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What to Watch…Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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TV is just ok for me tonight. Since I was accidentally spoiled on who won the POV on Big Brother tonight, I’m not sure I’ll be watching. Of course there is Idol and I’m not going to miss that. Sadly, I’m most excited to watch the season 3 finale of The Office in reruns tonight on TBS. “Ok then…it’s a date” – it most certainly is.

What will YOU be watching tonight? And is anyone interested in stopping by and watching Idol with me at 8pm? I don’t feel like live blogging for myself.

American Idol | 8pm on Fox | New
American Idol Theme week continues if for no other reason than to annoy me. This week the top 8 guys are singing the tunes of the 80’s. I think it’s the riskiest decade of all for these guys. There are so many wrong songs to choose from. Live blogging might be an option for me tonight. Game time decision.

Big Brother 9 | 9pm on CBS | New
Big Brother 9 Tonight is the veto competition and Allison & Ryan and Matt & Natalie will be competing for veto and the right to stay in the house. If you want to find out who won tonight’s POV then check out GMMR’s Big Brother 9 spoilers from the 24/7 live feed.

One Tree Hill | 9pm on The CW | New
One Tree Hill, James Lafferty “Running to Stand Still”
Brooke takes Owen on a trip to New York City, where she unexpectedly runs into someone from her past. Elsewhere, Lucas and Nathan attend Dan’s parole hearing; and a major label shows interest in Mia.

New Amsterdam | 9pm on Fox | Series Debut
New Amsterdam on FoxDebut: He has been immortal since he saved an Indian girl in 17th-century New Amsterdam, but it’s a curse to present-day NYPD detective John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) since it comes with a condition: He can’t die, but he can’t love, either.

Jericho | 10pm on CBS | New
MeeVee Recommends“Oversight”
Hawkins hears again from John Smith, his mysterious new contact who somehow knows everything he does, and who tells Hawkins that his capture by Major Beck (Esai Morales) is imminent, likely within 24 hours.

Also playing…

  • The Biggest Loser | 8pm on NBC | New
  • According to Jim | 9pm on ABC | New
  • Carpoolers | 9:30pm on ABC | New
  • The Office | 10pm on TBS | Repeat – “The Job Part 1”
  • The Office | 10:30pm on TBS | Repeat – “The Job Part II”

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One Response to “What to Watch…Tuesday, March 4, 2008”

  1. Karen on March 4th, 2008 2:28 pm

    I’m going to watch Download the True Story of the Internet on the Science Channel. The first half was awesome!