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BONES Recap: “The Wannabe in the Weeds”

May 13, 2008 by  

Title: The Wannabe in the Weeds
GMMR Recapper: Seeleybaby

Never thought I’d say this, but I actually look forward to Mondays. Thanks Bones, I owe you one. I expected this week’s episode to be the Fredo Corleone to last week’s Michael, but it was at least a Sonny.

There’s a reason Ace Young was kicked off American Idol. He was a low talent performer looking to make good off his looks and performing abilities, not the music, man. And if that’s not true, then, he’s got a career in acting, because he played the part perfectly tonight.

The Case:
Ace Young plays a wannabe singing star (hmmm) who is killed after singing at a karaoke bar. Potential suspects include an artist neighbor, a crazed fan (Fat Pam, more from her later) from the gym, competition karaoke singers, a fake scout and manager, a jealous boyfriend, or not boyfriend. I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t really matter.

Zack works out, fools! Don’t Mess! Also he sings! Seriously, that was pretty fly for a white guy.

Hodgins gets Brennan the info she needs about clay.
Not much else from the squint squad, except…did it seem like Sweets flirted with Brennan this week? I think she was kind of flirting back, in her fighty/”I’m better than you” way, usually reserved for our man Booth. Not cool.

Booth’s getting his ogling on, and Brennan doesn’t like it. Fat Pam calls her a scarecrow. Brennan, I think you look fine; you are not a scarecrow.

Brennan likes the karaoke acts, Booth doesn’t. He calls her Paula, funny, but enough with the American Idol references.

Fat Pam had best back up off Booth. Booth is very kind, but she’s a psycho hose beast.

Not much B&B romance this episode. They do share a nice moment where they admire each other’s expertise. Booth confesses that sometimes he thinks she feels she’s better than him, and she doesn’t exactly refute it…because she’s clueless to human interaction. Brennan, haven’t you learned anything from Booth’s expertise?

Oh, now FP is in Booth’s office. What? Oh, she gave him socks and called him Seeley…yikes.

There is a cute moment where Booth comes between Brennan and Sweets (see above), and Brennan tells us she could have been the next Cyndi Lauper…her mom said so. Booth laughs, but I think it’s ‘rad’.

Brennan is looking at Booth while she’s singing, and he’s enjoying it; that’s nice.

Okay…scratch that…whoa…I’m speechless…okay, okay…no, I really have no words for that ending. Booth isn’t dead, I’m sure (Okay I do have a few words). Brennan…yes girl! Well done, baby! She is scared, but doesn’t she have anything else to say to Booth? Like maybe “I love you, I want you to live?” That’s what I want to say to him. Coulda, shoulda, woulda… I’ll just say it… “Booth, I love you, I want you to live.”

And BTW, who picked up FP’s gun at the end? That can’t be legal, right?

Favorite Line of the Night: A throwaway from Booth (in my fave gray suit) to Hodgins:

“Hey you can’t say that, this is my place!”

Seeleybaby is glad the writer’s strike is over but now has to clear out her DVR for new episodes of Bones, The Office, and Scrubs. She also is still sad Arrested Development isn’t on (COME ON!) and is looking forward to more Flight of the Conchords.

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  2. tessahessa on May 13th, 2008 11:40 am

    Because everyone was so worried about Booth, no one ever checked to make sure Pam was dead. I thought Pam’s gun was picked up in case she wasn’t dead, just like how a gun would be kicked away from someone who had been shot.

    I totally felt the flirting between Sweets and Brennan.

    The promo was also very interesting – when Cam was walking out of a hospital room (Booth’s, I assume – what with him most certainly being alive and all), she said something like “I didn’t see that coming.” I want to know what she didn’t see coming. A drugged-up Booth professing his undying love to Bones? Just maybe?

  3. Patty on May 13th, 2008 12:50 pm

    I really enjoyed this episode as a whole. I liked the play between B&B and Sweets (again) and since I have known creepy women JUST like Fat Pam? I felt more a part of this episode. And Holy Beans! I did not know Booth was going to get shot but I loved that Bones just picked up his gun and shot old FP. I can’t believe only one more episode. I just upped my Netflix to two at a time so I can watch 30 Rock and FNL this summer.

  4. Kimber on May 13th, 2008 1:09 pm

    This episode was actually really good! (Ok, not as stunningly great as the House that followed, but still amazing in its own way). I wasn’t spoiled at all, so I had no idea that ending was coming, and WOW … was I shocked. Booth looked pretty wounded, although I’m 99.9% certain he won’t die.

    Eric and Emily’s performances were superb – who knew they had such pipes on them? Wow. Too bad I can’t say the same for the “actual” singers, though. Ace Young did not impress me ONE BIT!

  5. Seeleybaby on May 14th, 2008 10:57 am

    Hey, everyone, just to let you know, is selling seasons one and two of Bones are on sale for 50% off. If you don’t have them already, this is a pretty good deal.

    Great comments everyone. I’ll admit to being a spoiler lover, so I’ve got an idea of what will happen next week on a couple of things. I’m still nervous, but also excited. I’ll keep my lips sealed of course.

  6. Sam on June 16th, 2009 5:54 pm

    ok so does this episode continue?? I watch it on TNT and im not seeing anymore episodes of bones ahhhhhhhhhhh! help I need to know the end 😛