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Big Brother Spoilers (Update #4)

February 18, 2008 by  

So Natalie and Matt decided not to use the veto, so Ryan/Allison and Jen/Parker remain on the block. Everyone is trying to count votes, and some of them are playing each other, so there really is no telling who is going home. Seems that it is about 70/30 in favor of Ryan and Allison staying.

Last night, Amanda got called out for all the lies she has been telling. She’s been twisting everyone elses words around and walking around in her booty shorts and Chelsia and Joshuah made notice of it and were sure to finally say something. Alex is on the side of everyone else but he can’t verbalize it because she’s his partner. She ends up blowing a bigger gasket when Chelsia mentions something about a noose but it was just in terms of a common phrase. Joshuah expands on it in the heat of the moment and said something to the effect “like her dad.” Amanda had accused Alex to everyone else in the house of touching her down there one night when he thought she was asleep. Alex now gets upset and nervous that she’s going to call him out on something bigger that he hasn’t done and gets permission from BB to sleep downstairs on the floor. (There are videos on YouTube of the entire fight.) Amanda spent more than an hour and a half in the diary room and came out with a picture of her dad. Jen and Sharon ran to console her in the HOH room. Everyone seems to settle down for the night.

To find out what’s going on in the BB house, check out GMMR’s spoiler updates from the 24/7 live feed: BIG BROTHER Spoilers – Feed Alert . Keep checking back as new updates are added all the time.

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