  3. TaraNYC on December 4th, 2007 11:18 pm

    The ep was pretty good. It was better than earlier episodes. Not the biggest surprise ending though. Here are a few things that bothered me….

    1. Why would Nathan Die. He had Adam’s blood in him. Wouldnt he rejuvenate and heal back to life? After all of that with HRG coming back to life? It is too obvious a question and the viewers arent stupid. I am sure Nathan has to be alive.

    2. Sylar – I am so over him. Not only is he annoying, but who cares. There are so many other interesting stories and more powerful heroes. Why isnt he dead already?

    3. I wonder if HRG killed nathan. It didnt really look like him leaving but it sort of looked like Sylar. Who knows.

    4. Nicky..sad if she is dead. Either way she was dead though b.c Sylar took all of Clair’s blood and Mohinder didnt have any left to cure her.

    Overall a pretty satisfying end to the next chapter and an irritating beginning to chapter 3.

    Thats it for now.

  4. Taz-0 on December 5th, 2007 6:26 am

    A lot happened in the finale, but unfortunately we just didn’t get to see the exciting parts. I wanted to witness the Adam/Hiro confrontation, not just casually glance at the results. Such a waste of a climax!

    So as we begin the next chapter…

    1) Sylar needs motivation. Something better than wanting to be special. Because seriously, he is starting to get old. I’m hoping that a greater villain takes him under his wing and corrupts him in some unspeakable way.
    2) Where is Invisible Man? He had a bitter take on the company which was great! At least some interesting persona, and a history we could get into.
    3) Dead should stay dead: I hope Nathan is dead, and that Claire doesn’t start doling out blood to every hero that gets slagged. Sure, its her daddy but I mean come on. Same thing with Nikki. She bores me. I want to see Micah and his cousin team up without parental control. And oh my god, I can’t believe Maja is still alive. Does her character serve any purpose now? Unless she turns psycho and hunts down Sylar, I don’t care about her.
    4) I like Elle. She has character depth. So rare nowadays.. I’m also starting to want more from Angela Petrelli.
    5) Peter needs to absorb some independence. If season three ends up being the story of Peter’s angst about getting yet another person he loves killed, lord help me I might have to cheer for Sylar, the company or anyone who can stop his whining.

    So let’s all hope that Chapter 3 brings us better bad guys, fewer lame duck storylines and less of Claire’s make-a-concerned-face-and-call-it-acting boyfriend West.