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Joss Whedon’s New Musical…Can You Stand It?

March 17, 2008 by  

Joss Whedon’s New Musical…Can You Stand It?Last night I drifted off to sleep with the soundtrack to “Once More with Feeling”, the Buffy musical episode, playing in the background. Today I wake up to the news that Joss Whedon is back with a new musical and he already has some familiar faces on board.

Yeppers, Joss has completed a 3-part Web series musical featuring none other than Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. Can you stand it?

Here’s what the genius Mr. Whedon had to say about it.

The bag is catless.

During the strike I started writing a musical intended as a limited internet series, 3 episodes of approximately 10 minutes each. Writing with me was my brother Jed, his fiancee Maurissa, and my other brother Zack. To my shock and surprise, we finished it. To my greater shock and surprise, we managed (with the help of many people I’ll be praising at length soon) to drag it into preproduction (yes, just as DOLLHOUSE was given a start date two months away and all my comics were due.) And today, after a grueling week of writing everything ever while trying to be a producer, I got to start shooting. A musical.

This much I will say: It’s the story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to. And I’m having the time of my life.

Neil Patrick Harris… Dr. Horrible
Nathan Fillion……….as Captain Hammer
Felicia Day………….as Penny

And a cast of Dozens!
Coming soon.

I can’t wait until the launch, and I’ll be sure to keep watching for more news. Is anyone else excited?

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5 Responses to “Joss Whedon’s New Musical…Can You Stand It?”

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  2. TheHandStrikesAndGivesAFlower on March 17th, 2008 1:42 pm

    *raises hand* I’m very excited! Hearing that Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion are working together sends a great shiver in my skin. Throw in Barney Stinson and all I can think about is the talk show where Neil and Jason Segel performed the Les Miserables song! This is going to be great, keep us posted!

  3. Amber on March 17th, 2008 2:41 pm

    Very very excited! I’ll be keeping my eyes on GMMR for when it’s up and running!

  4. allison on March 17th, 2008 4:18 pm

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my life! I recently bought the soundtrack to ‘Once More with Feeling’ and all I could think was ‘please make another musical’!

  5. Amanda on March 20th, 2008 12:38 am

    OMG…I worship Joss and he could do no wrong. Nathan and Neil….could better casting have been done? I am sooo looking forward to it.