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BIG BROTHER’s Boneheaded Brian

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Update: It’s a little too late now, but my apologies for accidentally turning off comments on this BB10 post.  I got all your emails but not until right now.  It’s about 10pm on Wednesday and I’m just setting in to watch tonight’s episode.  More coming before I go to bed tonight so check back soon!

I don’t know what’s going to happen with the BIG BROTHER evictions this week, but I do know that Brian’s cockiness has me wanting him out and Renny to remain safe.  And Renny drives me bat s#%t crazy, so that’s how much I was Brian out.

But let’s take a minute to recap how Brian even became a factor in this game.  Current HOH, Jerry, nominated Renny and Jessie for eviction after their little spat brought them unwanted attention and put a target on their backs.  But as we all know, being on the block doesn’t mean you’re going home. Not when the Golden Power of Veto is up for grabs.

In this season’s first veto competition, Renny, Jessie, Jerry, Michelle, Amber and Memphis had a tough (and nasty) challenge which required them to dive into a vat of honey, crawl under a little bridge and then rip apart pillows filled with feather to find a little teddy bear.  After finding their specified bear, the houseguest had to crawl back under the bridge in the honey and place their bear in a jar on the other side.  When guys like Memphis and Jessie are struggling then you know it had to be tough.  I couldn’t get over the amount of honey they had to wade through.  And for the love of God how did they get it out of their hair?  Now that’s something I would have liked to see on “Big Brother After Dark”.

Oh so who won?  That would be Jessie.

With Jessie’s big win, Jerry had to scramble to find a replacement nominee.  And that’s where the beginning of (hopefully) the end was for Brian. After Sunday’s premiere I was hating on Dan because I thought he was overly confident and playing the game a bit too hard too early.  But this week Brian’s ego got the best of him.  In less than a week in the house, Brian had managed to make side deals with almost all the other houseguest, promising each one that he would guarantee their safety in return of favors at a later date.  A fools bargain but most of them were on board…initially.

Brian kept running his mouth about how he was in totaly control of the game and no one would dare mess with him.  He was spouting this in front of Dan and Ollie, who aren’t just in his alliance but also fellow players.  In the words of Napolean Dynamite…”IDIOT!”. Brian decided that Memphis had to go.  Done and done.  And Brian was going to use his false alliance with Jerry to make sure it happened.  Jerry agreed and the game plan was in motion.  Well at least until the women flipped the switch.

Yup, that’s right.  Libra and Keesha saw through Brian’s BS and took offense as to how he was trying to manipulate all of them like the were just pawns in his game.  The ladies quickly took action and got April on board.  And because she was able to user her personal relationship with Ollie as a game piece, Ollie quickly realized the women saw through the crap and he jumped ship and threw Brian under the bus (um mixed transportation metaphors? …just go with it).

With Ollie confirming his alliance with Dan and Brian and revealing Brian’s master plan, the troops were able to quietly assemble (which was impressive) and take their grievance to the man with the power – Jerry.  Nine of the 13 houseguests cornered Jerry in the HOH room and told him of Brian’s deception and demanded he be put on the block this week.  Jerry was not pleased with the ambush and pushed back because he thought he was being forced into a decision.  But I think he quickly realized that he didn’t have a special deal with Brian – well at least not anything different than anyone else had.  I felt bad for Jerry because I really think he wanted to trust Brian.  Aw, Jerry.

Once again, let me just say how impressed I was that those 9 houseguests were able to mobilize themselves so stealthily that  Brian had no idea of the psuedo coup underway.  Extra points to the already annoying April for luring Jerry away from Brian with her fake bathroom issues.  Well played.  Not as well played as Ollie is playing you my dear, but that’s a whole other matter for a night when I’m not falling asleep at my keyboard.

So game on.  Jerry begins his nomination speech and Brian quickly realizes that Memphis isn’t going to be going up on the block.  Unfortunately for everyone else, Jerry tells Brian of the whole plan which leaves everyone a little vulnerable if they don’t follow through and get Brian out.  Brian thought it was a well played move by Jerry and the houseguests, but he’s not packing just yet.  He has some time to try to work his magic.  But damn if it wasn’t nice seeing him brought down a few.  Cocky bitch.

Oh and how sad was it when in the Diary Room Jerry made special mention of how he wasn’t wearing any military assets because he was going back on his word to Brian and since their allegiance was made in what Jerry though was miliray honor, he didn’t want to tarnish  the service?  Oh poor, Jerry.  He’s not long for this game and he’s overthinking WAY too much, but he seems harmless.

So it’s Renny and Brian on the block.  As of Sunday I would have given anything for drama queen annoying cougar Renny to be gone, but now I’m ready to keep her around another week if it means adiosing Brian.

Thoughts on Tuesday’s BIG BROTHER movers and shakers?  Any early favorites?

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