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American Idol Top 4

I’m certain that I’ve set expectations pretty low in terms of witty commentary around here, but tonight I’m lowering the bar once again. It’s just about midnight and I’m just getting around to watching AMERICAN IDOL tonight. I’m tired and can barely keep my eyes open none the less find something interesting to say. I guess you could say I’m feeling a bit Abdul-ish tonight.The four remaining IDOL wannabes – Syesha Mercado, David Archuleta, Jason Castro and David Cook – will be singing selections from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

David Cook is kicking off the night with “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran. Hmm, something is up with the audio tonight. It’s really hard to hear the backing band and I think David is having the same issues because he’s rushing a bit. If that’s the case he’s really holding it together tonight. It was fun, but not my favorite performance of David’s. I think it lacked a bit of the originality we are used to seeing from David. Simon, Paula and Randy all liked it but none thought it was outstanding.

Syesha Mercado is singing “Proud Mary” – not an easy task but I think she has the voice and the personality to pull it off.  Wow, here’s something we rarely see from an individual IDOL performance – choreography. I think she’s the full package, and yes, maybe she’s better suited for Broadway, but I still loved her.  Randy thought she was in the zone.  Paula thought she brought the magic.  Simon, never a fan, thought it was a bad, shrieky version of Tina Turner. Simon, could you be more transparent?

Jason Castro is taking on Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff” and I think he’s channeling Bob Marley…or at least he’s trying to.  Hmm, really?  Yeah, I didn’t really get it.  Of all the songs that you could choose to represent who you are as an artist you choose this one?  Why?  The dreads? I was bored. This might be least favorite performance of all time from Jason.  The judges weren’t big fans to say the least.  I think Jason is high.

Finishing off the first round of songs is David Archuleta with “Stand By Me”.  Aw shucks, he’s singing a sweet inspirational song.  Gag. This kid needs an edge. The vocals were nice.  He’s got a sweet voice, but I can’t say that it wasn’t anything special for me.  Sorry, I think maybe I’m in a mood or something because I’m not finding anything to love.  I’m sure the judges will go crazy. Yup, Randy was gushing.  Paula thought he really delivered.  Simon thought it was a good choice of song and the best performance so far.

Round 1: David Archuleta

David Cook takes the stage again, this time with “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who.  An interesting song choice.  Not one I would have thought of, but I’m ok with it because it’s so David Cook.  I thought David was a bit off tonight.  I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing or what, but he wasn’t owning the stage like he normally does. Once again I wasn’t blown away by the performance but I also think I hold David Cook to a higher level each week.  All the judges had nice things to say so that’s a good thing.  I think he’ll be safe for next week.

Syesha is singing “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cook and she’s fantastic.  This performance was powerful and so full of emotion.  She stretches herself vocally more than any other contestant left in the competition. She challenges herself more.  How this girl gets up there week after week and still stands tall after the shit she gets from the judges is beyond me.  Randy wasn’t impressed.  Paula was brought to tears (as was Syesha) and Simon, well he agreed with Paula.  No he didn’t cry, but he said she sang it really, really well.  Syesha was really emotional tonight.  Welcome to the Top 3, girl.

Jason is back with another Bob song, but thankfully not Bob Marley.  This time it’s Bob Dylan with “Mr. Tamborine Man”.  Me thinks that Castro has already checked out of this competition completely.  And I’d be saying that even if he didn’t forget the words in the first verse. Maybe he should have started over from scratch – it worked for Brooke. I think this song is much more Jason than the first, but does it really matter?  Yeah, I think this is the end of the road for Jason.  Simon told him to pack his suitcase – that sounds about right.

David Archuleta thankfully ends a rather lackluster show.  His feel good number of the night? “Love Me Tender” by Elvis.  Oh how the tweeners will love this one.  It’s probably a great song choice because it focuses on his vocals.  The arrangement really let David shine.  Well done Little Archie, well done.  The judges loved it.  Simon said he “crushed” the competition tonight.  He’ll be there next week…like there was any doubt.

Round 2: David Archuleta again. 

So that’s that.  Definitely not a stand out night for the IDOLs, at least I didn’t think so.  What were your thoughts on tonight’s performances?  Any standouts?  Who will you think will be making it to next week’s Top 3?


8 Responses to “AMERICAN IDOL Top 4 Perform”

  1. TheBeckert on May 7th, 2008 1:07 am

    I think David Cook’s performances were solid and entertaining. None of them blew us away and had his uniqueness because he can’t rock-ify a song that’s already rock. Everyone was really excited and expected him to shine this week. I knew that in the past, contestants don’t usually shine on the nights where the theme is their genre. So I didn’t have high expectations for DCook tonight. Therefore, I was very pleased.

    I read an interview with Simon today. He said that David Archuleta pretty much went to the University of American Idol. I think that pretty much sums him up for me. He’s got all the ingredients to win (great voice, inspirational songs, power notes). But I just feel like he’s missing something. He’s like the default winner in case no one else blows us away. Sorry – was that too mean? I don’t want Archuleta fans to attack me. Some of them are a little passionate.

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  3. mg714 on May 7th, 2008 1:57 am

    Kath – didn’t want to cloud your viewing of the show tonight , so I didn’t want to say much over at OT earlier, but I totally agree with your assessment of the performances – for being the Top 4 I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed overall, though I still love David Cook, of course! 😉 I also think I have such high expectations for him that it’s difficult for him meet them every week. I think he did a good job on the 2nd song, though. I think Syesha did well, too and definitely deserves to be in the Top 3 over Jason. Jason totally wants to be off the show already – he’s barely trying it seems, at least in terms of being in the Top 4 (did anyone read his comments from last week that he was ready to go home?).

    Also, I think David A has a great voice, but I also feel he needs something more in order to really be the American Idol. I think David Cook IS the true American Idol this season, but it would be better for him not to win so he can just make his album without as much outside interference.

    Hopefully next week’s performances will bring back some excitement.

  4. kilwiggle7 on May 7th, 2008 12:16 pm

    I think that Jason Castro KNEW what he was doing when he forgot those words. I think he has been checked out of the competition for a couple of weeks and was just biding his time til he was booted.

    Syesha was great tonight. I’m really happy that she has found her stride and is showing her personality.

    I agree with TheBeckert up there saying that Archuleta is missing something… i happen to think it is personality. he just falls flat to me- definitely not a favorite of mine.

    I really hope he sings something that isn’t slow, isn’t a ballad, isn’t boring next week. that way, we can see his vulnerability and maybe a syesha v. david cook finale will take place. i think it would be a perfect final 2.

  5. lishka on May 7th, 2008 2:01 pm

    I saw Michael Johns and Carly Smithson sing two duets on Ellen yesterday and realized why Idol has become so boring for me. Can you imagine if either one of them had a crack at the Hall of Fame songs? Sigh…a girl can dream.

    Totally agree that Jason is practically begging to be sent home. Sayesha’s got guts, but I’ve yet to hear her sing an entire song on pitch all season. As a vocalist, that just doesn’t fly with me. And I wasn’t crazy about her impression of Tina Turner.

    Cook was a little off on the Hungry Like the Wolf. I wish he’d done it as a slow acoustic creepy stalker song. Archumellow makes me sleepy. I was underwhelmed by what should have been an amazing night.

    The worst part of the night for me was Archumellow singing something about “beautiful girls” during Stand By Me. Uh, not part of the lyrics, kid. But your Stage Daddy was smart to throw that in to woo the legions of squeeing girls. Blech. (Kath, I’m a little cranky too! I’m going to search for Michael Johns online and all will be better soon…)

  6. Kismet on May 7th, 2008 4:00 pm

    Am I the only one who thinks that Jason’s antics on last night’s show were completely on purpose? I swear after the first song he mouthed, “Don’t vote” to the cameras while they were showing the numbers. I think he really wants to leave. He’s been phoning it in for weeks now…I think he’s just rolling his eyes at the whole thing.

    I love David Cook, but aside from him I am totally unimpressed with this season. Most talented ever? Notsomuch.

  7. fran on May 7th, 2008 7:51 pm

    i have to disagree with the last post about this season not being very talented- i feel quite contrarily. i feel like this season is perhaps one of the most talented that we’ve had in a long, long time. i feel like any of these top 4 could be a star based on their originality, personality, and already established fanbase. although i agree it’s jason’s time to go, i still think he’s original enough to have a career- he really is talented and even though he’s turned out to not be idol material.. i don’t necessarily think that’s an insult. in some ways idol is so generic that it limits an artist’s opportunities.. i do think david cook is going to win, but i agree it’d be better if archuleta won and cook just used this exposure to do his own thing. as for syesha- she freakin’ rocks..but unfortunately it seems like the overwhelming majority of idol viewers/voters are young girls, who pay more attention to sex appeal than talent.. therefore she will lose out to archuletas, cooks, and castros for the remainder of the competition. however, she’s obviously proved herself… so the people in charge are going to realize her talent and give her a spot.. whether it be on broadway or in the recording industry.

  8. Kismet on May 8th, 2008 9:27 am

    Fran-Just to clarify, I’m not saying this season’s contestants aren’t talented…But saying this season has more talent than any of the past seasons? I’ve been watching this show since season one and I just flat out disagree. No one seems to be trying all that hard. With the exception of Syesha, who I really think needs to win this more than either of the Davids, no one has actually gotten better as the season has progressed. In past seasons, we watched the contestants get more comfortable on stage, look better, and perform better. David A. is doing the same hokey up-with-people songs that he’s been doing since the top 24, David C. is doing the same thing (which is fine with me because I don’t think he needs to change a thing…except that his hair has VASTLY improved, lol). Jason Castro wanted to go home last night, he was radiating pure joy during his goodbye performance (which we only ended up seeing like 5 seconds of).

    I just think that unlike the first two or three seasons, everyone’s figured out that they’re probably better off NOT being the American Idol, and they are just trying to take advantage of the exposure that being in the top 12 gives them. If they really want to bring back some of the raw desperation that the contestants used to have, they should make them sign a contract that keeps them from releasing any music for 12 months after the show ends, unlike now, where more often than not the eliminated singers have music on the radio before the American Idol does!