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Carly Smithson Singing “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Video)

April 22, 2008 by  

The Irish lass took on “Jesus Christ Superstar” tonight, and if you were digging it then I’m sure you weren’t alone. But I think Carly is going to struggle when it comes to getting votes because as fantastic as she is, there’s just no connection with the audience. This is coming from someone who really digs her. Sadly, a good vocal alone just isn’t good enough.

That being said, this girl can wail. “Jesus Christ Superstar” was a great choice for her as she could really rock it out and perform the hell out of it…which she did. Vocally and performance wise she was on fire, but again, I wonder if it’s all a little too late.

The judges all really liked it but I don’t think any of them were on the verge of a standing O. But again, I think the judges are feeling the same as the voting audience in as much they are wondering what else Carly can do to set herself apart.

Did Carly do it for you tonight? What did you think of her performance?


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