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Catch Up with Denis Leary: “Rescue Me”, “Recount” and “The Daily Show”

May 27, 2008 by  

It seems that yours truly wasn’t the only victim of the Writers Strike (go figure). Sadly the longevity of the picket lines means that RESCUE ME won’t be back on FX this summer. But the show will return in March with a full 22 episode season. (Cue applause). Meanwhile, check out FX on Tuesdays starting June 24th for a series of 10-minute RESCUE ME minisodes. Alittle something to tide us over during the long summer months.

And if it’s a Denis Leary fix you need, check out this clip of him on THE DAILY SHOW for last week. He and Jon Stewart are old buddies and the two of them together are pretty fantastic.

Also, Denis is starring in the movie “Recount” airing on HBO this month. The movie chronicles the days immediately after the 2000 election when this country was in one huge clusterf%#@k after issues in the Florida voting system were revealed. “Recount” is quite compelling and stars some heavy hitters including Leary, Kevin Spacey, Tom Wilkinson and Laura Dern. Although we now how it ends (Gore isn’t POTUS, is he?…oops Spoiler Alert). The story and dramatization of the actual events is quite suspenseful.

My only problem with “Recount”? Leary’s hideous Boston accent. What’s with the Boston-bred guys that can’t pull off an authentic Boston accent? They try for so long to lose it that when they need it they’re like every other Joe Schmo trying to pull it off. Kind of annoying, but Leary’s so great I got over it quickly.

So check back to GMMR soon for more info on the “Rescue Me” minisodes, and check out your local HBO listings for upcoming airings of “Recount”.

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  1. ad2121 on May 28th, 2008 3:02 am

    HBO has been playing a doc called “Hacking Democracy” about the 2000 election. It is scary, as is “Recount,” but I highly recommend it.