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THE OFFICE’s Michael and Toby – A History of Hate

May 15, 2008 by  

Michael vs. Toby, THE OFFICE

[The following contains minor spoilers for tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE. Nothing beyond the episode title and description, but I’m warning you all the same.]

If the title of tonight’s fourth season finale of THE OFFICE is to be believed then we will be saying goodbye to Toby Flenderson, who until he recently became a somewhat creepy perv, was a beloved member of the Dunder Mifflin family. I’m not ready to see Toby leave for Costa Rica, and personally I’m not convinced he will be going. But if he does leave, then we are saying goodbye to one of TV’s best couples: Michael and Toby.

We aren’t privy to exactly why Michael Scott loathes Toby Flenderson but we do know that Michael hates so much the things that Toby chooses to be. Where did it all begin? Why is Michael so very hateful towards Toby? Why has Toby never kicked Michael’s ass? We may never know.

But in the event that Toby does leave, I thought it would be fitting to send him off with a few reminders of why he should be running (and by running I mean sprinting away and hopping over a giant stockade fence) and not walking away from Dunder Mifflin.

Michael Hates Toby: Volume 1 (2005-2008)
These quotes don’t even scratch the surface of the bad blood between these men, but they are some of the most memorable Michael/Toby moments.

Diversity Day…
Michael: All right? Everybody pretty? Come on. Here we go. It’s time. Let’s do some good.
Toby: Hey, we’re not all going to sit in a circle Indian style are we? [Laughing]
Michael: Get out.
Toby: I’m sorry.
Michael: No, this is not a joke. OK? That was offensive and lame. So double offensive. This is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell out of here.

Hot Girl…
Michael: Here is Toby from Human Resources. Katy, Toby.
Katy: Hi
Toby: Hi, nice to meet you.
Michael: Toby, Katy.
Toby: Hey, um did you go to uh, Bishop O’Hara?
Katy: Yeah.
Toby: Yeah, me too.
Katy: Cool. What year were you there?
Toby: Eighty-nine.
Michael: Toby’s divorced. He uh, guh recently, right?
Toby: Yeah.
Michael: You and your wife, and you have kids.
Toby: A girl.
Michael: Oh that so – that was really messy. He slept one night in your car too?
Toby: [looks resigned]
Katy: I should probably get back to my table.
Michael: Okay. Alright. Cool. See ya in a bit. [looks at picture on Toby’s desk] Oh, she’s cute. Cutie-pie. Back to work.

Sexual Harassment…
Michael: Toby is in HR which technically means he works for Corporate. So he’s really not a part of our family. Also he’s divorced so he’s really not a part of his family.

The Fight…
Toby: Michael…
Michael: Hey, Toby.
Toby: Any word on those time cards?
Michael: I’ve got an idea: why don’t you leave right now. Why don’t you walk away from the room, ‘kay?

Toby: We want to go home.
Michael: Well, you don’t even have anyone to go home to, Toby.

Boys & Girls…
Michael: Everyone. Guys. Circle up, please. Come on over. Bring your chairs. Toby, come on over. You’re a guy… too… sort of. Let’s do this!

Michael’s Birthday…
Toby: Who brought in donuts?
Michael: Somebody got donuts for my birthday!
Toby: Happy birthday!
Michael: You didn’t know it was my birthday.
Toby: I… guess I forgot.
Michael: Well, I guess I forgot to give you a donut [closes box].
Toby: Are you serious?
Michael: Mmm.


Michael: There you are. Good news. Did some research. It turns out that 98% of people with skin cancer fully recover.
Kevin: Still scary.
Michael: Yeah, but it’s not brain cancer. And it shouldn’t stop us from having fun. You know what they say the best medicine is.
Kevin: Well the doctor said a combination of interferon and dicarbazine.
Michael: And laughter… also.
Toby: I don’t really think people are in the laughing mood.
Michael: Why are you here? I didn’t even invite you to my birthday party.
Toby: I work here.
Michael: [mocking voice] Nyeh, I work here. [to Kevin] Alright, well, you know what, since Toby doesn’t speak for everybody and I am your boss, I… think you should just go home. Take the rest of the afternoon off. Take a sick day.

Drug Testing…
Toby: Hookah is not an illegal drug, Michael.
Michael: Yes it is.
Toby: No it’s not. It’s a type of pipe. You can fill it with tobacco, often mixed with fruit, or other flavors.
Michael: Okay, you know what, Toby? Pam, can you take this down? [Pam throws her hands up to indicate she has no notepad] In addition to Toby’s urine being tested, I would like to test his blood and his hair.
Toby: You can’t do that.
Michael: I can test anyone randomly, and I have chosen you randomly.
Toby: That’s not random.
Michael: Okay, eeny, meenie, miney, moe, is random. Okay, you know what? I’m going to need a volunteer to select one of these words and tell us of something tragic that happened in either their lives, or the lives of a loved one. Yeah, Pam.

Casino Night…
Michael: Oh, and another fun thing. We, at the end of the night, are going to give the check to an actual group of Boy Scouts. Right, Toby? We’re gonna…
Toby: Actually, I didn’t think it was appropriate to invite children since it’s… You know, there’s gambling and alcohol, and it’s in our dangerous warehouse and it’s a school night… And, you know, Hooters is catering. You know, is that enough? Should I keep going?
Michael: Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not… that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be. Okay, you know what? I will not donate my winnings to Comic Relief, since apparently it doesn’t exist. I am going to donate to Afghanistanis with AIDS.


Toby: I’ll call.
Michael: What are… That’s insane.
Toby: I have good cards.
Michael: Well, Toby, I went all-in on the first hand, so doesn’t that tell you that I might have good cards, too? So don’t be stupid. Just take it back.
Dealer: No, I’m sorry. He can’t, sir. He’s gone all-in.
Michael: Okay, all right, whatever.
Dealer: Flip them.
Michael: You really screwed that up. [Michael leaves]

Conflict Resolution…
Michael: What do you know about conflict resolution? Your answer to everything is to get divorced. So…
Toby: Okay.
Michael: Okay… what?
Toby: That was the right decision for me and my marriage.
Michael: Yeah, well… that’s not gonna fly here. Because in this office, it is till death do us part… assuming we don’t get downsized

Beach Games…
Toby: Anybody need sun block? Got SPF 30.
Michael: Oh, you know what? Uh, you’re not going.
Toby: It’s Beach Day…
Michael: Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, Toby. We… um… Somebody has to stay here.

Fun Run…
Michael: Check that out. [points to Toby] Look at me, I’m Toby, I’m stretching, I know what I’m doing. Why is he even here?

Michael: Just remember folks, it’s not about winning, it is about finishing.
Dwight: On your marks, get set…
Michael: [pulls Toby’s pants down] Beow!
Toby: Hey! [extremely loud gunshot]

What are YOUR favorite Michael/Toby moments? Share with us as we prepare to say ‘Goodbye, Toby’

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15 Responses to “THE OFFICE’s Michael and Toby – A History of Hate”

  1. Seeleybaby on May 15th, 2008 12:32 pm

    My fave is when Michael thinks he’s getting the corporate job in last year’s finale (doesn’t feel like it’s been a year, right?), and he goes up to Toby and says something like
    “There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time. I hate you.”
    and Toby is like
    “I know”

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  3. HealthcareHottie on May 15th, 2008 12:46 pm

    I like when Michael tells Toby that he would fire him if he could in the Halloween episode in S2.

  4. Jeff on May 15th, 2008 1:00 pm

    My favorite Michael/Toby moments involve going to Corporate.

    1) In “The Negotiation” when Michael has to bring Toby along and he tells Toby to come with him, no explanation, and Toby says “Where are we going?” Michael “I’m going to smack you in the head with a hammer.”

    2) In “The Deposition” when Toby tries to be nice to Michael in the cafeteria after his diary has been exposed, and as nice as Toby’s trying to be, Michael just can’t take it and throws his food on the floor.

    Man, I hope Toby stays, but Pervy New Toby leaves.

  5. Kristi on May 15th, 2008 1:24 pm

    One of my favorite moments was during the deposition and the lawyers were debating about “this ryan girl” and Toby burst out laughing. Hehe, it was a good moment and on the opposite side for once!

  6. AMiller on May 15th, 2008 1:29 pm

    My favorite is from Women’s Appreciation when Michael has his finger through his pants and then Toby walks in and Michael accuses him of being the flasher –

    Michael: Prove it. Let’s see your peni$.
    You know, as that was coming out of my mouth, I knew that it was wrong.

  7. Kristin on May 15th, 2008 1:30 pm

    During the staff meeting in Money:

    Michael: No one asked you anything ever, so whomever’s name is Toby, why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it in your skull.

  8. JennyL on May 15th, 2008 1:39 pm

    I know you mentioned it – but “I hate so much about the things you choose to be” is a classic Office line.

    In “Did I Stutter” when Toby comes in to talk to Michael about Stanley “dissing” him, Michael’s reaction – “whhhhhhhat?”.

    I don’t think Toby’s leaving, but if he does…I will really really miss him. 🙁

  9. JoeyD on October 14th, 2009 9:48 pm

    I don’t remember exactly what was happening but Michael had to go to some sort of meeting about his relationship with Jan. And they told him Toby had to go with him.

    Lol Michael said something sorta like.. I’d rather die than go with stupid toby i hate toby stupid toby

  10. Victoria on April 30th, 2013 11:09 pm

    Toby: These are the silent killers.
    Michael: You are the silent killer, go back to the annex.

  11. George Cloney Clonewolf on October 2nd, 2013 2:22 am

    My favorite is:

    Michael: If I were in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Toby and had a gun with only two bullets. I would shoot Toby twice.

  12. Stefan freak on October 2nd, 2013 8:10 pm

    Niagara Falls PT 1

    Toby:”You can room with me Michael..”
    Michael:”Ya know what Toby, your gonna be sleeping alone for the rest if your life so, you better start getting used to it now.”

  13. Carolyn on August 21st, 2014 9:03 pm

    I like it what Michael says that if he was stuck in a room with Bin Laden, Hitler and Toby and he only had two bullets he would shoot Toby twice

  14. Ethan on January 24th, 2015 2:15 am

    I lost it when Michael called Toby the antichrist. :))))

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