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BIG BROTHER 9 Recap: Getting to Know You

February 14, 2008 by  

Big Brother House Status

Last night was just the second episode of BIG BROTHER 9 and I’m already addicted. A lot went down during last night’s show – a couple got power and ousted another, and our first HOH’s were named. Oh and I still hate Sheila.

The very first BB9 competition forced the couples to get to know one another. All the guys were secured to a harness and were lowered over their female cohorts below who had to grab on to their partner as they were raised and suspended in the air over comfy beds waiting below. Face to face, and her legs wrapped around his waist, I think it was a great way to break the ice. I think they should try this game at camps and retreats, I mean it sure as hell beats ‘Hi my name is Kath and I like kiwis.’

Big Brother 9 competition Big Brother Competition

Big Brother 9 - Parker and JenAdam and Sheila continue to annoy each other (and by each other I mean everyone), and they are the first to drop out of the competition. Adam is pissed since traditionally the first couple out is the first couple evicted. One by one the couples drop to the beds below. With only a few couples remaining, the voice of God, which sounds a lot like Julie Chen, tells the remaining players that if they can reach the heart pillow on the bed below and they win the competition, that couple will split $10,000. Quite the prize for Day One. All the couples with the exception of Natalie and Matt go for it. But for most, the challenge is just too much and the act of getting the pillow causes them to fall. With Jen & Parker, and Natalie & Matt remaining, a deal is struck that guarantees Nat & Matt are safe. Jen & Parker win the $10k and are named BIG BROTHER 9’s first power couple. They have the power to evict the first couple.

Later that night, a few of the guys were milling around outside when Jacob throws it out there that he thinks Parker is a snake. And before we go any further, what the hell is wrong with Jacob? I’m not sure all the lights are one with this kid. At first I thought he was drunk, but then I realized, nope…he just acts and talks that way. I was getting ready to mute him when Jen walked out.

Dumbass Jacob told her that ‘people’ were saying that Parker was a snake. Um, yeah, why would you tell that to his partner…on a night they hold the power to evict? Jen of course tells Parker who gets all fired up and demands that Jacob tell who was calling him a snake. Jacob, who isn’t about to tell him that he was the culprit, keeps his trap shut. Parker flips out and wakes up every single person in the house and calls them into the living room to find out who was talking sh%t behind his back. He says he won’t stand for it. Alright Parker, then plan on sitting a lot over the next few months because in case you’ve never seen this show before, it’s ALL about what is said and done behind your back. Parker’s house disturbance could have hurt him, but in the end everyone kind of turned on Jacob (and rightfully so). Sheila and Adam breathe for the first time since the competition…could Jacob’s asshattery save them?

Big Brother Jacob and SharonSharon isn’t too pleased with Jacob’s actions. Since they are in this together if he screws up, she could get evicted along with him. Being a sly little biatch, she tells Parker that it was Ryan that was talking smack. Now at this point I’m ready to throw down with her because Ryan is my favorite (and not just because he looks like an overgrown Joshua Jackson, although that helps), but he seems nice, and dare I say normal. Anyway, Parker is pissed and he tells Jen that he wants Ryan out. This of course forces Jen to reveal to Parker that she and Ryan are dating. And of course Ryan now needs to tell Allison the truth as well.

Jen and Ryan, Big Brother 9I am so bummed out that Ryan and Jen’s big secret was revealed so soon. I had hoped it was one of those secrets that wouldn’t be revealed for a while, making things way more interesting. Anyway, Parker is surprised but takes the news as well as can be expected. Allison on the other hand isn’t too happy because (1) she’s already not a fan of Jen, (2) she kind of thought there would be a love match with her and Ryan, (3) it really throws a wrench into the whole game when her partner is not only playing for himself but also his girlfriend. Hey Allison, I’m with you on this one. I think it would suck.

Before you know it, it’s time for evictions. Jen & Parker are weeping (come on already you’ve known these people less than a day) as they announce that because of his actions, Jacob is being evicted. And of course because this is ‘Til Death Do You Part’, that means Sharon is out too. Before Jacob opened his mouth I thought that it would be great if Big Brother could bring these two exes back together. But now I’m glad they’re gone. Adios!

With that done, it’s time for another competition, and this time it’s a version of the Big Brother Newlywed game. Tonight’s hosts were none other than Eric and Jessica from BB8. YAY! I know many were haters but I loved these two, and I’m glad (and shocked) that they are still together. And yeah, what was up with Jessica’s face. I couldn’t tell if she got a nose job, or it was something with her eyebrows, but she wasn’t looking all that great.

So anyway, the game commenced and in the end Amanda and Alex won Head of Household. This should be interesting. He’s the DJ, she’s the flake, but together they could be a force in the Big Brother 9 house. Let’s hope they use their power for good and send Adam and Sheila home. I can’t take his crazy ass bug eyes, and her voice makes my blood boil.

How are we feeling about the couple’s so far? Anyone you are ready to root for…or evict?

To find out what’s going on in the BB house, check out GMMR’s spoiler updates from the 24/7 live feed: BIG BROTHER Spoilers – Feed Alert . Keep checking back at new updates are added all the time. And FYI – a HUGE new spoiler was added today, so you should definitely check it out.


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  2. Patty on February 14th, 2008 1:55 pm

    Am I the only one creeped out by Adam? What is up with those facial expressions? I keep waiting for his eyeballs to fly out of the sockets and he is just freaking weird. Gag. I really don’t have a favorite yet. I like Ryan but I don’t like Jen so they are screwed. Give me a week. I am sure I’ll change my mind.

  3. JennyL on February 14th, 2008 2:22 pm

    I agree – I’m so over Sheila. She is so mean to Adam…he is annoying (and crazy eyed!), but she is so mean to him. I am really disappointed that Jen and Ryan’s secret is out…I think it’s incentive for Allison to get Jen and Parker evicted, so Ryan has to concentrate on them. (I think Ryan is super cute and cuddly too!) I’m so into this show already! It’s a funny bunch of people, and I think it’s going to be a great BB9.

    Question though – usually the show lasts 3 months – and with them evicting two people every week, the show can’t last that long – unless there is another twist, or if it’s a shorter season. Anybody know how they’re going to deal with that?