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PRISON BREAK Season Finale or Series Finale?

February 19, 2008 by  

Prison Break Season Finale

Do you think that was it?  Was that the last we will ever see of Michael Scofield?  There are rumblings that PRISON BREAK might not make it on to Fox’s lineup next season.  But the show has not been officially canceled, and with the shortened development season due to the strike, perhaps we will see Michael and his band of merry men once more.  The question is, do we want to? After last night’s finale, I am surprising even myself by saying “yes”, I want this show back.Last night’s season finale was actually really fantastic…for a midseason cliffhanger.  For a season finale?  No.  For a series finale?  Absolutely not.  There were too many questions thrown out there and not enough answers. The questions we will get to in just a bit.

As for what went down lat night, well it was nice to see Michael getting all smarty pants again.  The boy is always one step ahead of everyone else, and when he’s on his ‘A’ game the show is at its best.  The museum transfer was smart, and while I knew that Michael picked the location for a reason, I couldn’t figure out why.  I actually thought he was going to set off some kind of laser shield between his people and Gretchen. But covering his tracks with the alarm and walking straight out made sense too.  Adding the stolen souvenir from the gift shop to Whistler’s back pocket to distract the guards was a nice touch.  That foresight of his has served him well.

Poor Sofia.  The most innocent one of the whole Scooby gang and she’s the one that gets shot. But what was the point?  They didn’t kill her…I don’t get it. Whistler was completely unconvincing in his love and worry for Sofia after she took the bullet.  But to be honest, I couldn’t tell if he was supposed to be a bit ambivalent or if he was supposed to be tormented and the actor just couldn’t pull it off.

There were many questions that were left unanswered last night, so let’s get to them, shall we?

  • Just what is T-Bag up to? Is he still planning on escaping?  I get that giving the inmates the money was a CYA gesture to buy him some love.  But what about all the other money that the”nun” had?  How is T-Bag planning on escaping without Michael and only one hand?
  • Whistler and Mahone are in cahoots?  Say what?  Come on now, just when I thought Mahone was going to leave his evil ways behind and return home to his wife and kid.  Bummer dude.  Now I wish Linc had shot him.  What are these two guys up to? Were they working together before Sona? And why is Whistler & Mahone strutting around in bars like they aren’t being hunted like dogs by everyone in Panama?
  • What was in Whistler’s suitcase?  And if it was so important then why did he just leave it lying around under the bed?  Obviously the information is going to help Michael hunt him down, but it seemed like a weak plot point.  Then again, I think this episode was finished while the writers were on strike so I guess some concessions had to be made.  I mean, we had all the filler footage of basketball boy for no reason what so ever. God, I hope this was when the writers were on strike.  If not…
  • Sucre…oh no, Sucre!! Our boy is loyal to Michael until the very end, and if the show does return, I’m sure Mr. Scofield will be the one breaking Sucre out of Sona next.  I was kind of over the jail and would be happy to never see it again, but if it means Sucre gets to live and to be reunited with Maricruz, then I say let’s head back into Sona people!
  • Has Sarah’s death turned Michael to the dark side?  He trembled as he pointed the gun at Gretchen, but he hesitated. But in the final scenes we see him with the origami and the gun on his way to avenge Sarah’s death.  Say it ain’t so, Michael.

Let’s imagine for a minute that PRISON BREAK does return?  What will next season look like?  Michael is out of jail and on the quest to destroy Gretchen and the Company.  Lincoln and LJ have decided not to go along and will most likely be heading back to the states to try to resume a normal life (and a life that hopefully includes a LOT of therapy for LJ).  Sucre is in Sona and needs his boy to break him out.  Bellick continues to be a waste of life. T-Bag continues to be the worst kind of evil, but he’s hella interesting to watch.

Will we see a reinvented PRISON BREAK?  The writers have a real opportunity to take the show anywhere they want.  If it does come back, I think this is a great opportunity to smarten up and make the show the intriguing and suspenseful thriller is was in its first season.  Let’s hope.


7 Responses to “PRISON BREAK Season Finale or Series Finale?”

  1. Jo on February 19th, 2008 10:37 am

    You know, Prison break has always taken some liberties plot wise. But they make up for it in suspense. For most of this season I could’ve gone without, but the last two episodes were pretty great. I would love to have another year.

  2. Annie on February 19th, 2008 10:47 am

    I really would like another full season if they feel they can keep the story going and the plots interesting. If it turns into a wild goose chase again I really would prefer they come back for a short season, like 8 or 10 episodes.

    But most importantly…I really dont want the show to end right now. Please FOX bring PB back and close out those storylines! We have all been so invested in the lives of these boys…we want to see an ending to all of this. Happy endings hopefully for Michael, Linc, LJ & Sucre…the rest…eh…

    ps. LJ will need some SERIOUS therapy.

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  4. Patty on February 19th, 2008 11:13 am

    I thought I was over Prison Break, but nope. I got misty even at the end! I think they threw basketball boy in there so we could see at least one person “happy”. I won’t miss Linc and LJ. I want to see Michael go after Gretchen and struggle with what he thinks he has to do. I want to see Sucre bring TBag down without Micheal’s help. Bellick just needs to curl up in a ball somewhere so I don’t have to see those MC Hammer pants anymore. And I think Mahone is has his own agenda witht he company and is just playing a game. We definatly need some resolution.

  5. Michele on February 19th, 2008 2:25 pm

    Amen Patty!

  6. Annie on February 19th, 2008 4:34 pm

    I love Patty’s MC Hammer pants comment. Hilarious! So true!

  7. josh on February 19th, 2008 4:48 pm

    I’ve been watching Prison Break ever since the first episode and i have made sure i am at home every time it comes on whether im doing something important or not it’s a show that once you start you can’t miss any episodes at all and you must watch it until it is over for good, So i’m praying that they will bring it back to tv espicially after feb.18th’s episode. Cause i’d love to know where everybody end’s up doing with there lives cause they kinda left us hangin’ not knowing.