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AMERICAN IDOL…Hollywood Week (or Night)

February 13, 2008 by  

The long awaited Hollywood Week came and went in about 2 hours during last night’s AMERICAN IDOL. Over 160 of the best singers that the judges heard during the painful audition process got the opportunity to show that they are the next American Idol. And after seven seasons, the producers decided to change it up a bit, and change it for the better.

A few changes this time around…
Can I get an ‘amen’ that we didn’t have to go through the ridiculous group auditions this year? For the past six seasons it’s been the same thing. Contestants get paired into groups. Someone is late, someone doesn’t want to work, someone forgets the words, someone becomes too bossy and it affects the group dynamic as a whole. Snooze. This year, no groups, just the contestants proving themselves on their own. But unlike in the past, contestants were able to play instruments if they so chose during the first round of auditions. For some it worked, but for others it became less about their voice and more about the accompaniment. There was even a guy that chose to play drums along with his audition. Has he never seen Idol? Does he not know Simon? He could’ve been that one armed dude from Def Leppard and Simon still would have hated it.

You will like these contestants…you will like these contestants….
I’m not stupid. I’ve watched this show every season since the beginning and I know that the producers have their favorites. But last night, for some reason, I became really irritated about how blatant their agenda was. There were some contestants that got a lot of air time during the audition process who continued to snag the spotlight again last night. We get it – you want us to really like the Irish girl, the dude from Australia, the homeless kid. Did you have to beat us over the head with it?

As much as I personally enjoyed all their voices, I feel like I’m almost rooting against them right now because the producers have already given them an unfair edge over some of the Top 24 competition. And just to be clear, there are contestants in the Top 24 that got little if any screen time at all. And in case you didn’t know, screen time is gold in this competition. It’s the hook that connects the voting audience with the performer. What, you didn’t think it was all about the singing did you? Are you not familiar with the name Sanjaya Malakar?

Your second shot – don’t blow it…
So on to the singers. There were a few that I really liked last night, and as much as it pains me to say so, some of my faves were the ones the judges were forcing down our throats. I don’t remember all their names (and I’m too lazy this morning to look them up) but if you watched you probably can figure out who I’m talking about.

The Irish Chick with the Tats…is it Carly? You think I would know her bra size and cholesterol level with the amount of air time this chick has had. The producers want to hump her leg they love her so much. That being said, the girl can sing. There’s just no denying her ridiculous amount of talent. She’s going to be going VERY far in this competition.

The Australian guy…it could be Michael Johns? His rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ last night showed off an amazing vocal range. He’s got great stage presence and he’s easy on the eyes. I really loved his voice and looked forward to hearing more from him. He kind of reminds me of Gavin Rossdale…no?
Here’s my problem with Irish chick and Australian guy (besides how much I’ve had to see them already this year), I am completely distracted by the fact that they both already had their shot at the big time. They had record deals, they had contracts, hell they even put out albums. They didn’t make it and now they are using IDOL to try again. I know this is the case with a bunch of contestants (and those in years past too although not to this level) but the purist in my wants to think that IDOL is about giving a shot to those who would never had one otherwise. It’s not about that. It’s about making money. I know, I know. But it irks me all the same.

The best of the rest (that we actually saw)…
A few other contestants that stood out to me last night: David Archuleta – this kids is going to make it far. Simon was right, he has the voice, the personality and most importantly for him the look that tweens around the country are going to fall head over heels for. And in case you didn’t know, it’s the tweens that rule American Idol. They are the ones that sit there for hours and hours after the show ends and votes.

David Hernandez sounded to me like Edwin McCain and that’s a good thing. Brooke White and her striped shirts irked me a bit and I wasn’t as impressed as the judges, but she was good…and memorable. I think Simon hit it right on the head with the Rock ‘n Roll nurse – she seems like a one note right now. I haven’t seen any versatility from her. I’d like to see her on big band night. HA!

Sayesha was absolutely amazing and I hope that she gets that voice back so she can give Carly some competition on the women’s side of the house. She was really fantastic last night. Someone who was not that fantastic was that geeky kid Kyle. I was floored when he made it to Hollywood, and shocked when he made it to the final 50 last night. He doesn’t have a horrible voice, but it’s Glee Club all the way and nothing more. And hey, as a former career Gleeker, I’m not knocking it. Just saying that he made it through to the top 50 when we saw others that completely out sang him last night. They were hoping he’d be the next Clay Aiken – he’s not.

And finally there’s Josiah. The American kid with the English accent living in his van (down by the river). I want to love this kid. I think he has a raw talent and he just needs some guidance to pull it all together. I felt for him last night when he struggled with his song, but like Simon, I was really turned off when he patted himself on the back from going a capella. You aren’t Bo Bice. This wasn’t a brave choice this was you not being prepared to sing with the band. Anyway, I hope he pulls it together in the Top 24 (because I’m pretty sure he’ll make it). I’m going to vote for him a few times if only to keep him out of his car.

So there you have it.  Tonight we find out just who made it to the Top 24. And now that we know how things went last night, let’s take a look at the masked picture again and see who we can find.

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American Idol Top 24


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  2. 2mchtv.noschthng on February 13th, 2008 10:55 am

    I can definitely make out David Hernandez (far right), Carly, Sayesha, Josiah (strips), Brooke (toward the left middle), and the Rock N Roll Nurse (back left)….

  3. Jennifer on February 13th, 2008 11:13 am

    Josiah – I’m definitely rooting for him; he’s the only contestant that emotionally moves me when he sings. Yes, he’s a little too emo for american idol. We said he’s a little too Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) but at least there’s an honesty in his voice that so few contestants have. I actually liked his rendition last night – at least it was *different* and honest and pure, if not the best sounding. My partner and I commented that it will be a shame if he gets to the top 10 because they’ll try to change him, and perhaps he doesn’t have the maturity (like Daughtry) to stick to his guns. I don’t think he’ll win, but I hope he gets a record deal out of it like Daughtry did.

  4. fellaface on February 13th, 2008 10:36 pm

    F on the judges,
    they didnt let Josiah or Kyle through, who were the only two interesting people, who could have been entertaining to watch.

    The only reason to watch now is the guy w/ the dreads!

  5. Kyle Morgan on February 21st, 2008 11:41 am

    i know this girl her dream is to be on american idol please choose her next year because im going to ask her to mary me also she has an amazing voice