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LOST Season 4 Premiere Recap: “The Beginning of the End”

February 1, 2008 by  

Tonight’s season premiere of LOST is  going to warrant quite the discussion. What’s the fun of watching a show like this if you can’t share your speculation with others. I personally can’t wait to read your comments to find out what thought about the show.

I’d be a fool to pretend that I could properly recap tonight’s episode, but I’ll give it my best shot. If I left anything out or maybe didn’t get something quite right, leave a comment and let me know.  Recapping this show is a daunting task and I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge.  But for tonight, let’s give it a shot.

In a (rather large) nutshell….
During tonight’s episode we learned that along with Kate and Jack, Hurley too got off the island. The three of them were part of what is known as ‘the Oceanic 6’. The 6 presumably indicates the number of people who made it off the island, but this is LOST so that number could really mean anything. Whomever and whatever the Oceanic 6 are/were, they received some kind of positive notoriety as indicated by Hurley’s declaration to the police that he was one of them, and later when Jack said he still signs the occasional autograph.

Picking up on the mystery we were left with at the end of last season, we know that Jack is tormented by something that happened on the island and thinks they should go back. Hurley too seems conflicted about what happened and also alludes to guilt and regret. This regret may or may not have something to do with Hurley willfully (and thankfully) returning to a mental institution. While in the hospital, a man claiming to be from Oceanic comes to visit Hurley. When Hurley becomes suspicious of his intentions, the man asks him, “are they still alive” (more on this in a bit). Hurley freaks out. Later, Hurley is confronted by “the ghost” of Charlie Pace. Hurley says that he knows Charlie is dead, and “Charlie” says that he indeed is, but he’s still there (whatever that means). When Charlie tells Hurley that there’s something he needs to do, Hurley gets agitated and wishes the vision of Charlie away, but not before Charlie can say, “they need you, Hugo”.

In the future (but not the future future where Jack is a drunk with a beard), Jack visits Hurley in the hospital under the guise of checking in on him. But Hurley knows that Jack is there to make sure he doesn’t say anything he isn’t supposed to. Once Jack is assured that Hurley won’t tell their secret, Jack leaves. But Hurley says, “I think it wants us to go back. It’s doing everything it can…”, but Jack wants to hear nothing more and says that they will never go back. Hurley apologizes to Jack for going with Locke, saying that he should have sided with Jack.

And this brings us back to the island…

When we last saw the Oceanic gang (and a few of The Others), Naomi had just been killed by Locke and Jack went ahead and made the call to her boat who was now on their way to the island to rescue everyone. Ben insisted that the people on their boat were not there for rescuing, but rather to kill everyone on the island. It’s always something, Ben. Naomi’s team calls her on the SAT phone, and Jack (and later Kate) have to come up with excuses as to why Naomi isn’t available to chat. They don’t want her team to know that she was killed for fear that the rescue mission would be called off. Later, a not so dead Naomi disappears into the woods. Jack follows her trail of blood, but Kate thinks it’s a rouse and that Naomi went in the opposite direction. Kate was right, and good thing she was because she stole the SAT phone off of Jack. When Naomi’s team called, she convinced them that she got her while parachuting in, and made no mention of being (eventually) killed by anyone on the island. Naomi fixed the coordinates on the SAT phone seconds before she took her last breath. Um, ok, did anyone else find it completely unbelievable that Naomi, laying smack in the middle of an open field with people all around her and a knife in her back, could slip away going unnoticed into the woods? And not only that but she managed to first go East and leave a fake trail of blood, and then go back and head West into the trees. Come on now.

Back on the beach, Desmond returns from The Looking Glass and tells everyone of Charlie’s message that the boat was not Penny’s. For some reason the people on the beach take Desmond’s message quite seriously and immediately think that the people Naomi’s rescue boat are dangerous. This was a bit of a leap for me. “Not Penny’s Boat” could have meant anything. And even if it wasn’t Penny’s boat, how do they know that they “rescuers” are there to do them harm. It seemed a bit odd that they would all jump to a conclusion that would keep them on the island, so quickly.

Desmond, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley a few others (others with a lowercase “o”) head off to find Jack and his crew and warn them of the “rescuers”. While on their trek, Hurley gets separated from the gang and stumbles upon Jacob’s creepy cabin. He looks inside and sees someone sitting in a rocking chair just before the is confronted by someone else looking back at him from inside the cabin. Hurley runs in the opposite direction only to see the same cabin again. What? So confused. He falls but is rescued by Locke. He and Locke soon meet up with Sayid, Sawyer and the gang. And a few minutes later they all run into those traveling with Jack’s group…what a small island. In a moment that made me than a bit teary, Hurley tells Claire (and baby Aaron) that Charlie is dead.

Jack arrives a few minutes later and clocks Locke before pulling a gun on him. Locke says that Jack wouldn’t kill him just as Jack puts the gun to Locke’s head and pulls the trigger with no hesitation. Lucky for Locke there were no bullets in the gun. But Jack didn’t really seem to have many issues with boldly killing Locke (is bold the right word?). Locke once again warns everyone that the rescuers are there to kill them all and they must hide. Jack thinks Locke is nuts and that no one would give up their shot at being rescued. Hurley steps up and says that Charlie died warning them and he was going to listen to Charlie and side with Locke, and hide from the rescue team. Sawyer, Claire (and Aaron) and a few others join Locke while the others stay with Jack. The two groups depart. Jack is feeling the pressure of making the decisions for his group, and looks to Kate for support, but just then they hear a helicopter. They look up and see someone parachuting out of the plane. They track the guy down, he removes his helmet and says, “Are you Jack?” .

And with that I conclude the recap portion of this post. Sadly, as long as it was, there is so much I left out, I’m sure. Hopefully nothing too important, but that’s what you guys are there for.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Did it live up to the hype?  Are you officially excited LOST is back?

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10 Responses to “LOST Season 4 Premiere Recap: “The Beginning of the End””

  1. Emily on February 1st, 2008 12:56 am

    I think all I can say is holy crap. I gave up understanding Lost a long time ago, and I just get caught up in the episodes. I am amazed. I think I missed so much, and I haven’t read the recap all the way through yet, but still…. wow.
    This show…. awesome

  2. LOST Season 4 Premiere Recap: “The Beginning of the End” — All This Nonsense on February 1st, 2008 1:26 am

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  3. Matt on February 1st, 2008 1:30 am

    The guy ‘visiting’ Hurley at the hospital, Lance Reddick, plays Cedric Daniels on ‘The Wire’. I hope we see more from him this year.

  4. Todd on February 1st, 2008 9:58 am

    Ok I will say right up front that I know I am in the minority but prior to the repeat of last seasons finale and the 8 minute recap on YouTube, I have never seen an episode of lost. But after watching tonights premiere I can honestly say that I can not believe such an odd show has lasted three seasons. How is it that a show such as Journeyman can not even last a whole season, but this can go on for three? I would like to know if the writers of Lost are on any type of medication for ADD, because I don’t think there was one complete thought in anything I saw. I give credit to anyone who can keep up with this, but I don’t think I will ever visit this island again.

  5. Give Me My Remote on February 1st, 2008 10:06 am

    Todd, with all due respect to your opinion, I think you said it all in your opening statement. LOST is not a show that is going to make sense to someone who hasn’t seen it. I know they’re trying to push for more viewers with all the recaps, but it just can’t work like that. I’m sure it seemed odd and not very cohesive to a newbie, but for people who have been watching since the very beginning it made perfect sense (well at least in terms of the overall direction).

    As someone who is also a major JOURNEYMAN fan, I heard the same criticism from people trying to watch the show…it was too confusing. And Journeyman isn’t anywhere near Lost when it comes to complexity of storyline.

  6. Susan on February 1st, 2008 12:01 pm

    has anyone else figured out or thinking that the future flashes are going backwards in sequence. This episode with Hurley happened before Jack became a suicidal drunk. Maybe the next one actually happened before Hurley’s and it will be Kate’s story?

  7. Benjamin on February 1st, 2008 12:04 pm

    The man in the cabin, seated in the chair, was Christian Shepard, Jack’s father.

    Recall season 1 when Jack finds his father’s coffin on the island and it was empty.

    Recall too that “The Looking Glass” (which they’ve now apparently gone through) is a mirror.

  8. ElizabethK on February 1st, 2008 12:09 pm

    Overall, I really liked it. Going into the future is the perfect device for getting us interested in what is going on in the island. I am looking forward to the people from the boat coming to the island and where that will go. Oh, and I totally agree that the whole Naomi sneaking away so deftly was a little unbelievable.

  9. Jake on February 1st, 2008 1:31 pm


    were the oceanic six rescued or taken? of the three that we know about, why were they more deserving than the others? neither had much to return for-family, s.o., children, etc.


    lost is AWESOME.

  10. Jessica on February 2nd, 2008 12:47 am

    I thought the episode was aweome, partly because I (we) have been so starved from any written shows in awhile. Also, I thought it made perfect sense for them to take ‘not Penny’s boat’ as a warning, since they have dealt with the Others, they feel like they can not trust anyone. Also, it was the last thing Charlie did, it must be important, also, Naomi lied about it.

    P.S. (Is bold the right word?) I love the fact you snuck in a Office quote in this blog!!!!! Will you be my bff? like you want mindy to be your’s?