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BROTHERS & SISTERS Recap: “Glass Houses”

September 29, 2008 by  

Brothers & Sisters Cast

Welcome Back Walkers!!

Hey all, I’m Jamie and I will be your Brothers and Sisters gal this season. The B&S season premiere was filled with drama, oh the drama. So let’s jump right in to it.

The opening scene begins with Sarah voicing over each Walker family member current state. She starts to really emphasize how wonderful Nora is and that Kitty is basically amazingly perfect. Turns out it way Kitty reading Sarah’s over the top reference letter for Kitty and Robert’s adoption file.

I found it a brilliant way to do the obvious. Although it was quite cheesy it was a funny way for the writers to recap last season by showing where and what the family is doing now.

Kitty was immediately suspicious of the overdone letter and thinks Sarah had a ghostwriter and spends most of the episode trying to get Sarah to admit it. Her assumptions were of course was correct. Sarah’s mushy long letter was in fact written by Nora. Sarah claimed she has been too frazzled and stressed about the company and especially her kids to find the time to do it. It seems Kitty has kind of turned into “Adoptzilla” and it is her only focus right now.

Speaking of her kids Paige and Cooper must be reacting to the divorce by turning into lil devils. From crap chant to blackmail they really are going through a bratty stage. Although it was funny to watch Justin cower to a child demands.

At Ojai, Tommy and Holly announce due to finances they need to fire Kevin and his firm. Saul and Sarah are against it and stand up for Kevin and fight for him. This unfortunately was Saul’s only scene. At the same time Kevin’s boss gave him the keys to his Laguna Beach house to use for the weekend for him and his family. Kevin’s thinking more romance and less family time so he and Scotty plan to go alone.

Kevin’s fast tract to partner talk with his boss to me was just to stress how hard he going to fall when Tommy fires him. Build him up so when it happens it hurts even more and he loses more.

Nora does not want to find Ryan and makes this quite clear to Sarah and Kevin. Apparently the trio seem to be keeping this whole Ryan discovery to just themselves because when Kitty overhears them talking it’s a scramble to cover that cost Kevin his romantic weekend with Scotty. Everyone is going to beach, and poor Kevin looks ill.

Sally Field was in fine form the entire show. So many remarkable scenes, the two Holly confrontations really stand out. In the first she was timid and meek but man did she ever turn the tables in their final scene together. Nora smugly told Holly about Ryan and William’s other lover. Holly looked devastated as Nora stormed out. Loved it, so sassy!!

Justin and Rebecca are having a secret relationship question. They are busted by kids but Justin revealed it to the family in the heat of the moment later. They decide they have to give it a shot, fears aside. I’m still adjusting to this coupling, I knew it was going to happen but it’s still odd to me.

The Walkers invaded Laguna and disaster naturally followed them. The beach air brought out a decent fight where everyone’s secrets are harshly thrown around. Everyone is pissed at everyone and so many dramatic storm outs that I lost count. Ryan’s existence was exposed and Kevin was informed of his termination and now is not speaking to Tommy and the rift will continue for a while I fear.

Kitty and Sarah had a lot of back forth the entire show but the rushed conversation about unconditional love and trust was quite powerful.

The episode ends the way it started with Sarah voicing the letter she personally wrote for Kitty. She says some very kind words about her sister as a montage of the Walkers flashes to REM’s “Everybody Hurts”.

Quick thoughts and ponders:

  • Julia looked fabulous in that yellow shirt and I loved Kevin’s orange beach pants!
  • So are they going to call Ryan and when?
  • What’s in store for the new couple now that the family knows?
  • How long do you think it will take before Kitty and Robert get a baby?
  • Scotty was perfect hubby and partner this week, at least Kevin has that!

Until next week, Jamie

Your Brothers and Sisters devotee for this season is Jamie aka Jamer (GMMR handle). She hails from Vancouver BC and is pumped to be adding a dash of Canadian flare to the GMMR. So what will the Walker’s have in store for us this year? I don’t know but let’s enjoy the bumpy ride together!

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