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PRISON BREAK’s “Dirt Nap” Doesn’t Leave Me Sleepy

January 22, 2008 by  

Prison Break - Dirt Nap

“Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in”

Damn you PRISON BREAK. I was ready to moan on and on about how the show has become so predictable and boring that I watch it out of sheer obligation – and then you go and give me a relatively exciting episode. Now don’t get a big head about it, I’m not talking Season 1 exciting, but exciting enough that if you were on MySpace you might just get 2 kudos.

Perhaps I’m easily swayed. You show me a few scenes with Michael working on details of an escape plan and I’m brought back to sweeter, simpler times with visions of Fox River running through my head. But it was nice to see Michael pulling out the old tricks tonight and putting that pretty little head of his to work. This whole season Michael has wreaked of desperation. Yes, we know Sara is dead and that sucks, but dude remember LJ? Your nephew? It’s felt like Michael’s been pretty ho hum about saving LJ – like it was his duty rather than something he wanted to do. But there was a sense of planning and urgency around Michael’s actions tonight and I’m not sad to say I got quite caught up in it. Then again, maybe it was Wentworth Miller being all sweaty (oh wait, that’s every episode – and not a complaint).

So Michael, Whistler and Mahone are trying to bust out. Lechero and T-Bag have worked their way on to the little vacay, and something tells me there might be a few more in their party by the time the big day comes around. I mean, they need to have a few guys as collateral damage…remember Sucre’s cousin? This time around I fear it’s going to be Michael’s little basketball friend. He’s nice, he’s sweet, he’s one of those guys who probably never deserved to be in Sona, but he’s too eager and when Michael eventually invites him to come along I fear he’s going to be taking one for the team. Just some speculation on my part, but the writers have been pretty predictable, so it could happen.

While Michael is doing his thing, Sammy is taking over at Sona and he’s put a bounty on Michael’s head.  God, this Sona place is a bit of a drag. If there’s not a chicken foot flying in your face there’s a bounty on your head.  I think think these guys need a spa day.  Anyway, Sammy and his gun are being all bad ass.  All of a sudden Lechero is not only on the outs, but he’s being manhandled like he’s a scrawny bitch. He’s twice the size of Sammy’s men yet they just toss him around. Dude, I usually save this advice for Scofield, but “man up”. Guess he heard me, because by the end of the episode Sammy was out (and by out I mean crushed to death by gravel and rock) and Lechero is once again the Man (with a capital “M”). Good news for Michael and his band of merry men.

On the outside, Linc and Sucre are trying to pull a fast one on Gretchen. They manage to plant a bomb in her car just as she tells Sucre that she knows what he and Linc are up to. She wants them to end it now or Maricruz will suffer the same fate as Dr. Tequila Tancredi. Maricruz is once again Sucre’s Kryptonite and he caves. But he didn’t have time to get the bomb out from under the seat of Gretchen’s car, so I guess we’ll be seeing that little device coming in handy soon.

Another note on Gretchen. How about the scene in the car when she screams in Sucre’s face? I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be dramatic and intense, but it came off high on the unintentional comedy scale because the actress couldn’t handle it. The role of Gretchen was meant for someone who could pull off scary and intimidating – and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe isn’t that woman. The role was miscast, and as such the show missed out on a potentially menacing figure and the potential for more dramatic tension. At this point they should just give up on her being the bad guy, have her turn on The Company, help Michael break out and then sleep with Lincoln. Sadly, I’m not sure even that can redeem her role, but at least Lincoln would be getting some. Speaking of….

Cheers to Lincoln Burrows for managing to get his flirt on while trying to save the life of his only son and simultaneously break his brother out of jail. I man has needs, right? After Sofia tells Linc she’s not ready to give up on James, or at least the man James was – the guy who wanted to take her to Paris – Linc leaves her with a key chain of the Eiffel Tower with the message that if James won’t take her, he will. Down Lincoln, down! You need to keep your focus. Why do you think the encourage pro athletes to abstain before big games? They need to keep their energy up and the eye on the prize. You can whisper sweet nothings into Sofia’s ear after Michael is out and LJ is safe.

And I guess that leads to the questions that have been plaguing us all season – just when will Michael be out, and will LJ be safe. I’m in this for the long haul people. I’m here. I’m watching. And if Fox were to stick with it, I’ll still be watching when Michael attempts to break out of his old age home. I don’t bail.

Did anyone else find this week’s episode a bit more bearable?


3 Responses to “PRISON BREAK’s “Dirt Nap” Doesn’t Leave Me Sleepy”

  1. marcy on January 22nd, 2008 11:30 am

    I totally agree…I was getting ambivalent about this show, but this episode was a lot better, and I am getting into it again…just in time for it to be MIA for months due to the writer’s strike I am sure, though! Great review!

  2. Annie on January 22nd, 2008 12:21 pm

    Honestly…I am one of the biggest fans of this show, but I am getting sick of Sona. I am so ready for them to break out. I know its coming, but I just think we need some new stuff going on…new action and locations.

    Also I totally agree that Jodi Lyn OKeefe was miscast. She is not nearly a good enough bad guy. Remember Kellerman? Mr Kim? They were great.

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