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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Podcast: Top 16 Perform

June 26, 2008 by  

Last night the top 16 dancers rumba’d, samba’d and hip-hopped their way into our hearts on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE which means its time for another TV Talk with GMMR & Ducky: SYTYCD Podcast!

This week Ducky and I go on and on about the return of Adam Shankman, the surprisingly great Katee and Joshua as well as the two that stole our hearts, Chelsea and Mark. It was a great night of dance, screams and bedazzling.

Check out our TV Talk Podcast: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Edition. It’s once again banoodles!

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What did YOU think of last night’s Top 18 performances? Were there any stand outs? Did the judges have it right? Leave a comment and let us know.

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14 Responses to “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Podcast: Top 16 Perform”

  1. Carli on June 26th, 2008 4:18 am

    1. Kherrington’s facial expressions were taking away from the dance. I agree.

    2. I disagree on this one. Loved Courtney/Gev. I’m rooting for the underdogs! Hot, hot.

    3. Loved that they took a chance with a song like “Beautiful People”, but they didn’t pull off the moves necessary to match the song. Chris/Comfort are my picks to go, as well…or Thayne/Chelsea. Don’t really care.

    4. No comment on the disco, though I liked that Jessica tried to hide that Will almost fell at the end by copying him. It was cute.

    5. Seriously, how was that NOT jazz?! I didn’t like this as much as the judges did.

    6. Boring.

    7. Great dance, but Chelsie still annoys me in the pre-dance videos. I love me some Mark, though.

    8. Good enough…still don’t like them.

  2. Alyson on June 26th, 2008 8:57 am

    Thanks for another great podcast!

    Twitchington: I love these two, especially Twitch. Not the best of the night, but still a lot of fun and tons of personality!

    Gev and Courtney: A few awkward moments, but I can’t get over how adorable they are as a couple. Gev never ceases to impress me with how well he’s handling the different styles. That floor drag was sexy!!!

    Chris and Comfort: Chris was the best he’s been yet, but it still isn’t good enough. Look for him to go home this week. Comfort still isn’t doing enough.

    Jessica and Will: GMMR, you hit on something here. I guess I just don’t like Jessica; something about her seems un-genuine about her. Will commanded the stage, but the pair of them should be bottom-3 bound just for the numerous blatant mistakes. I wish the judges would stop going on so much about them when they (mostly her) aren’t performing up to the level of some of the other dancers.

    Matt and Kortni: Technically, awesome. Fun to watch. They did a good job with what they were given. I just prefer a more traditional contemporary routine.

    Chelsea and Thayne: Oooh, kind of a train wreck. Probably headed to the bottom three, but I hope they do some kickass solos and come back with something outstanding next week.

    Chelsie and Mark: Mark is my SYTYCD boyfriend this season. He’s quirky, but cute, and, man, can he dance! I loved that Shankman finally announced to the world what I’ve been saying for a few weeks: they’re the team to beat. They’ve rocked three completely different styles. They have technical skills, personality, and they tell a story. Fierce!

    Katie and Joshua: They did a great job. But I can’t get over my dislike for Katie; looking at her irks me. I forgot about it while they were dancing, but as soon as they were done, it’s back. I look forward to when they switch partners and Josh gets someone else.

    Bottom three: Comfort and Chris, Chelsie and Thayne, and Will and Jessica, with Chris and either Comfort or Jessica going home.

    Top three: Mark and Chelsie, Katie and Joshua, and I guess for the third I’ll go with Twitchington.

  3. Patty on June 26th, 2008 11:53 am

    Again – great podcast! My notes are at home but lets see what I can remember:

    1) Twitchington – I liked it be didn’t LOVE it. Sux for them to be first because it def wasn’t the best of the night.

    2) Courtney and Gev – Kath how can you not love these two? I know it’s the remnents of my super love for Dom from last year but I just love Gev. I thought the whole thing was super sexy.

    3)Chris and Comfort. I remember the note I had on this – HATED IT. Comfort needs to go. I am so over her and the judges need to stop being so gung ho for her. I am not a big Chris fan either.

    4) I liked the disco. I thought Jessica actually got into it this week and that made me like this more. Will was fab.

    5) I love Matt and Kourtney and I saw the anime in this but meh. Didn’t love it. I did note that I thought Kourtney actually looked comfortable this week as opposed to the past few weeks.

    6) Chelsea and Thayne. Yuck. Hated it. It wasn’t sexy or even close to well done. Did they even practice this week?

    7) Chelsie and Mark. I thought is was great!

    8) Katee and Josh. Loved it. I love Josh.

    Top three: Mark and Chelsie, Katee and Josh and…Gev and Courtney.

    Bottom: Comfort and Chris, Chelsea and Thayne and I think Jessica and Will. I think Comfort and Chris but maybe Thayne becasue I think the judges will consider breaking some people up depending who has to dance for their lives.

  4. Give Me My Remote on June 26th, 2008 12:19 pm

    Patty – Never said I didn’t like Gev and Courtney. I think I ended my commentary about them saying how much I liked the two of them. I didn’t like their dance as much as others last night. There’s a difference.

  5. HealthcareHottie on June 26th, 2008 2:10 pm

    Great podcast – you guys can be even harsher than the judges on some of these dancers. 🙂

    Here are my thoughts:

    Twitch & Kerrington – I thought their routine was original and a lot of fun. It was a great way to start of the show. The hip hop this year is definitely going in a different direction than the hip hop of seasons past. But it’s new and fresh and I’m enjoying it.

    2) Courney & Gev – The routine was super sexy and I was very impressed by what Gev brought to it. He is definitely growing from week to week and I think they’ll be safe this week to show us more improvement next week.

    3) Chris & Comfort – I think Chris stepped up a bit this week, but the whole routine didn’t do anything for me. This is the second week Chris & Comfort have had a sub-par performance and I think they’ll end up in the bottom 3 again. I was also expecting more from Tyce. I would not classify the routine as Jazz, maybe a far fetched contemporary, but I think it was in a catagory all it’s own; maybe African expressionism.

    4) Jessica & Will – I’m really not a big disco fan, but I really thought the coreogrophy was very good in this routine. It was the mistakes that killed it. I really like Will and would like to see what he could do with another partner. I think Jessica is going home this week.

    5) Matt & Kourtney – Aside from the quirky clothing, I really enjoyed this routine. Both dancers seemed very comfortable and they were really enjoying themselves. I like these two and hope they stay out of the bottom 3. I think the judges have been really hard on Matt. He’s a great talent and I wish they’d ease off him a bit. Kourtney reminds me a bit of Lucy Davis. Not so much like Uma Thurman as Nigel suggested in week 1.

    6) Chelsea & Thayne – Pulling the quickstep wasn’t in thier favor, but instead of taking lemons and making lemonaide, they just fell flat. The only part of the routine I liked was the Charlston. I did like Chelsea’s dress though.

    7) Chelsea & Mark – Best performance of the night. I love Mark shining through in every performance they’ve done so far and I agree with Adam Shankman; they are the couple to beat.

    8) Josh & Katee – I was very impressed with them this week. I’m always impressed with Josh and I think that Katee is very talented, but I think that the Vegas Week episode soured her for me. Her telling the judges that she wouldn’t come back again if she didn’t make the show this year and not being as supportive of her best friend and roomate just destroyed her personality. I would have rather seen them take Natalie instead. That being said, she is coming out of her shell more every week and maybe she’ll start to grow on me if she stays in the competition for a while. I don’t think she’s final 4 material though.

    My pics for the bottom 3 are Chelsea & Thayne, Jessica & Will and Comfort & Chris with Chris & Jessica going home.

  6. Brian on June 26th, 2008 6:17 pm

    1. Twitchington was fourth. They did fine, but there were three exceptional performances. They’ll be top 10

    2. Gev & Courtney. Wow. Wow. Did I say, “Wow”? They were amazing. I’d put them in second. They’ll be top 10.

    3. Chris & Comfort. I have no idea why she is still there. He would be better with a better partner. Seventh. Neither is gonna be around much longer.

    4. Jessica & Will. Will did everything to try to make us like the routine. She shouldn’t have ever been in the top 10 girls. He’ll make the top 10, she won’t. But they will always drop pairs until there aren’t any pairs where both should go, so I suspect she’ll hang around another week or two, but she’ll be gone before top 10.

    5. Matt & Kortney. While the choreography was actually very interesting, they couldn’t afford interesting. I’m afraid they’ll be in the bottom 3. She’ll make top 10, he won’t.

    6. Chelsea & Thayne. That was a few minutes of my life I’ll never get back. It was terrible. 8th place. Neither will even smell top 10.

    7. Chelsea & Mark. He’s the best dancer in the competition, she’s smokin’ and a helluva dancer as well. Best of the night.

    8. Josh & Katee. Fantastic. 3rd place. Any other year they would be 1st.

    This year the best four girls are totally smoking hot — Courtney, Chelsea, Kherrington & Katee — and all three can really dance.

    Who doesn’t like Twitch, Gev, Josh & Mark? They have great personalities. Gev is the weakest dancer. Mark is tops but Josh has such amazing physical gifts. You can really see any of six people winning at this point.

  7. Whitney on June 27th, 2008 10:39 am

    As much as I love your podcasts, I have to say that I miss reading the reviews on the site. And by that I mean, put me in your podcasts and I’ll stop complaining:)

    Does anyone remember the hilarious line that Kat said after one of the routines??? I tried to memorize it last night, but my mind is completely failing me. It was after one of the first few routines, and it was hilarious.

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