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BROTHERS & SISTERS Reunite Tonight on ABC!

September 28, 2008 by  

Hey all, I’m Jamie and I will be your Brothers and Sisters gal this season. Im so excited to be on this crazy journey with all of you and I wanted to remind everyone that the season premiere is this Sunday night.When we last saw the Walker family Kevin and Scotty made a commitment to be life partners and had a lovely wedding/commitment ceremony, Nora accepts Rebecca regardless of her DNA, Saul comes out to his family, Kitty and Robert decide adoption is the way to go, and the family discovers that a son or rather brother named Ryan is out there somewhere. The episode ended with a touching yet still slightly disturbing scene between Rebecca and Justin. All those creepy feelings between the two finally came out and resulted in a sweet kiss and embrace.

  • So what are your thoughts about this new season?
  • Now that they are not brother and sister are Justin and Rebecca going to date?
  • Do you think Julia and Tommy’s married can survive the loss of a child and infidelity?
  • Will Kitty and Robert have a child this year?
  • Can Kevin and Scotty’s marriage get through the honeymoon phase?

Tonight on an all new BROTHERS & SISTERS (10/9c on ABC)

Tensions run high when the entire Walker family takes a disastrous weekend getaway together. Secrets can’t be kept for long in the Walker family, as Rebecca and Justin try unsuccessfully to hide their feelings for each another and the Walker siblings hatch a plan to reach out to their long lost brother, Ryan, while keeping it from their mother, Nora. Meanwhile, Kitty calls upon her family to lend support, as she and Robert begin the process of adopting a child. And just as Kevin and Scotty begin their life partnership together, Kevin’s career is put in jeopardy by a member of his own family. Source: ABC

I hear that we’re in store for one of the worst Walker fights ever, and it’s going to leave a lasting impression. I can’t wait till Sunday night.

— posted by Jamie

Your Brothers and Sisters devotee for this season is Jamie aka Jamer (GMMR handle). She hails from Vancouver BC and is pumped to be adding a dash of Canadian flare to the GMMR. So what will the Walker’s have in store for us this year? I don’t know but let’s enjoy the bumpy ride together!

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