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GOSSIP GIRL Cast a Big Draw at The CW Upfront Bash

May 14, 2008 by  

The CW is all about the young and pretty people and there were plenty of them strolling around at the CW Upfront party last night.  I felt quite old and just plain old boring when standing next to the likes of Blake Lively, Chace Crawford and the rest of the GOSSIP GIRL gang.  Am I too old for The CW?  Probably.  But that’s not going to stop me.

You know I love me some GOSSIP GIRL so I thought I would give you the dish on my first time seeing the kids up close and personal.  I know, I know, you want pics.  They’re coming soon enough. I promise.

So here’s the thing.  The CW party was very different than the NBC party.  On Monday night, you had the biggest stars from the biggest NBC shows doing what they are supposed to do at these events – walking around and being accessible to the big money clients and potential advertisers.  It’s the whole point of the Upfronts.  I’m not sure the youngsters at The CW got that memo. Not to say they weren’t nice, but it’s almost like they forget why they were there in the first place. But anyway…

The first Upper East Sider I spotted was Blake Lively, better known as Serena from GOSSIP GIRL.  Stunning…she is absolutely stunning. Tall, gorgeous, and thin – but not rail thin.  Normal, kick ass body thin.  My friend Kelly and I snuck in for a quick pic before she headed back behind the velvet rope to hang with the rest of the cast. She was nice and seemed genuine while thanking everyone for watching the show.

Despite the group of fans just waiting to take pics with the cast, the kids of GOSSIP GIRL seemed much more intent on talking to each other, or in the case of Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) talking up a hot girl, and ignoring just about everyone else.  Don’t get me wrong, they stopped and took pictures throughout the course of the night, but at times they seemed bothered and hassled by it.  Again, just a bit of a contrast from NBC when superstar Tina Fey told us that the whole point of being at the Upfronts was to take pictures and talk with the people there.  I’m just saying.

I can tell you that Chace Crawford (Nate) is flawless and just as good looking as you would imagine him to be.  Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) is a million times prettier in person.  Why they feel the need to make her look trashy on the show is beyond me.  She was almost unrecognizable without her signature ghetto hoop earrings.  Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo (Jenny and Eric) were cute as a button, and attached at the hip.  As were Blake Lively (Serena) and Penn Badgley (Dan) who are rumored to be a couple off screen.  They were certainly touchy feely all night so I think there’s some truth to it.  Penn really wasn’t down with the picture taking about half way through the night, but he did look good…all tan.  Matthew Settle (Rufus) is quote the handsome man, and being a bit older than his teen counterparts, didn’t grimace when he asked by the fans nearby to snag a pic.  The bristling was done by Ed Westwick (Chuck) who was repeatedly asked by those working (as well as his own people) to take a few minutes to talk to fans hanging out in the area.  Ed was really busy talking to some girl all night with his back to the party goers.  When he did stop his macking to take pics he was not thrilled to say the least.  It ain’t easy to be a player.

Leighton Meester (Blair) was at the party too.  I saw her from afar on stage, but I didn’t see her hanging with the rest of the cast.  Then again, I wasn’t near them most of the night so I don’t know if she left early or not.

It was a treat to see the cast of GOSSIP GIRL all up close ad personal.  And I hope I’m not being too rough on them.  I’m sure they had their fill of picture taking an talking to fans.  But let’s not forget that this is The CW. This network needs advertisers and viewers more than anyone else, and if that means whoring out the cast from your most popular show than so be it.  It’s one night, it’s one party.  And they can’t help it that they’re on a kick ass show that has fans.  Enjoy it people.  Enjoy it.


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  2. kelsey on June 2nd, 2008 3:22 pm

    i love gossip girl!!!!!!! it is the best show ever i cant live without it!!! omg i wana meet the cast soo badly…. omfg xoxo gossip girl