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BIG BROTHER Spoilers (Update #7)

February 23, 2008 by  

So on Friday, the veto competition was held. James and Chelsia, Amanda and Alex, Natalie and Matt, and Sharon and Joshuah played. Josh and Sharon came in first and Amanda and Alex were right behind them. Josh and Sharon are going through all the possible scenarios as to determine in which case they are the safest. As of right now, it seems that they won’t use it and that they’ll be voting Matt and Natalie out.

Sheila went and told Amanda, Alex, Natalie and Matt everything that Allison had ever said about them because she was pissed that Allison went and told everyone about Sheila’s yeast infection. They get in a fight about it, Sheila starts acting rather nutty, and eventually the truth comes out that Amanda was the one that started the rumor that Allison told everyone. Sheila ended up apologizing to Allison about it.

But that wasn’t all the drama that happened in the BB9 house yesterday. After eating some slop, Allison had an allergic reaction and went into the DR where a nurse was treating her- they used an epipen and supposedly her throat swelled and her face was covered in hives. During that time that she was in the DR, Amanda wanted to get in to tell the producers that she needed some sugar of some sort because of her hypoglycemia. The DR wouldn’t let her in because Allison was already in there, and Amanda ended up passing out, when she came to, she was hyperventilating and all the houseguests got freaked out. The panic button was pressed by Joshuah and the feeds went to the trivia. Both the girls ended up going to the hospital. They came back late last night and Amanda said that she had an MRI done and she just felt weak. Supposedly everyone has a pass from slop today and they are going to have the margarita party tonight.

To find out what’s going on in the BB house, check out GMMR’s spoiler updates from the 24/7 live feed: BIG BROTHER Spoilers – Feed Alert. Keep checking back as new updates are added all the time.

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