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BIG BROTHER Spoilers (Update #10)

February 28, 2008 by  

So Joshuah and Sharon won the HOH competition and Josh is not going to let Allison know how much he despises her. Before the feeds came back on, Josh and Allison saw each other in the bathroom and Allison confronts him and says that she has heard that he called her a bitch and he replied that he didn’t call her a bitch, he called her a f***ing bitch. She claimed that he threatened to slit her throat and slung the HOH key at her. He also supposedly got in her face but has told other houseguests that he wouldn’t ever hit or touch her. She went to the Diary Room to see what she could do to get Josh kicked out. Josh was called in after Allison got out but he may have just gotten a warning because he is in the backyard talking about Amanda and then the feeds went to trivia.

JBig Brother told Josh that he has to stay 5 feet from Allison. She is currently hiding out in the bathroom. Josh and Sharon just got called to DR to get the keys for their HOH room.

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