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BIG BROTHER Spoilers (Update #18) – POV Winner

March 29, 2008 by  

So the veto competition was held today. The houseguests had to do some mathematical conversions of some sort in order to get an answer and depending on how close they were to the actual, the better they did.

James won and Sharon was all upset because she feels that she let Josh down because now Josh will be going home.

Natalie plans to put Sharon up in James’ place. Sheila is kissing Sharon’s butt in order to stay on her good side because she thinks that Josh is already leaving with a 4-0 or 3-1 vote. However, Natalie, Ryan, Josh and James make a pact to keep Josh in the game because it’ll keep Natalie and Ryan safer in the long run. Basically, Josh is giving Natalie and Ryan a two week pass where he will not put them up if he gets HOH, and they all only have to guarantee that they vote to keep him in this week. He plans on continuing to mope around like he is going home, even though he knows he won’t be if Ryan and Natalie follow through.

James is sitting pretty because he’s told the whole house that he is giving Josh the pity vote, so Ryan looks like the flip-flopper and Natalie breaks the tie. However, it is still Friday and eviction isn’t until Wednesday, so there are still 5 more days of drama to take place.

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