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THE MOLE: Selfish or Selfless?

June 24, 2008 by  

Another red thumb print appears and with it goes another contestant who is not The Mole. But who is? There are few contestants left so you would think it would be easier to figure it out, right? Nope. Well at least not for me. I’m as confused as ever.

Last night’s format was a little different with a competition, then dinner, and then a teaser competition that sent one contestant madder than a pig in a bathtub. People need to get a grip.

During the first competition, the team earned money by bringing gold bars up the Andes Mountain. The first team to the top earned exemption. It’s easier to get to the top with less gold bars, but less gold bars means less money for the pot. The “Selfish” team of Clay, Kristen, Victoria and Nicole made it to the top first and carried with them 23 bars. The “Selfless” team of Paul, Alex, Mark and Craig struggled a bit up the mountain, but brought with them more gold and lots more money for the team.

As the big man of the group, Craig struggled up the mountain and eventually needed to be taken down by am ambulance. But in the end all was well and he was able to rejoin the group. To Craig’s credit we didn’t hear much bitching or moaning. Can you imagine if Bobby had to do that task? Paul might have thrown him off the mountain.

After the first mission, the group (minus Craig who was still being tended to) headed off to dinner with Jon. For one of them it was the last supper. The Mole and his/her cohorts were forced to pass over their prized journals to Jon who proceeded to take key statements from each and turn it into a guessing game. The more correct answers as to who wrote what, the more money in the prize pool. The contestants were happy when their journals were returned, but that joy didn’t last long.

After dinner the players found themselves with their journals once again. Jon asked that one played offer to give his journal up. Making the assumption that it was an exemption task, both Alex and Paul offered up their journals, with Jon finally taking Alex’s. But much to the dismay of the other players, Alex was the only one who was able to keep his journal while the others were burnt to a crisp and ultimately destroyed. Also destroyed was Mark was relied on that journal to get him through the game. He took the news hard…a little too hard if you ask me. It was just a book. But it did change his game strategy and he was quite upset.

After all the drama, it was time for the quiz. The players each took a seat and hoped they were in the green tonight. In the end it was Victoria who got the least correct and was eliminated from the game. That’s ok. I never thought for a second she was The Mole. She didn’t strike me as all that bright.

So the question remains…who is The Mole. This week I’m going with either Kristen or Nicole. Kristen is the strongest player (of both the men and the women) and seems to do her part to contribute. She’s staying under the radar which is always a good tactic for The Mole. On the other hand, Nicole is being very obvious in her attempts to sabotage competitions and make it look like she is The Mole. But is pretending to be The Mole just a distraction…could it really be her?

My head is spinning so I should stop. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in who YOU think The Mole might be…well, at least this week.

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5 Responses to “THE MOLE: Selfish or Selfless?”

  1. 2mchtv.noschthng on June 24th, 2008 11:07 am

    My guess is Mark…he may have acted so attached to the journal knowing that he would be losing it at some point…
    “why would the mole be so attached to his journal” would definitely throw off suspicion.

    I despise Nicole! She is horrible. She can’t be the mole (please, please don’t let her be the mole!) The blinking during the question comp was out of control! There was no need for that!

    Kristen could be the mole. Maybe they now of Nicole acts so gave her a Nicole question hoping she’d throw it. There by giving the mole (Kristen) an opportunity to not earn money, yet remain below suspicion….

    Then again I still think Craig could be it! Ack! This is ridiculous! Mark’s still my number 1!

  2. katayla on June 24th, 2008 2:47 pm

    I thought they players should’ve known not to rely on their journals TOO much. Remember back in season two when they had to switch journals? I was hoping that’s where the journal stuff was leading.

    To me, Nicole is acting too suspicious to be the mole. I keep thinking the mole’s someone we haven’t seen as much of–maybe Alex, Kristen, or Clay. And I just named nearly half the remaining people, so obviously I don’t really have a clue. *sigh*

  3. TheHandStrikesAndGivesAFlower on June 24th, 2008 7:37 pm

    You never rely on your journals. They either get burnt, switched, or lost.

    I see what you mean about Nicole, but I think it’s way too obvious. If you look for it, almost everyone is playing the game to make others think they’re the Mole. She’s just trying too hard. There are some (like Mark, in my opinion) that wants to win the game too much. And it’s enough to make me lose suspicion (even beyond suspicion that he’s doing it to throw me off). But I think Mark could go to the very end. Either he’s the winner, the runner up, or the Mole. There’s my opinion.

    My head’s still spinning, too. But man, I love this show!

  4. Liz on June 24th, 2008 11:49 pm

    Great wrap-up! It really makes me miss The Mole. I was completely sucked in back when the first season aired, but I haven’t been back since…I really need to tune in and enjoy it again. Great show. The second “celeb” season just didn’t interest me that much…

  5. Jacob on June 25th, 2008 3:17 am

    I am starting to be suspicious of Alex and I don’t think too many people think it’s him because he is very good at spanish and has really helped out in two missions, but he missed the bag in the first mission, he did a terrible job looking for things on the scavenger hunt, he is not good at soccer after saying how good he was and he turned everybody around when goin to the staue, he did help out by speaking in spanish when looking for the pigs but he was the one that had to launch them and he didn’t do a great job at that. He messed up on the luge with the two pears. Then he helped with the Spanish when looking for cloths, he was quiet when they were hiking up the mountain but I think he was hoping for Craig to do it for him, he missed his question on who said it and he was the only one (besides Craig) who got to keep his journal. I think he is helping out enough so people won’t get too suspicious of him but is sagatoging when he can.