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THE MOLE or a Llama’s Ass?

July 1, 2008 by  

All together now…”We’re Paul free in van #2″! Sing it with me!

The contestants on THE MOLE continue to grate me, and with one of my favorite contestants gone it gets more and more difficult to watch the show. At least I still have Craig.

But before get to last night’s ousting, let’s talk missions.
Do You Trust Me?
Unlike other recent tasks, the first challenge of the night involved little physicality but relied solely on the players ability to trust each other. In a game where trust can mean elimination, this was not an easy task. The players were chained together in the cold of night with a key and exemption card within reach of only one player at a time. The team had to decide to let a player reach the key and free himself which adds money to the pot, or risk letting the player grab the exemption instead. One by one the players convinced the other contestants to let them get the key and go inside by the warm fire. With each attempt the other players risked that player stealing the elimination. In the end it was just Mark, they key and the exemption card. He struggled with whether or not to take it, and in the end he decided not to ruin his social collateral by taking the exemption. The team banked the cash and everyone was happy. (Well, except for Mark who is still bitching like a baby about his journal being destroyed…get over it).

You Can Dish it…Can You Take it?
In the van ride on the way to heir next destination, Clay and Paul got into it. Cheers to Clay for giving Paul a little taste of his own obnoxious New York medicine. Paul couldn’t take it and got frustrated and flustered. Well played Clay, it was nice to get Paul to shut up…even if it was for just a second. In the middle of the school yard spat, Clay chucked a tiny lemonade at Paul. I thought for sure Paul was going to play the reality show trump card and say that this was an act of violence and that he felt threatened by Clay ultimately leading to Clay’s dismal from the show. But he didn’t. Thank you, Paul.

Don’t be a Llama’s Ass
Mark did what he could to keep his social collateral during the first mission, but that didn’t seem to be a big concern of Craig’s during last night’s second task. It involved the contestants getting 5 miles down a road on the transportation that appointed “transportation” manager, Craig, assigned them. Craig told the team straight out that he was going for exemption but they still seemed shock when he made the task difficult for them. Among the chosen forms of transportation – a unicycle, stilts, and a 2-person llama costume. The llama was actually brilliant as Craig assigned the llama head to Nicole and Paul to take up the llama’s rear. Brilliant. But being some of the worst players ever on a competitive reality TV show, the team, led by the very suspicious Mark, revolted and refused to participate in the task. This ensured no money went into the pot and guaranteed Craig’s exemption.

A Red Thumb Print for You
It was quiz time, and I was saddened to see Kristin eliminated. She was one of the contestants that I actually liked. I thought she was prehaps smart enough and capable enough to actually be The Mole.

Who is The Mole?
As for my thoughts on who The Mole might be…this week? All signs are pointing to Mark. He’s sabotaged a few missions now and last night he convinced the whole team to go along with him. When asked by Jon if anyone in particular led the revolt, Mark was quick to offer up that it was a team decision. For Mark’s sake, I hope he is The Mole, because if not he should be embrassed by his childlike behavior.

I might not be a MOLE fanatic but the show still has me in its grips. How about you? And is your leading Mole suspect still in the game? Who do you think it is?

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3 Responses to “THE MOLE or a Llama’s Ass?”

  1. Jacob on July 1st, 2008 3:35 pm

    Mark has been really annoying lately and I do hope he is the mole but I think it really is Alex, although he didn’t do any sabotaging yesterday but he certainly didn’t motivate anybody to go and try. I think it’s his whole personality that makes him suspicious to me.

  2. Jen on July 1st, 2008 3:39 pm

    I agree with Jacob. Often times the actual Mole doesn’t need to sabotage because the contestants are so obnoxious anyway. Remember Katherine in season 1? During the review after the reveal she mentioned many times where she did nothing to sabotage because other people threw suspicion on themselves. That’s why I like Alex as the Mole. He has done nothing out of the ordinary yet and is flying under the radar.

  3. lara on July 3rd, 2008 4:37 pm

    i love the mole… i hope people are watching so it gets picked up again.

    and i’m an alex voter. he HAS to be the mole. if it’s nicole, i may have to start some rioting in the streets. she’s AWFUL! i’m sure she’s ‘playing the game’ but mah gawd, she’s terrible!