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AMERICAN IDOL Top 10 Perform

March 26, 2008 by  

The top ten AMERICAN IDOL contestants are on a mission to make some of us feel very old tonight. How’s that? Well, they’re each going to be singing a song from the year they were born. And as one of the contestants was a newborn while I was a Freshman in High School, well, yeah that doesn’t bring a smile to my face.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Ramiele Malubay American IdolRamiele Maluby was born in 1987, and yup, already I feel sickly old. She’s taking a big chance with a big song – “Alone” by Heart. It was a risk that Ramiele had to take, but one I don’t think paid off for her. She has a big voice, but she sounded shallow on the big notes. Carrie Underwood rocked this song during her year in a memorable performance. Ramiele is no Carrie Underwood. Randy and Paula didn’t really like it, but Simon was more forgiving than his counterparts.

Jason Castro American IdolJason Castro celebrates his 21st birthday today with his take on “Fragile” by Sting. I’m watching with my friend Steph who is mesmerized by The Castro. Once again Jason picks a song that is guaranteed to make the ladies swoon. I think it’s a little safe, but it suits his voice very well. J-Cas is going to have no problem making it through to next week. Randy was waiting for a big break out and he didn’t get it, but he still liked his performance. Paula liked the performance but thought it was safe. Simon thought Jason had another bad week and told him he needs to start taking this seriously. Fair enough.

Syesha Mercado American IdolSyesha Mercado is another 21 year old Idol contestant – seems like 1987 was the year for good singers. Taking on “If I Were Your Woman”, Syesha once again brought it. What am I missing people? Why do I feel like I’m the only one on Team Syesha? I think she’s fantastic and consistently so. Randy was a big fan of my girl tonight and the compliments were flowing. YAY!! Paula thought it was her most brilliant performance yet. Simon thinks there is a limit on her vocal and she reached it tonight boy. Shut it ‘shida Simon!

Chickezie EzeChickezie Eze, American Idol
Chikeze is up next with a song from 1985, the year he was born. Is anyone else surprised that Chizeke is still around? Here’s my thing with Chikeze – he has a great voice and I’d enjoy hearing him sing but I don’t think he has what it takes to win. I don’t think he has the “it” factor necessary to be a break out star. There was nothing exciting about this song, and I was bored. No clue what the judges are going to do with this one. Randy thought it was old school, but not in a good way. Paula thought he did a great job but she really wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. Simon thought he sang it well but he thought the performance was cheesy. All the judges miss his personality.

Brooke White American IdolBrooke White started her song twice – yeah, not good. Lucky for Brooke, her beautiful voice is well suited for The Police’s ode to John Krasinski “I’ll Be Watching You”. I like Brooke, but there’s something just not right with this performance. It was lacking. Lacking what I can’t pinpoint it. It didn’t have much oopmh behind it. The judges were kind of on the fence, but all thought it was enough to get her through to the next round.

Michael Johns American Idol Michael Johns was born in 1978 – what and old man! Tonight Michael is taking on Queen’s “We Are the Champions” and finally Michael had the big night that he needed. What a kick ass performance. The little intro of “We Will Rock You” certainly didn’t hurt. Big applause from me tonight. And the judges were equally excited about his performance. Good job, Michael.

Carly Smithson American IdolCarly Smithson was born in 1983 (I thought she was a bit older than that) and was named after Carly Simon – a good sign. The little Irish lass is taking on “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – a song that I’ve been waiting for her to sing since I first heard her sing. It’s this kind of power rock ballad that suits her voice really well. Surprisingly, this wasn’t my favorite performance of Carly’s. I thought her voice was too strained tonight. Is she sick? Carly is amazing, no doubt about it. What she can do on a bad night is usually better what others can do on any given night. Paula loved it, but Simon and Randy thought it was a bit lacking.

David Archuleta American IdolDavid Archuelta, the baby of the group was born in 1990 (oh sweet Jesus). I was in high school when this kid was in diapers – ugh. He’s singing some song I never head but it had a very ‘Up With People’ vibe to it. I don’t think it did anything to really set him apart tonight. The judges for the most past were complimentary, but Simon didn’t like the performance at all. He thought it was very theme park’ish.

Kristy Lee Cook American IdolKristy Lee Cook (is still around?) picked the only song that can keep her around this week – “I’m Proud to be an American”. Sorry, but I don’t even feel like sharing my thoughts on her performance as she’s so zzzzzz. Simon thought the performance was good enough to keep her around until next week, which begs the question – who should go home in order to keep Kristy? Yeah, no one.

David Cook American IdolFinishing off the night is my favorite contestant, David Cook. And holy mother of all good things holy, he’s taking on “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Damn, this is a BIG risk. WOW, I’m 100% absolutely loving this. The song arrangement, originally done by Chris Cornell, is almost not even recognizable but it has just enough of the melody to harken back to the original. I think people are either going to love this one or hate it. Put me in the LOVE IT category. Randy and Paula are impressed (Paula’s on her feet). Simon agreed it was a big risk that could have gone either way but he thought it was AMAZING!! YAY David Cook!!

So that’s that! I think David Cook owned the night with Michael Johns not too far behind. Sorry, but I’m off to listen to “Billie Jean” again.

Who were your favorites tonight? Who do you think SHOULD go home and who do you think WILL go home?


5 Responses to “AMERICAN IDOL Top 10 Perform”

  1. sabrina on March 26th, 2008 12:35 am

    Is it just me or anyone else that think the audience at the front of the stage was extremely annoying? My goodness, those tweeny girls gave me a migraine.

    I have an awful feeling that Kristy’s going to see another day in the competition. Who exactly is still voting for her cause I’m curious to find out.

    Oh and I agree GMMR, David Cook killed it with his unrecognizable rendition of Billie Jean. I wonder if it was his own or someone else’s.

  2. Dianne on March 26th, 2008 12:58 am

    Thrilled when I heard them announce David Cook would be doing Chris Cornell’s version of Billie Jean – – and it was sooo well done… that man can sing, stay on key, and knock me breathless.
    Top 4 should be David Cook, David A, Michael, and Jason.

  3. Mandy on March 26th, 2008 1:43 am

    Sabrina, you are not the only one annoyed with what I like to call the “Tweeny Pit”. The arms waving and hands clapping in some of the shots are just annoying.

    My favorite tonight was by far David Cook. He stole the show. I’m still liking little David A, but his song choices these past few weeks have been seriously lacking. I was thinking before Simon even said it, that David’s stage father from hell was picking his songs, and Simon pretty much confirmed for me tonight. Brooke White is still at the top of my list as well. I just love her voice.

  4. Deb on March 26th, 2008 10:34 am

    GMMR, I almost lost it at your “up with people” reference! YES! it was painfully corny!!! and simon’s comment that “he didn’t pick the song” was a total jab at his stage dad!
    david cook was amazing…loooved it! still like brooke too, even though she wasn’t that great. but someone PLEASE put us out of our misery and get kristy out of there! and ramiele too.
    i am not a huge fan of carly either…although i think she’s good, i think it’s sketchy that she already had a record deal. BUT, she was awful last night!!! something is not right…i read there are rumors she’s preggo….maybe the kid is messing with her vocal cords!

  5. lishka on March 26th, 2008 11:06 am

    GMMR, I kept screaming “Up With People” at Little David during his performance last night! (Great minds think alike, my dear!) I love his voice, but from the very beginning, I’ve wondered what kind of recording artist he’d be. I’ve written before that I think he’s a young Josh Groban. Now I think he’s Josh Groban mixed with Bindi Irwin.

    Kristy Lee Cook’s performance fried my brain, but not as much as the judge’s gushing did after she sang. I was prepared for them to rip apart the schlocky, bombastic arrangement, which is the exact same schlocky, bombastic arrangement EVERYONE does when singing that schlocky, bombastic song. Don’t they harp on people to “not play it safe” and “bring something new” to songs? Didn’t they say those things to Jason and Brooke? That they seemed to like it–a lot–was stunning. Until I remembered that Idol is on Fox and Fox is all about extreme patriotism (when it’s not about being tacky). I wonder if TPTB warned them to not diss the patriotic song? Anyway, judging conspiracy theories aside, it was like watching a bad pageant performance–like, Miss NASCAR 2008, hosted by Chuck Norris and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. ; )

    On happier notes, Michael Johns, my fave guy from the start, finally lived up to his potential. And David Cook was amazing. I like that Brooke had the confidence to re-start; I sing and play piano professionally, and I’ve had to do that sometimes. It’s better than singing the whole song off-key, which is what would have happened. Good for her. I love Brooke! And Kath, I’ve loved Syesha from the start, too, so you’re not alone!

    It’s starting to get interesting. Oh, and sorry for such a freakishly long post. I just had to vent about Kristy and the judges. I love America too, just not bad songs about America.