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Who Was Evicted from BIG BROTHER Tonight?

March 12, 2008 by  

Big Brother 9Kudos to BIG BROTHER for continuing to try to spice things up after a pretty boring start to the season. Tonight was eviction night, but things were business as usual. Then again, the motto for this show is ‘expect the unexpected’.

Having heard some murmuring from the live feeds, I had a feeling that it was going to be James and not Sharon that went home tonight. And that’s just the way it went. Everyone in the house, with the exception of Chelsia, voted to evict James.

As is tradition, James left the house and had his exit interview with the ChenBot, but that’s where it got interesting. Julie informed James that he had a chance to get back into the house. The houseguests were going to have the chance to choose between either him or the mystery houseguest that the viewers at home voted to bring back into the house. The houseguest American chose was Alex, but the houseguests didn’t know. It was a vote between James and the mystery houseguest. In the end, the house voted to bring James back and within seconds he was back in the living room, like he never left.

The houseguests didn’t have any time to celebrate as they were summoned to the backyard for the HOH competition. An endurance comp had the HG’s standing above small disco balls lifted off the ground. When we last saw them, all were standing strong but were being doused in champagne. The last one standing will be the new HOH.

I’ll be keeping track of the progress of the HOH comp as well as I can tonight. I’ll post updated on the GMMR’s BIG BROTHER Spoilers page.


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  2. Sarah on March 23rd, 2008 8:13 pm

    Isn’t Big Brother on tonight?